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  1. Dangard Ace

    Battle Angel Alita

    I envy people who are reading this manga for the first time. Hint: read the manga.
  2. Dangard Ace

    All things Voltron

    Yup to Vehicle Voltron. Gonna love how it's gonna compare to my Matchbox and MMW Vehicle Voltron.
  3. Dangard Ace

    Battle Angel Alita

    Flan. But yes agree with the rest.
  4. Dangard Ace

    Battle Angel Alita

    Saw Alita today and as a fan I loved how they intermingled some of the first few story arcs together. Now I'm gonna pull out the old mangas and read them again.
  5. Dangard Ace

    Hi-Metal R

    Enough. Next person that does not stay on topic and just discuss HMR will get a week ban.
  6. Dangard Ace

    Hi-Metal R

    Cleaned the thread up. Talk about HMR all you want, that's cool. The other stuff that's been edited, no more.
  7. Dangard Ace

    Hi-Metal R

  8. Dangard Ace

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice good discussion going on here. Great. Just don't veer into:
  9. Had similar happen to me earlier this month. Good thing I video myself opening packages showing the tracking slip and sealed box. Uploaded the video to Vimeo, sent the link to eBay CS and the seller didn’t even fight. Just refunded my money so I’m up a $2 red toy truck. Yah! Still gave the asshole negative feedback. To to stay on topic
  10. Dangard Ace

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    New Siege incoming!! https://comicbook.com/gear/2019/02/06/transformers-war-for-cybertron-toy-fair-figures-hasbro/#4 Im getting Skyfire for sure, and maybe Omega during the Christmas discount sale @amazon. Love Skyfires head more than my FT Phoenix default head. My Dx9 Gabriel is easily safe from Siege OS.
  11. Dangard Ace

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    I’ve got ToyWorld Bii to cover the chibi “toon” look. Not really that interested. Now when’s MP Hound dropping?
  12. Dangard Ace

    Battle Angel Alita

    Eh.....PG13. So no gory visceral curbstomping by Alita. Not sure how that's gonna feel like Battle Angel Alita.
  13. Dangard Ace

    Need an assist.

    The number of Xs in front are me just holding down the X button. I didn’t count the Xs. Last hint I can give. This is the exact old email address. 4letters @ 2letters dot 2letters .com Replace the Xs XXnX@mX.Xr.com All letters are lower case. Can’t give you more then that Good luck.
  14. Dangard Ace

    Need an assist.

    The x-letters in front of the @ symbol are random. The ones behind are not. Two letters. Dot. Two letters. Dot com.