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  1. Uta Macross!

    That's the case for most people, legally, pirated or otherwise. But I think in karaoke, it's actually normal to play the tambourine while watching others sing.
  2. Uta Macross!

    Here is the video of Simulated Live Mode. It's basically the Movie mode in other rhythm games. The game adds the tambourine sound for "practice" purpose, but we all know it's their way of messing up the song enough so people can't get free music. Edit: wow, that was fast. The video is already blocked.
  3. Uta Macross!

    Grats on the dedication!
  4. Uta Macross!

    I am not seeing difficulties having any correlation to the rare drop amount. I get 3 to 4 drops on +110 luck for all difficulty levels. Difficulty only increase the "quality" of the rare drop. There is a much higher chance of dropping Crystallized "stuff" when running at VH, when compared to Easy.
  5. Uta Macross!

    Grinding tickets on normal is the best efficiency. Just takes a lot of time to deplete the energy bar, and easy songs are snoozers. I am running on +100 luck which increase the ticket drop up to 4 per run, so personally grinding on hard instead.
  6. Uta Macross!

    Sayonara no Tsubasa Event is on now. Sheryl's final costume from the movie. YF-29 Durandal is out too. You fight Brera during the Valk fight. Now is a good time to check it out if you haven't already.
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    As mentioned in another thread, the Spore Drive principle is basically the zero-time Vajra fold network. Harness the power of v-virus/spore, for instantaneous communication/travel to any node on the galaxy-wide network, which is formed by colonies of vajra/fungus. Throw in some cheeky FX (spinning saucer, ship teleportation with afterimage and sentai/kamen sfx), shonen manga combat tactics (wait for enemy ship to charge into you, teleport out, but leave behind some primed torpedo), and that describes the space combat of STD.
  8. Saw the new "Sci-Fi" behind the Star Trek Discovery show, and Federation is now using a new method of FTL travel that involves instantaneously transporting between two locations (even across the galaxy). The background is there is this fungus that has colonized the entire galaxy, and the colonies of fungus form a galaxy-wide network of spore (think of the Vajra Fold Network). A ship can then use the power of the spore (which Feds grow and harvest inside the titular ship, Discovery) to dematerialize and rematerialize anywhere on this spore network. So no more zooming around at Warp speed, it's all "Zero-Time" jumping across the spore network. I couldn't help but draw the similarity between the Vajra network and the Fungus network, the V-virus and the spores. Oh, no more navigator/Takaya whales, it's now a tardigrade/water bear navigator.
  9. Uta Macross!

    Build "Units", which is teams of 3 divas, each with 3 plates. Then save the Unit configuration via the top button near the center. There are 10 slots that can be used to save pre-configured units. The saved Units can be recalled via the same top button, right before the Live starts.
  10. Uta Macross!

    I think you can beat Easy mode with a little practice. There is no movie mode.
  11. Uta Macross!

    Full combo achieved during event doesn't carry over to normal LIVE when the song is released. Also, getting the lock symbol means you have to meet other condition to unlock process.
  12. Uta Macross!

  13. Uta Macross!

    Mirage's VF-31C would be difficult to unlock without the event plates. If you don't have enough points from plates, you will have to "earn" those protoculture seeds to unlock it. I would recommend just wait for the event to return. The Sheryl Military costume requires a lot of plates from the paid gacha (and that gacha is rotated out...). Even though I have a 5☆ plate from the gacha back when the gacha was in rotation, I still could not muster enough points to unlock it. The hope is to get a few copies of the 3☆ plates from the service (free) gacha, and that will give enough points to unlock the costume.
  14. Happy Birthday, Minmay!

    Sad, no other well wishers for our beloved Minmay this year. What's wrong with cloning? Human had to resort to clone to after Space War I to recover from the near annihilation of the race.
  15. Happy Birthday, Minmay!

    ✨ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINMAY!!! ✨ See you on the other side of the Milky Way! ❤