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  1. Is this version of VF-27 sold out? What's a reasonable price for it? Can't seem to find in online. Also I don't want to go through e-bay.
  2. Do you thin the Model Master semi gloss clear coat or do you just put it in the airbrush?
  3. Use a drill bit to start the hole.Then use a dremel hi-speed cutter (size is 1/8).
  4. I added magnets to the underside of the fuselage because my tab broke off into the cockpit. This conveniently filled the gap. I used 1/8 diameter magnets by 1/16 thick. It's really stable now. Thanks to WM for the magnet idea and thanks to Vince for the link to the magnet store.
  5. Just finished mine. So far I broke the hinge for the right front foot. Then I broke the tab that attaches the fuselage to the codpiece for battroid mode. But with a dremel , gluing and a piece of a paperclip the battroid mode does not flop and the hinge holds. Did anyone else manage to break something transforming the VF-25?
  6. Killing Prime was done to sell the new line of Transformers product.
  7. I tried a brown black mix, as that is all I have now. Subtle effect (looks ok). Will try the striaght black next.
  8. The sv is nato black. But I suck at picture taking, so it looks gray.
  9. New question. Panel line wash. Should I use a dark gray wash? I need a color that does not make the panel lines look like they are poping out too much.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Always trying to find a shortcut to building. Hope to finish within a week.
  11. Work'n on SV-51 Ivanov with alcad II paint. Is a coat of future required or can I go straight to the oil wash?
  12. Finally finished the 1s to go with my 0s
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