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  1. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Hey guys, chill with the politics. That's all.
  2. The Transformers Thread Next

    What is this Autobot/Decepticon toon-style vs toy everyone's talking about?
  3. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    Hmmm.. how does the Pacific Rim cast scale to MonsterArts?
  4. Star Trek: Discovery

    Yup. Yup. Those nacelles look alot better but still too much blue light for my tastes. It's not supposed to get blinged out like that until the TMP.
  5. Star Trek: Discovery

    So anybody watch the season finale? That ship they meet at the end looks too advanced for the timeline.
  6. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    The MTME miniseries is what hooked me on TF. Sherman Dam with Rumble and Hound just made love the characters. I like almost all of OM Remix. I would love them to give me the Autobot cassettes. I just can’t bring myself to buy the KFC cassettes to go with Transistor.
  7. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    The cassettes were my favs back as a kid. Small. Portable. Enough articulation but you still needed your imagination to play with them. That said even if OM does stumble on a few bots I’m overall very happy with their stuff. And I need a new background and a bigger lightbox
  8. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    I’d love to see more updated anime’s of SoC super robots. There hasn’t been any in awhile.
  9. The Doctor Who Thread

    Ah the old Doctor Who's. "Ah my time has come! And we've no budget for special effects so let's over lay the films and regenerate!" 1 min and fx budget is spent, "here's the new Doctor!" Also you've got to stop watching it at 1/2 speed if you think it's a 2hour soliloquy. The Xmas Specials are only 45min-50mins depending on commercials. Ecclesons send off was him saving the human race at the end of his season, never even made it to the Christmas special. They gave him 5mins and poof Tennant! Tennant had the longest sendoff what with him wandering around for episodes moping before his famous, "I don't want to go!" Kinda made sense since at that time RTD had DW, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Smith Chronicles all interweaving with each other somehow and that giant crossover! Wooo! Smith....well...actually I don't remember how long his send off was, was it just the Xmas Special or did it include the lead up to the Xmas special? I just wanted the flailly doctor to end. Capaldi's "woe is me schtick, life sucks and I'm tired of saving the universe" after losing Jenna got boring. In between those periods when he was being clever was fun though.
  10. The Doctor Who Thread

    So this is Moffats and Capaldis puttering send off? Not quite as good as Ninth, Tenth or Elevens. At least there was a cameo by a fan fav/hated character. Ties up that loose end.
  11. [Netflix] She-Ra Princess of Power

    Hmmm. Gives off an Avatar-ish vibe with that face. Wasn’t the biggest HeMan/SheRa fan but I’ll give the first few episodes a shot.
  12. Anyone that thinks that the prequels are better are dead to me. Really. I saw TPM once at the theatre and the other two prequels on tv. The more I watched the more I hated the prequels. Refused to buy the Blurays for that trilogy. TFA I saw 3x at the theatres, Rogue One 2x and I own both in Bluray and digitial download. Can't wait to own TLJ. I guess you can call this a balancing of the force. People that like the Prequels hate the new trilogy. People that hate the Prequels like the new trilogy.