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  1. Yup. I think ANN confirmed it. Man I hope Percy shows up in it.
  2. [CN] New ThunderCats - ThunderCats ROAR!

    Eeeee.....shudder. Think I’ll go watch some Gravity Falls instead.
  3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    It’s on the bucket list.
  4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Tahiti. It's a magical place.
  5. The Transformers Thread Next

    Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron has been announced. I’m dreading the price but. Yyyyeeesss!!
  6. Avengers 4

  7. Avengers 4

    Civil war was Civil war. The Avengers DisAssembled arc was when Scarlett Witch went insane and destroyed the team. At least in the comics.
  8. Avengers 4

    Fourth movie will be called Avengers: Dis-Assembled. Just like the comics.
  9. I would not bring a 10yr old to this movie especially if he's heavily invested in Marvel Characters. This would be almost as bad as the 1984 Transformers movie where Optimus Prime dies.
  10. Dude all the “original” Avengers were unknown to the general movie going public. Iron Man? Who dat? Robert Downey Jr ... sure I’ll watch it. Thor.... some European god thing I read about back in grade school? Eh, Iron Man was good I’ll watch it. Captain America...gets a pass. Everyone knows about Cap cause he’s as famous as Supes, Batman or WW. Black Widow/Hawk who? Build up movies IM had 2, Thor and Cap had one. Black widow and Hawkeye none. Hulk is 0, 1 or 2 depending on if you count by movies or if you count the different actors playing Banner. Then Avengers movie stormed into the scene. Carol Danvers been getting massive attention from Marvel for the last decade or so. She’s cosmic scaled power if she gets to power up to Binary. They'll need that. As for JLA2, Aquaman and WW2. Unless they up the storytelling they’re going to be second tier hero movies. JLA was lacking, even one of their actresses said so. WW looked so much like Captain America. I still really like it but...comparisons. Aquaman....eh. Dragos got better things to do. Darkseids when he finally shows is going to come out looking like a cheap version of Thanos at this point. Captain Marvels upcoming movie seems to be her origin movie as I believe it's set in the 90's. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury will be in it.
  11. Sam Jackson is Nick Fury: super spy guy extraordinare. In the original Iron Man movie post credit he introduced the Avengers initiative. The woman was Maria Hill, high ranking SHIELD agent and Fury’s right hand woman. The hi tech pager imagery is foreshadowing one the new Marvel movies coming and that that hero is part of the solution to what Thanos just did.
  12. No way Silver Surfer could’ve been written into the script. Disney’s acquisition of Fox is still too new. We’ve no idea how they’re gonna fold the XMen into the the MCU let alone the FF and their villains. Warlock would’ve been a cool reveal but I’m guessing they’re leaving that for GotG Vol3. As for Nova (Richard Ryder) no way. He got spanked in the original Infinity War, no WorldMind to guide Ryder, and the MCU Nova corps aren’t the “human rockets” , just space cops. As for WW or DC cinematic universe being a threat ......nope.
  13. Just saw it. This is my ESB MCU style. And stay for the aftercredit trailer. It felt like one of the original aftercredit trailers leading up to the original Avengers movie Hate afternoon theatres though. Had to tell the late comer to sit his ass down instead of talking to his friends and the annoying girl(s)beside me who kept turning on her phone during the last act and during the credits. Turn off full brightness cause in a pitch black theater it’s fucking blinding! Git off my lawn!