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  1. There are actually 8 Protodevilin, though Goram and Zomd are like the two who act as one, they are seperate. The Supervision Army was originally controlled by the Protoculture. The Protodevilin and Geperunichi took a large chunk of the Supervision Army to use to their own ends. Obviously when they were sealed on Varauta 3198xe, the Protoculture under their control were released. I think you are mistaking the Supervision Army of old with the new one in Macross 7. In Macross 7, the first soldiers mind-controlled to operate Geperunichi's new Supervision Army were of the Megaroad 13 Colonization Fleet. For more info, consult my Protodevilin website by clicking here. If you can't find the answer there or don't understand something, feel free to PM me or something. It's a little old, so forgive some spelling and grammar errors. Other than that, it has almost all the information you can find and my own observations and studies of the Protodevilin throughout the Macross 7 series. Thanks for the reply! It doesn't really answer my question, though...I was probably unclear about it. First off, having just finished watching M7 again, I can guarantee that there are only seven Protodeviln in the show...Gavil and Glavil were "one flesh," as they say. I was wondering if there were only those Protodeviln total, or if there are others out there (mostly, I'm thinking about the fanfic at MAHQ.net about the Megaroad...which has a PD in it. When I first read it, I thought it had to be an error, but after watching the show again, I'm not so sure). Second, the Varauta Army really seemed to need a guiding hand in the form of a PD. If the PD created the Supervision Army as well, and then were sealed, I would imagine that the Supervision Army would turn into a bunch of catatonic, drooling idiots, and I really doubt it would take the Zentradi thousands of years to mop them up. In other words, who supervised the supervisors? Probably just one of those unanswerable questions, like what happened to the Megaroad, or how did Roy manage to age three years between 2008 and 2009...
  2. A couple things here... First off, there are only seven Protodeviln total, right? Second, if that's true, and they were all frozen for millennia, who was controlling the Supervision Army for all those years? I'm just curious...I never quite got that part of it... And, uh, forgive me if this has all been covered before.
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    I looked through all the posts and did a search on the old MW forums, but I couldn't find anything about how to Make a Hasegawa VF-1 with the landing gear up...I tried just gluing the panels shut, but they didn't fit too well. What's worked for everyone else?
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