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  1. Anyone heard from CD Japan, or try ordering there? I'm tempted to put in an order just as a backup, since they seem to have ditched all of their TWE offers for the future.
  2. Boy I hope CD Japan doesn't have issues sending the missile sets I ordered. That seems to be the only TWE release they attempted before they stopped carrying them.
  3. The photos are just flipped to give a consistent comparison. No reason for the lettering to be backwards. But yeah, there's no photoshopping or major gap there. The back panel on the DX VF-1 can easily be pushed in. The "resting" position can actually be tweaked a little by adjusting the fold-out locking mechanism hidden under it. The rearward antenna is even spring-loaded to allow the backpack to get closer, so there should be plenty of clearance for that back panel to be pushed up flush with the chest plate. I am really glad to see the boosters will have more support than just locking into the backpack though. The position looks good, and really happy to see the DX won't have the same issues that the Yamato 1/60 did with the bending tails and scratched paint.
  4. So, as time goes on, this feels less and less like a time loop, and more like a time helix. Like a spring coil, every trip around brings you back to the same point in one dimension, but you also sidestep into another level of the spring. I've always loved stable time loops as a plot device, but they hinge entirely on predestination, and function the best when all the points on the loop align (one of the best examples is Prisoner of Azkaban, from my memory of how it was treated). Time travel is really just a plothole minefield. Sidestepping into alternate futures fixes a lot of things in the immediate reality, but only in the sense that you don't see the chaos introduced in all the others. Or, if we go with the helix idea.. what if the entirety of reality is represented by a giant time slinky, and when you initiate a new time loop by going into the past, what if the you in every other adjacent coil also goes back into the same loop? It could actually serve as an addendum to conservation of mass, that you traveling to another reality requires the you from another reality taking your place. The net effect would be every copy of you in every reality taking a side-step one reality over. Tim Curry may have been far more correct than he realized.. maybe it really is just a jump to the left...
  5. I just noticed that my edit didn't save.. I was more curious about how you film a flashback series where everyone needs to be 15 years younger, especially the focal character. I don't think there's any way this series is going to have the budget to digitally de-age Stewart for its entire run.
  6. If this entire thing is meant to be a cosmic retcon to save Romulus, and it involves Picard using his reputation to pull rank with Section 31 to get it done, I think I can almost agree with the premise. Problem is, you're talking about events 15+ years in the past. How do you make a series out of a giant flashback sequence?
  7. I thought it was just the house itself that burned? Seems like a pretty big stretch that the entire vineyard, and all associated production facilities, would burn down before someone stopped the fire, especially when they've implied elsewhere that technology with the ability to manipulate the weather exists to some extent. I was thinking there's already precedent set for him working the vineyard at least, even though "All Good Things" was made before Generations. What I wonder about is how much of that possible future they might pick up and run with, in lieu of coming up with something original. Edit: Having watched the teaser that I didn't realize was posted on the previous page, I'm wondering if they are setting this up as an "I saw too much" situation, or something like that. Don't know what "rescue armada" they may be referring to, but if we're back in the prime timeline, could very well be attempting to evacuate whoever was left near Romulus after that mess of plot occurred. Maybe he felt he failed? I don't know. My wanting to ignore the fact that Nemesis even exists aside, the disaster they used to split off the Kelvin timeline always felt poorly thought-out on multiple levels.
  8. Honestly, I think the curves work in her favor for the most part, since the sculpted hips actually make for a really nicely blended car body. I think the execution of the details cross the line a bit though, and don't actually help the look. I get what they're going for, but really, giving a robot a navel? Also, I might be weird, but while giving her a shaped chestplate doesn't really bother me, the actual shape of it does. They did a really nice job with the curvy hips and torso, but the chest just looks literally slapped on, and way too stark for the upper body. I think it would look a lot better if it was shrunken down, and better blended into her shoulders/neck.
  9. Hope this is the case, since unlike all the ultra-customized VF-25 and VF-31 packs, the only markings to change on the original packs was the logo. Here's hoping they actually include a full set of all the colors, along with the classic TV-style kite logo. Also really hoping they have the sense to produce a metric buttload of these, because they have to know people are going to be buying them in bulk. I might spring for 3-5 of them, depending on what options are included. Gotta be honest though, they overdid the tampo. Of course now they add the ejection triangles, but the extra ship markings on the thigh look terrible, and out of place compared with where they put them on the VF-1J. Bleh.. guess I'm in for the long haul with this scale too, that VF-1S looks amazing. I'll probably sell a few old 1/60 duplicates to help fund these, but I need to start prioritizing so I don't go wild (again). Hikaru's 1J, Max's 1A are taken care of.. Add in the Hikaru 1S, then hopefully we get a Roy 1S, Max 1S, DYRL brownie 1A, VF-1D, and VT-1... then maybe M&Ms.. Gets really tough prioritizing honestly. I think if I can keep myself to 10, I'll be thrilled, since that was my original goal with the Yamato 1/60 line... which I wound up with something like 30 of, when all was said and done.
  10. Chronocidal

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Boy I wish someone at Bandai would take a look at an actual aircraft before making those stubby pylons... I need to get my printer upgraded and go to town adapting some standard pylon designs.
  11. So, have to wonder if someone somewhere is laughing, because the entire series was actually just an 8 season lead-up to a horrible pun. Basically, in the end, can you just say that they've thrown the game?
  12. I'm pretty sure Nemesis is the main reason no one's tried any Post-Nemesis movies or TV yet (alternate universe branches notwithstanding). They managed to lay a steaming pile of thermite in the fans' laps, and any method of disposing of that mess is going to end in flames.
  13. I'm thinking getting these is just a great excuse for repainting the old Yammies, really.
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