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  1. *drops into thread * *oh god preorder madness again* Good luck all. Play nice. I might join in the craziness but I still have my Yammie 1/48 1S.
  2. Actor in Alien, LoTR, 5th Element and other fantastic SciFi/Fantasy has passed. https://variety.com/2020/film/global/ian-holm-dead-bilbo-baggins-lord-of-the-rings-1234642549/
  3. As stated no silent bid listings sales on this site. Please put a price to the VF31a. If no price is forthcoming in 24hrs I will close this thread
  4. I stopped paying attention around the point they made it to the cellar and they started talking about the mainland and the old king making theIr group live on the island. If it’s the final season I might go read up on the manga again.
  5. Did not know this was coming. Excited as Pike carried season 2 of Discovery.
  6. Hmm. That looks nice. I’ve already got the SoC Gunbusters so I’m gonna pass.
  7. Started watching Seven Deadly Sins and Baki because I finally signed up for Netflix (damn you boredom and Covid 19!!), binged Love Death Robots. SDS is fun magical medieval fantasy. Still working through the first season. Baki first episode is interesting. I’ll have to watch a few more to before I decide. LDR was great. Love all the different styles and stories told. Especially the redneck Mecha farmers vs Alien bugs.
  8. Saw it. Liked it. Waiting on the next episode. I liked Clone Wars and Rebels so the storytelling seems great to me.
  9. Jealous. I’m hoping Amazon Japan has more to sell later on cause I’m refusing to pay NY markup pricing and eBay scalper markup.
  10. Use TinkerCad, if you’re a visually inclined type of person. At least to start off with. It’s a webbrowser based design program to get your feet wet with. Making a TinkerCad account automatically gets you a sign in account for Fusion360(same company). You just have to tell Autodesk you’re a hobbyist to get the yearly renewable free fusion account. If you’re a more script/code writing person I’d suggest OpenSCAD. Calipers are a definite yes.
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