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  1. Season three is going to be more episodic like TOS, TNG etc. At least that’s what the guys at polygon are saying. they’ve seen the first four episodes already. I don’t need cliffhangers and dire galaxy ending situations in every episode. TNG only used those sparingly and for big moments. Mostly to do with the Borg. Speaking of I hope they explain where the Borg are in this future. Diplomacy is back (kinda) in this episode. Plus they’ve pulled off a ScoobyDoo moment that could be leading to the beginnings of a new Federation. https://www.polygon.com/tv/2020/10/15/21518039/
  2. Finally started season 3 and I’m glad the early reviewers were right in that they’re jettisoning the season 1&2 dark atmosphere and going forward with a hopeful narrative. Sarus speech to Gheorgio about who the Federation are and their ideals inspiring hope for that outpost/colony. That’s my Star Trek. I’m now willing to watch the rest of the season.
  3. who’s Xon ? Just rewatched Crisis Point. You’re right. That’s was a great episode. From the movie credits to the change in pacing from comedy to movie mode, how the characters actually experienced growth. Subtle thing I noticed this time around. The shows got clean sharp lines up until the “movie” starts. Then I thought my tv was screwy until I realized they added “film grain” effect at that point. The softness of the shots; the dirty scratches, spots and hair.
  4. Yeah I wanted to separate Lower Decks from Discovery and Picard. The tone of those two series is completely different then what LD is going for. The Cerritos is a brightly lit ship with plenty of soft illumination ala TOS, TNG, Voyager etc. The full body bright colored uniforms are back which feel more warm and inviting than the monotone uniforms with color accents. I love the idea that these are Star Fleets 2nd contact crews(tier 2) aka not the Enterprise/Voyager/Defiant. The characters all follow the exploits of the tier 1 crews like reading the sports section but they whine
  5. So season 1 just finished. After suffering through Star Trek Discovery (except for the episodes with Pike) and Picard not really feeling like Star Trek ST Lower Decks was different and fun. Sure episode one felt like it was trying too hard with all the references and Mariner and Boimler being a bit Rick & Morty but they and the cast grow on you. It started feeling like a cartoon version of The Orville, which I feel is the spiritual successor to ST after Voyager. The finale though... who the hell thought these old TNG joke aliens would be back except upgraded?! Lik
  6. Watching latest season of Seven Deadly Sins. Half way through it. SAO....looks like they're gearing up to wake Kirito up. Gundam Build Divers: ReRise....just finishing it cause it's Gundam but I really don't feel either way about the characters. They're kinda bland. Fire Force, One Piece and Super Dragon Ball Heroes are still fun.
  7. No Politics. It's in the first line.
  8. Pretty but as the people above noted needs a price. I'll give you 24hrs to post a price before I delete the thread.
  9. *drops into thread * *oh god preorder madness again* Good luck all. Play nice. I might join in the craziness but I still have my Yammie 1/48 1S.
  10. Actor in Alien, LoTR, 5th Element and other fantastic SciFi/Fantasy has passed. https://variety.com/2020/film/global/ian-holm-dead-bilbo-baggins-lord-of-the-rings-1234642549/
  11. As stated no silent bid listings sales on this site. Please put a price to the VF31a. If no price is forthcoming in 24hrs I will close this thread
  12. I stopped paying attention around the point they made it to the cellar and they started talking about the mainland and the old king making theIr group live on the island. If it’s the final season I might go read up on the manga again.
  13. Did not know this was coming. Excited as Pike carried season 2 of Discovery.
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