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  1. Some model shows dropped by SpeakerPODcast HQ today, so we snagged some pics. Some really great customs in here :-) http://www.decultureshock.com/plasticmodel-rock-festival-bmc-2017/
  2. Episode 94 is up! Richard, Jason and Mike report in from Super Dimension Convention 2017. Miss the con (like me)? Well this is the next best thing to being there! http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-94-super-dimension-convention-2017/
  3. Thanks for that! Was in a rush trying to get the cast up and forgot to post about it. Again, thanks for the catch. Really appreciate it :-) The next podcast will be coming in about weeks time. In the meantime, I've posted our photo galleries from the recent Super Dimension Convention. http://www.decultureshock.com/super-dimension-convention-2017/
  4. A great pic from the Superdimensional Orchestra from Mari Iijima's FB page, with permission from Big West.
  5. This episode - we report live from the site of the Macross Delta movie announcement (and bump into a certain SNN reporter in the process), see DYRL at the cinema, and discuss the announcement of Juushinki Pandora. http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-92-passionate-walkure/
  6. One aspect of Macross and Japanese culture that we often get asked about by listeners is that of idols. Well, this documentary recently popped up on Netflix and is pretty decent. It only covers a snapshot of a very recent moment in time when it comes to idol culture, which has decades of history, but it's worth a watch imo nonetheless. https://www.netflix.com/jp-en/title/80163353
  7. That's right :-) Maaya Sakamoto's "Danielle."
  8. This episode of the SpeakerPODcast - we report back from JUNNA's first solo gig, meet anison legend MiQ, talk some Megazone 23, debate the merits of Mylene's new voice actress in Uta Macross, look at some new toys, show Tomonori Kogawa some Southern Cross rain boots, and catch an exclusive theatrical screening of 1989's GUNHED. How does it hold up? Tune in to find out :-) http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-91-gotta-have-a-party-gunhed/
  9. Macross Concert in September

    It's performing as intended on Chrome, Safari IE and Firefox. What browser are you using?
  10. This episode - it's only been 24 hours, but this is the podcast that couldn't wait. We report in on an event 35 years in the making - the Superdimensional orchestra. It made grown men cry. Oh, there was also some new animation too. http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-90-superdimensional-orchestra/
  11. This episode is all about Walkure's US debut - it's almost as good as being there! http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-89-anisong-world-matsuri-2017/
  12. This podcast, we discuss Chapter 2 of Yamato 2202 in detail (lots of detail!) with special guest Tim Eldred! Warning - lots of spoilers! http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-88-yamato-2202-ch-2-launch/
  13. The latest episode is up and there's so much to talk about! We discuss the latest Macross Delta movie announcement, recount meeting Ideon/Dunbine/Southern Cross Character Designer Tomonori Kogawa, and report in from the most recent Wonderfest. http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-87-tomonori-kogawa-wonder-festival-2017-summer/
  14. Latest episode is up :-) http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-86-uta-macross-yaya-han-interview/ Also, here's our full gallery from Wonder Festival today :-) http://www.decultureshock.com/wonder-festival-2017-summer/
  15. Wonderfest 2017 Summer gallery

    Here's our full gallery from Wonder Festival today. http://www.decultureshock.com/wonder-festival-2017-summer/