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  1. Thinned out my Macross collection, but still love displaying them!
  2. Same here, keep resisting going to sleep, just in case it opens up. NY had executed a different gameplay tonight.
  3. Cart jacked NinNin
  4. No scotch tonight. Just some good beer. I have a long drive tomorrow.
  5. Waiting for big brother
  6. I was able to change my password on HLJ but it only worked when I hit “Forgot Password” instead of “Reset password link” ...for whatever reason. Hopefully the site works well tomorrow night
  7. It is a Besta shelf, but I have the white painted glass doors, so not the best with doors closed... you can only see some shadows on the glass with the lights on.
  8. I don’t have the most extensive collection, but thought I’d share my random collection of hi-metals, DX frontier valks and DX 1s the little IKEA lights help
  9. Maybe I'll wait 6 then.... JK bedtime
  10. Scared to refresh at HLJ too, 22 minutes of "adding" to cart
  11. 17 min of " adding to cart" at HLJ expecting an error message if I ever get further
  12. my HLJ page is stuck on "Adding to cart"
  13. I love this valk so much I had to do one in stealthy-colors
  14. I was going to list this on auction, but thought I would offer it to Macross World members first - $420 shipped in the US or Canada Perfect condition but the box shows some shelf wear
  15. The one on the left is the 1/72 model head
  16. Perfect example! I love that one, and looking closely, yes, both the antennae are the same color (just one is in the shadow).
  17. the models eyes seem proportionally smaller, and the unicorn antenna is grey on the model instead of dark grey/black on the upcoming DX. Not big differences, but somehow it makes me like the model head way more. weird.
  18. Sorry for what may be an obvious question: Is that the standard head for the VF-31F or is that something that comes with the armor parts? Edit: nevermind. I just realized this was the model kit head. whoops
  19. I wanted a low-vis 171 so badly I desided to customize my own! This was my 2nd attempt, hence the No.2 on the chest. Tamiya Gunship Grey, some waterslide decals and Semi-Gloss Topcaot. I'd still buy one if they made it.
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    From the album: Customs

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    From the album: Customs

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    From the album: Customs

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    From the album: Customs

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