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  1. Some food for thought when you're getting angry or frustrated by the delays. Comics generally pay crap compared to other work. Even in Japan which has a thriving comics industry. I really have to wonder how much Mikimoto gets paid working on "Macross the First"? Probably peanuts compared to his other job offers. That would certainly put the delays into perspective.
  2. You're misreading again. I specifically said Hasbro owns the markings that they, themselves, designed. I even quoted myself and bolded that part for you. You'll notice the SDCC "Jetfire" doesn't have the UN Spacy logo on its wing. Of course, if the lawsuit is regarding the box art from the original G1 toy which was included, then that's a whole other issue.
  3. Much of Jetfire's markings on the original toy and this G.I. Joe repaint were created by Hasbro for Jetfire. They bear little to no semblance to the original Macross markings. Any mention of Bandai or Tatsunoko on the box would be due to the licensing of the original toy (Bandai owned the toy after Takatoku went belly up, and Tatsunoko had international merchandising rights to Macross, which they shared with Harmony Gold), not because Tatsunoko owned the Hasbro made markings. That would be like saying Big West owns the name "Robotech" because that's what HG slapped on Macross when they distributed it over here. Even if Bandai came up with the alternate colour scheme and markings for Jetfire (highly unlikely) that would mean Bandai owned them, not Tatsunoko/HG. It's a huge stretch to suggest that Tatsunoko had any involvement whatsoever with the creation or ownership of the Jetfire markings as they would have had no involvement past approving the license to use the toy mold.
  4. Try reading that a little more carefully. I think then you'll understand where you went wrong.
  5. I absolutely adore FF9, but yeah...it falls apart before the end. It felt very much like an incomplete game that was rushed out the door to divert resources to PS2 games. Not only does the villain carry no weight, but most of the characters never get any resolution to their stories. That was a huge let down.
  6. You seem confused. HG does not own either the Bandai toy mold or the Hasbro Jetfire markings. HG would have to prove that it infringes on their license to sell Macross merchandise. In other words, does it look too similar to a design from the Macross TV series. Is it similar enough to the VF-1S from the tv series for the court to side with HG? Or different enough for Hasbro to be in the clear? Posting pics of the old Hasbro Jetfire is misleading. Comparing the markings with those of the old Jetfire is meaningless as Hasbro owns the Jetfire markings they created. Or to turn it around on you, is this: Nearly an exact copy of this?
  7. Who uses a controller for Team Fortress 2? Keyboard and mouse all the way! Seriously, tho, I don't think something like this setup will replace traditional control options for games, but instead offer something entirely different. It's an interesting concept and I like that people are developing it. Will it be how I play all of my FPS games in the future? No, definitely not. When I want to sit on the couch and relax I'm not looking for a workout. But by that same token, when I want to get up and move, I don't want to sit on the couch with a controller in hand and I can't always get a bunch of people together and head out to a paintball arena. Actually, one of the neat things I think of when I see this isn't traditional gaming at all, but just being able to explore an environment. Imagine if, rather than sitting on a regular treadmill, you had a device like this that let you wander through Skyrim or some similarly huge fantasy or sci-fi world. Not running and gunning, but just walking. That'd be pretty neat. Just taking a stroll from Whiterun to Windhelm, or up to High Hrothgar. Just as a part of your exercise routine.
  8. Personally I'm hoping for more mecha from the games and such. VA-3 Invader, VF-9 Cutlass, VF-14 Vampire, VF-3000 Crusader... So many great VFs. Although I can't say I'd be unhappy to get a VF-0D or a VF-11 in the Ravens scheme. I still need to get my hands on a VF-17, tho. Too many toys, not enough money.
  9. Hopefully it did well enough to warrant additional colour schemes. I only have one, but would love to pick up two more. Just can't afford it right now.
  10. Yeah, I was hoping the shoulder thruster parts would be on a hinge like the similar shoulder pieces on the Rodimus/Mirage Alternators toys, which would have allowed for more movement. The lack of underwing missiles doesn't bother me. I still kinda wish the missiles it did come with were glued in place. Might have to do that to mine, but I'm still afraid to so much as apply stickers. This is still, by far, my favourite Macross toy. Yamato outdid themselves.I want more!
  11. Speaking of how simple and fun the transformation is, kinda funny now to think how everyone expected that if Yamato ever made a toy of this, it absolutely would have to be an incredibly complex and frightening transformation. XD I wish I had a VF-19 toy, this is my first Valk purchase since the VF-11. Hoping I can get more work going soon and grab a VF-17 and a VF-19.
  12. Yeah. I *JUST* caught the mailman as he was heading back to his truck, box in hand.
  13. Nevermind! Just transformed it! SO AWESOME! So much fun! The one big impression I get of this toy is that it FEELS like an 80's toy, like the old VF-1 bricks, but it looks and has the posability of a modern toy! It looks gorgeous in all modes, it feels good in all modes, my only real complaint is that...honestly, I'd have preferred it if the missiles were molded into the toy instead of being removable. They hold well when you pick the toy up and play with it, but they fall out all over the place while transforming. ETA: Heh, thanks, kyekye, and yeah, even if the missiles tend to fall off more than I'd like, that's really par for the course in every Macross toy I have. Except, you know, the Macross itself.
  14. There's nothing I need to be worried about in transforming it, is there? No tabs that might snap if you don't move pieces in EXACTLY the right way or anything like that?
  15. OHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWD! It's here! It's in my hands! It's the most beautiful thing, ever!
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