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  1. Sweet! Looks like Dok might be prepping for an animated short... Les
  2. Sorry for the lack of time on the forum guys/gals. Life has been really busy. I agree with Mechmaster, we really need to get this poster done. I have a nasty habit of losing interest with time. Besides, an animation sounds cool... I know nothing about animation but I am willing to donate models if you need destroids. Great idea Brian. Les
  3. It sounds like you thought this one over pretty well... Cool. Les
  4. What happens if you have to clear a miss-fire? Any weapon that uses ammunition, of any type, needs to have a functional ejection port at least the length of the original round incase of problems. Unless, you expect the men to field strip the weapon any time there's a problem. Just a thought. Les
  5. I like the first rifle but I have a few suggestions. 1) I am assuming that your forward magazine is double stacked so the ejection port is about the right size (both length and width). However based on the caliber of the rear mag, I would guess that it is a single stack. So the width is good but the length is a little short. It is very rare (I've never see one) to see a casing (or power cell in your case) that would take up only about half the length of the overall round. You might want to add a bit to the length of the ejection port. 2) Charging handles by their nature must travel at least the length of the bullet. The front charging handle might be long enough but the rear charging handle isn't. Unless you have added a mechanism that allows for a more compact travel path, which isn't a good idea if you find yourself field stripping the weapon for service, the rear handle's glid needs to be lengthened. 3) I'm with Dok about the barrel design. Mass drivers are electronic. Electronics mean heat. I would suggest adding heat sinks of some kind on the mass drivers barrel. Looks like you put a lot fo time into these. They look good. This is my only attempt at a weapon reproduction. It only took a few hours but it shows. I like the added detail you have worked into your designs. Keep up the good work. Les
  6. I modelled this a while back and all I could find for colors was black and white. Let me know if you find something else Mech... Thanx Les
  7. Mechmaster... That looks awesome. I am amazed at how much it changes the look of the model to add/alter the textures. Keep it coming. Les
  8. Hyperthread technology shares everything. Memmory bandwidth (to cache, RAM, VM, & HDD), access to hardware (internal cpu bus and main system bus), and some lower level processor operations. Dual procs only share the main system bus (which means access to hardware, RAM, VM, & HDD). Basically everything off the proc. Each processor has its own internal L1, L2, and/or L3 cache (most L3 is off CPU), internal busses, and they do not share lower level operations. To make it short and simple, if you have the extra cash go for a real dual proc system. One more thing of note, make sure that the software package and the operating system you are using supports dual processors or this discussion is mute. Four processors in a Windows 98 machine is a waste of three processors. I am not sure but I think All "Home" or "Personal" versions of the Windows OS do NOT support multiple procs. You will need a "Pro" version. For those of us that use Macs, you will need some version of OS X for multiproc support. For the software packages, I think most of the major 3D apps out on the market support multiple processors. At least I would hope so. Les
  9. Hey Aztek. How was your turkey day? As for the pose, everything for just about everyone's mech is up in the air. We only had a few images to work with so Pete added them where they fit in. I think the only mechs that are relegated to a set location are those mechs that can not fly (i.e. Destroids). So, if you (I mean everyone participating in this porject) have a pose in mind or an idea that you would like to table, let us know. As for the lighting. I simply used levels and the diferent color channels to make the background look a bit more like the forground. I don't see why we can't use a similar technique for the final render. We will have to start out with a similar lighting rig for the models but the fine touches can be done with this method. (I was on an old laptop with this really huge file, 84 MB PSD, so the filters/blurs/etc had to be kept to a minimum.) I have noticed one thing over the last week. I was on site at a clients shop and rendered a 3D version of the plastic housing of a sensor we are trying to pass off to production. I took the 3D files home and rendered them again from my house for my "I love me" board. When I compared the two renders (One from a Wintel PC using C4D and mine from a Mac using C4D), the brigtness needed to be brought up about 10% to match the Wintel render. We might find that more problems like this creep up when we start mixing renders from different platforms and different packages (i.e. LW, Maya, 3DS, Max, C4D, etc...). I did not know they had a Fry's out in Phoenix. My wife hates that place. I can spend a lot of time and money in that store. Kind of like her in a Mall. Les
  10. I think it is because Doktor Gonzo is in the middle of retexturing his valk. We just grabbed these images from the forums and cut and paste them into the image to give an idea what the final poster would look like. These are not the final renders. Les
  11. Well the down time between my family's Thanksgiving dinner and my wife's family's dinner was several hours. So I DL'ed the last image Dok and I were working on and imported all of the mech that we had on the original work. If there are any new mech out there, please let me know. I have yet to get even my stuff on there. Again, comments & suggestions are most welcome at this point. (Tell Dok the flames...) Les New Poster WIP... BIG! 1/2 a mb. (Sorry) I thought that detail was more important than size for this test.
  12. OK guys and gals. This is another mockup of the poster. If I missed anyone's name I am sorry. I am actually on my laptop at Mom's house getting ready for T-day and I did not have anything but this render with me. When I get home, I will add the other mecha to the image. If you have a new render of your model in the pose you would like to see it in the poster, please send it to me and I will add it. Dok and I would really like some feedback to see if we are going in the right direction with this. Good, Bad, Suggestions, and/or Constructive Crits are all welcome. (This is after all, a group thing.) Image is HUGE!. Follow the link to view it. Have a happy Thanksgiving... Les Poster WIP
  13. Wow Az... Looking good. Mech: I have to ping up and say 'Semper Fi' to your valk's textures... "Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a nice Macross CG poster. Well, then there are those LCD screens, and the new Dual G5, and the hand held fluke oscilloscope, and ..."
  14. Great work Gammera. And yes, your texturing looks pretty damn good... Awesome addition to the thread. Les
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