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  1. Dangard Ace

    Battle Angel Alita

    I'm interested in how they're going to get the Hugo story to flow into the Motorball story in 2hrs. I hope they pace this right.
  2. Dangard Ace

    The Doctor Who Thread

    So we’re up to episode 6 of the new series and I’m loving it. None of the episodes are the Doctor being big and loud like the others in the nuWho. No fire and brimstone and huge proclamations. They’re just telling stories and the Doctor and her companions are just trying to witness, not be part of the story (we all know that’s not going to happen) but they TRY. Rosa was good but I’m really liking Demons of the Punjab.
  3. Dangard Ace

    Hi-Metal R

    With a pole that large I'm thinking Five Star Stories.
  4. Dangard Ace

    The Doctor Who Thread

    New Doctor Who season has started and it definitely has a different tone from the Moffat era. Creepy, unease, mysterious. Still plenty of running. Jodie’s Doctor is interesting, similar to 10s regen but less swashbuckly. Also doesn’t carry the ultimatum speech like Tennant does cause she’s nice. First episodes finding its legs. Let’s see what the next few do.
  5. Dangard Ace

    The Venture Brothers

    The assassination one. I was dying with his dialogue
  6. Dangard Ace

    The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Zeta Bruticus is done and out Zeta Silverbolt and the last two aerialbots should be next. MMC Skylynx is going in my MP display. He’s MP scale for The Return of Optimus Prime episodes.
  7. Dangard Ace

    The Venture Brothers

    Woot woot! Saw the latest, hilarious as hell and Brock is a badass again!!
  8. Just bought 30th Ann Street Fighter for the switch. Love that all the different versions of the games are there. Love that the car breaking, barrel busting, and oil drum bashing are in SFII Hyper but I’m hating the thumb stick controls. Can’t consistently pull off uppercuts. Need a real arcade stick. But otherwise much nostalgic fun.
  9. Dangard Ace

    Burt Reynolds RIP

    The Bandit just drove off into the sunset in his Trans Am with a smile on his face, Carrie in the car and Buford T Justice chasing him.
  10. Love the shout out to Monica Rambeau. The other Captain Marvel. If they have Closer in this movie that'd be freakin' hilarious. How they'd sanitize that song for a Disney movie....
  11. Dangard Ace

    Soul of Chogokin - part II

    No way Bluefin doesn't bring this over since Megazord and Dragonzord got released.
  12. Dangard Ace

    The Venture Brothers

    Season 7 Episode 1 review: not enough Shallow Gravy and did they just nerf Brock?
  13. Okay. Wtf. Edit. Oh right Evangelion. Carry on.
  14. Dangard Ace

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    No Mogera or Jet Jaguar? Booo!!