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  1. Boobs are important in the movie!! And about your question...
  2. The following could be considered spoilers for some people: The Delta movie is closer (way more) to the anime than the first Frontier movie was to the Frontier anime. Plenty of scenes were reused. But I think their criteria of what to reuse and what to do completely new was for the most part good. I still feel that some good scene were left behind, specially Mirage, but I can't complain too much.
  3. Not her, but still fairly big boobs for a petite girl.
  4. Note 3: I really really really want to see the Reina and Freya cosplay in summer Comiket. he he
  5. I just watched the movie a few hours ago. While my Japanese level is far from perfect I was able to understand most of the movie except an important little part in the last few minutes of the movie. I will try to avoid spoilers, so I can’t talk about several things. First, if you dislike too much Delta then the movie won’t change your mind. However, I can say that the movie is far superior to the anime. Maybe I was with very low expectations or maybe I am starting to lower my expectations of movies in general or maybe I was excited to see my first Macross movie in a theater; I’m not sure but I really enjoined most of the movie. The anime had several good moments but it also had too many terrible (not just bad, terrible) moments. The plot was a mess and probably without the mechas and the Macross name we would stop watching the show. Well, the movie is super focused in what it worked in the anime and they stripped almost all the crap and non-sense (so they removed a lot of things). Of course, the idol stuff is there and there are problems with the plot and character development but it’s a better plot altogether and with way better pace. It is great? I don’t think so but in my opinion is a better movie than most of us will expect from Delta. Also, as always the mechas are awesome. Note: the boobs of the girls increased their size a little. And why anime artists draw boobs as breast implants all the time? Yes, I know, big boobs in Japan means implants but still… Note2: I received a Reina gift with my movie ticket.
  6. JIS

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I went to Shinjuku to buy it. There are plenty of VF-31F in South West Shinjuku's Yamada store. Like 5 or so. The price is also nice, 18600 yen. Time to play a little with my first VF-31!!
  7. JIS

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    My SV-262 has arrived. I was scared about the paint so I took my time to remove the film in the wings and luckily I didn't have any issues!!
  8. JIS

    Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S/A Reactive Armor

    From Wonderfest
  9. JIS

    1/60 Perfect Transform VF-4G Lightning reissue.

    I have transformed my Arcadia VF-4G. It is fun and everything locks into place. The only annoying moments were the missiles and the cockpit mechanism but it is not terrible either. I personally will love to have Bandai's tampo on my Arcadia models but it could be worse too. So I am very happy with my purchase and now I will probably stop buying Macross figures until the beautiful VF-31 come out.