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  1. So Richard Bilrer wants to build a galatic highway, yes? When does he say that it was "all for minmay"? I read that in another post and I've watched the series twice adn still can't find it. Also, in what series does it say Hikaru is lost in space?
  2. Yeah, I guess all replies have been fair. I guess a big part of it is from consuming formulaic american pop entertainment for most of my life!!! Macross definitely doesn't fit that mold. I'm pretty stoked Shoji is doing anything Macross related so no complaints here. Macross Ace could be some preliminary feelers to gauge interest in the original series and maybe spin something off?
  3. With all this hype about Macross Ace and Macross Chronicle, has anyone heard of the Macross camp just flat out redoing a complete anime of the original Macross? or finally providing a sequel and end to Hikaru and Misa Hayase? I remember reading that the the original guy (Showori?) sorry, saying he didn't want to do sequels. I hope as this guy gets older he comes to his senses and a) gives the fans what they want and b) friggin cash in!!!. Anyways, thanks for reading my post. I still want an ending dammit!!!! Although I must say Macross Frontier ROCKED (I just got a Malaysian DVD versio
  4. #1: Macross The First One. Maybe not a clear winner. The animation was terrible in certain episodes, but as stated earlier in the post, the climax was in the middle of the series (the battle b/w Dolza and SDF1 with Minmay singing) with an adequate conclusion. I also liked that Hikaru, MAKES A DEFINITIVE CHOICE in the love triangle. He says, MinMay adios, hello Misa Hayase. The last episode is absolutely gut wrenching... at least to me. The story was compelling, and understandable. There were several subplots, from Max and Miriya, the 3 stooges, Breetai's fleet, Khron (sorry for mixing th
  5. Yeah, kind of new with Frontier. What the F is "deculture"? Is it possible to get english subtitles with episode 18? I am guessing fansubbing is where fans translate for us. TY. I can't find it anywhere. Oh.... and why does Ranka's hair pop up like a puppy's? FRONTIER ROCKS
  6. Ahhh so. Sorry!!! I went on wikipedia, and it had an episode list, I incorrectly assumed it was a rolling episode list. I guess it's the entire 1st(?) season? Hopefully more than 23 episodes!!!
  7. First of all, I read all the rules and guidelines and did not find that this would violate any rules. If it does, please delete this post. I also did a search for past topics and did not find an topic regarding this issue. So, I'll phrase this in the most "legal" way I can. Does anybody know where I can download episodes, or those things that can "find" episodes, for Frontier? I've found up to episode 18, but not 19 or newer. Any help? Again, I apologize if this is prohibited on this website. If you're a moderator please delete. But I'm all out!!! And I'm ADDICTED...
  8. I can agree with that. Remember Max and Miria's first date/fight scene in the original ? HORRIBLE!!! But the war with the Zentraedi Battlefront was awesome. And M7 does kind of suck the entire way through. The reason I think SDFM out edges M7 is that M7 is 20 years newer? I guess animation technology really doesn'tn change? I really don't know. But MACROSS FRONTIER ROCKS!
  9. I mean, it is a "cute" series. When I watch certain episodes there are countless commecials to buy Mylene's/Firebomber's albums. I think this series was really intended for a younger crowd. Maybe I'm wrong? I don't know. In the end, I really think there is a very "voltron" aka episodic feel to this series. They're perpetual enemy is gepelnitch and his monsters, and every time things start to get dangerous, here comes Basara [who is pretty much invincible] to save the day. Kind of like Voltron: they fight monsters, then they form the voltron, then they start to lose and then Voltron does
  10. Actually...no, I'm not confused at all about what I originally said. I think most of the responses here started with sheer denial that Macross just rehashes the same themes, aka Love Triangles, Singing as the centerpieces. As the post evolves, all of a sudden, that's ok now!!! Now the posters say, well Bzdup, that's what makes Macross Macross. Wow. Here's the bottom line: Love triangles do NOT and are NOT necessary for a great Macross series. Macross Zero does not have a serious love triangle. Mao's relationship with Shin is completely a joke, she knows Shin loves Sara the entire time,
  11. New characters. Yes. New settings yes. Same old formulas? Yes. Want to do something truly different? How about writing a series that doesn't revolve around a love triangle? Look, Macross Plus is terribly forced with their love triangle, and in Macross 7 it doesn't even make sense. It's just not very subtle, elegant, or even believable! In my opinion. What answers are left unanswered in the original series? What about WHAT HAPPENS ON THEIR MISSION TO COLONIZE SPACE? for one...
  12. Yes. And that may be a cultural thing.... the whole leaving questions unanswered. I jsut don't know. In american screen writing, almost 100% of the time, the questions are answered, [or like the Sopranos, purposely avoided!!!} Again, I posted this in another post, I really feel that the Macross folks just ran out of ideas and keep trying to recreate the Macross magic with a forumlaic approach, like love triangles, unanswered questions, etc... Seven doesn't answer any of the questions it presents. The original series, doesn't really answer the questions you want either!!!
  13. What I don't like AT ALL about the love triangles you mentioned, is that in my opinion, they are unnatural and almost forced as a lackluster attempt to capture the magic of the original Macross series. I think most people who watched and loved the original Macross series would say that more or less, the central and most powerful story is the love triangle between Hikaru, Misa, and Minmay. The battle between the Zentraedi and the UN Spacy folks is the perfect backdrop to that love triangle. The bittersweet ending with Hikaru leaving Minmay for Misa and his duty is really touching, with the t
  14. But the Robothech people have done something without the macross characters, aka, Southern Cross, and the Invid series, and now more recently the Shadow Chronicles, which isn't terrible, at least I don't think so. I mean, for me, I do thing there could have been a very interesting story in both the macross ending, aka the Megaroad and space colonization thing, as well as the Robotech Series, finding the Robotech Masters. Both Robotech and Macross have begun/completed continuation stories with Shadow Chronicles, and Macross 7/Frontier respectively. But both skipped a generation. I dunno. S
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