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  1. Saw it. Liked it. Waiting on the next episode. I liked Clone Wars and Rebels so the storytelling seems great to me.
  2. Jealous. I’m hoping Amazon Japan has more to sell later on cause I’m refusing to pay NY markup pricing and eBay scalper markup.
  3. Use TinkerCad, if you’re a visually inclined type of person. At least to start off with. It’s a webbrowser based design program to get your feet wet with. Making a TinkerCad account automatically gets you a sign in account for Fusion360(same company). You just have to tell Autodesk you’re a hobbyist to get the yearly renewable free fusion account. If you’re a more script/code writing person I’d suggest OpenSCAD. Calipers are a definite yes.
  4. Oh good. Was wondering if they'd ever get around to season 2
  5. Damn DHL. Delivering my 1A Max to work after I’ve gone home. Bloody hell.
  6. oh Good. The Martians are destroying 1800’s England. Can’t wait to see them trash London.
  7. Enjoying Fire Force. Liked the villain they battled when they found out who was behind the infernal bugs. Starting Demon Slayer cause my niece wants to watch it and I was asked to check it out.
  8. Been watching Hunter X Hunter due to a co-worker insisting I needed to watch it. Finished the Ant arc. Was hoping for a more gruelling Dragonball death match at the end but when I sat and thought about the ending it's more sad and tragic. I can live with it. Off to the Election arc.
  9. Shit I really like that idea. Pulls out calipers and fires up the ol CAD software. Time to make some heat shields!
  10. Mod hat on. Discuss the movie and franchise to your hearts content. Cut out the trans talk. Thank you. Mod hat off.
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