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  1. nexxstrait

    Hi-Metal R

    The (former?) head of HG (Agrama) was Berlusconi's occult partner in USA, so it is not unlikely that the behaviour of HG is a bit shady.
  2. nexxstrait

    Macross R / Macross The Ride

    Hey, that's the beginning of End of the circle! :-P
  3. It's in Second Sortie ;-)
  4. Unless Megaroad's crew is working against NUNS with their own political agenda
  5. nexxstrait

    Macross Delta Episode 26 Theories And Wishes

    Epic My predictions: the episode ends with a cliffhanger, as we have a glimpse of famous characters from previous series while the Megaroad 01 emerges from another universe. Next movie will be a super Macross generations ensemble
  6. Uh, despite all the talking I confess I do quite enjoy the series. I hope the finale will be an episode to remember
  7. Frontier had (in part) the same problem for me: a lot of cool characters badly underdeveloped. Compared to Delta, however, they seem to come straight out of a Shakespeare play. This new Macross installment is a strange beast, the lack of battroid action (or any action) and bland "bad guys" don't help, but I'll wait until the final episode to make a clean judgement. Obviously, if the incredibly cool mercat from earier episodes resurfaces, I would be unbearably glad
  8. nexxstrait

    Character Art Appreciation Thread III

  9. Any differences with the broadcast versions of the espisodes?
  10. Blink and you miss it but there ARE battroids in this episode And lot of gerwalk too.