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  1. Well, as we hopefully manage to point out in the cast, for now nothing has really changed. And there’s new Macross content on the horizon not to mention books, merch, events and whatnot. So rather than dwell on it, it’s probably better to just keep on enjoying Macross in the meantime while whatever is going to play out plays out. :-)
  2. Tochiro

    Macross Books

    The Kawamori EXPO book has shipped to those that ordered it either at the Expo or via Satelights online store. Its a pretty expensive and rare piece so I’d recommend that anyone who secured a copy doesn’t flood the forums with pics of the contents just yet (as you might have noted most Japanese purchases on twitter are only posting the cover with 1 or 2 content shots max). To anyone that got one - you’re in for a real treat :-)
  3. Theres a LOT to talk about. Come and join us as we discuss all the recent panels announcements, news, rumors and events. (And be sure to check out some of the pics in the post!) http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-131-keep-calm-and-watch-macross/
  4. The VF-25 at Solamachi (at the base of the Skytree) is still going since it’s a permanent fixture. It’s the only Macross related exhibit on in tokyo at the moment. https://www.it-chiba.ac.jp/skytree/en/exhibitions/実物大マクロスf-『バルキリー-vf-25f』/
  5. He was officially credited as Supervisor of the production so, as with most Macross productions, nothing in it escaped his oversight to some degree :-) https://www.decultureshock.com/macross-the-musicalture-report-1/ In short, the economic issues of the 29 fleet were an excuse for the story to introduce the Miss Macross Contest 29 into the production. The ending, rather than being “superficially” happy, was in fact the overriding message and point of the production and was very much in line with Kawamori’s general direction and philosophy regarding the Macross franchise as a whole. It was uplifting and gave hope for the future. After all, if Vigo can go from Neo-Zentran rebellion leader to professional backup dancer touring the galaxy, then surely anything is possible :-)
  6. Except that that’s not what really happened at all. Vigo never had any real political aspirations. He infiltrated Neo-Zentran and his goal from day one was to get to a position of leadership whereby he could steer the group away from its violent tendencies. This was, of course, his way of making sure that shootings like the one that made Ash partially cripple and destroyed his dreams of becoming a backing dancer never happened again. The means were not the point, Vigo was merely doing what he felt he had to do to keep the group occupied until he could find a way to disband them. Similarly, by the end of the Musicalture, it was strongly suggested that the boys going on tour was a viable form of commerce between fleets and one that would grow in scale - reflecting Japan’s own music industry and how it has spread out and diversified its primary methods of monetizing it’s artists and furthering Macross’ message that culture and music are what’s important. It was an overwhelming positive note and a happy ending, if not also a new beginning for the 29 fleet. I must admit that as someone who saw the Musicalture in person and followed the interviews with staff that preceded it, it’s quite frustrating to see the shows message, plot, and intentions of its creators consistently misrepresented online as though someone ran half the plot through a poor Google translation and then filled in the blanks with fan fiction.
  7. Given that it’s barely been two months since the last update and the fact that Kawamori also announced he was working on 5 other projects at the same time while coming off the 6 months of prep time that had to be crammed in for Kawamori Expo? It’s probably just you.
  8. Tochiro

    Uta Macross!

    Some figures regarding Uta Macross were released during last night’s official livestream in the leadup to the game’s 2nd Anniversary. Nice to see that it’s still going strong :-)
  9. Tochiro

    Macross VR

    Don’t forget to click on VR mode once you have your device connected :-) https://youtu.be/nreQH5Amd4E
  10. A few pics from the recent Share Macross Popup Shop. http://www.decultureshock.com/oshare-macross-summer-colored-walkure-popup-shop/
  11. The latest episode is up wherein we discuss the recently held Shoji Kawamori Expo and Adrian gets the chance to ask the big man himself about the Milky Dolls! http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-129-shoji-kawamori-expo/
  12. Yup, that’s the one! Regardless of whether they did or not, this would be a better way to see the OP clear probably. Think of it as similar to that 20th Anniversary DVD with the video game OPs or the SDFM BD box bonus disc with (some of) the Pachinko footage.
  13. If anyone remembers the OP animation we mentioned for the recent Crossover Live, it’s getting a physical release (just the OP, not the Live) “Macross Won’t Stop: Special Disc” (tentative title) While the bulk of the Disc will be Minori “Freyja” Suzuki, Nao ” “Reina” Toyama and KENN “Bogue” shooting live on-location segments for Macross Won’t Stop, the Disc will include a collection of recently animated clips from events, such as: -Superdimensional Orchestra OP -Walkure 2nd Live OP -Walkure 3rd Live OP -Macross Crossover Live 2019 OP and more. Release: Dec. 16 (Amazon Japan) Price: 5800yen (plus tax) https://hobby.dengeki.com/news/802783/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  14. No, I checked but there was no sample yet unfortunately.
  15. Hopefully we'll be getting some thoughts down soon. Just waiting for the Expo to wrap up (this Sunday) first.
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