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  1. Aside from that judge deserving to be tarred and feathered for such a bizarrely inept and delusional decision, I'm checked out of Trek enough at this point that I'm just back to enjoying the parts I enjoy, with the occasional popcorn munching session as I watch more cars of the train catch fire. Doesn't make me feel any better for the guy who may have gotten steamrolled into bankruptcy by CBS though. As funny as the ratings are at first glance, I'm not putting much weight behind them, because they're really mostly irrelevant after this long.
  2. I'm in no real rush to see this one happen, because I want it to be brought up to the same level as the YF-19 before I pull the trigger on one. The prototype they had just didn't look right.
  3. I think the most stinging fact here is that it couldn't even outperform gameshows. It scored slightly lower than a re-run of "The Masked Singer."
  4. Oh, it definitely is useful for that, it's condensing down larger quotes, which is a great feature. I just don't know if there's somewhere to edit that "true" tag, and thought it was amusing. Really nothing needs to be changed, since it functions just fine, but yes, it's probably a missing label somewhere.
  5. One little note about the rear landing gear, I actually had a rather coincidental piece of plastic become available as I was working on them.. the clip tab on a ball point pen broke, and I was able to slide it under the wheels to use as a lever. After a few times pulling the struts in and out, I can get them out with my fingers now without much trouble, just using the little square nubs on the struts. It's still a delicate thing, since it would be easy to chip a fingernail, but they open without too much force.
  6. Also, the tip should probably be something like an optical seeker head, like a Sidewinder or Maverick. Disappointing that the only VF-1 that I can remember actually showing these missiles in their full detail was that fugly Prime1 statue.
  7. Ugh.. all I really want them to make is a renewed 3.75" X-Wing and Vader Tie fighter.. maybe a better Y-Wing while they're at it. The redone Ties were so good, they just outshine everything else now.
  8. So, I don't know if this is just a weird syntax thing, but when viewing posts that hide images, instead of showing something like "Show Content" it does this: I figure it's just a raw "true/false" tag on whether to show it, but it just looked awkward when I first saw it. I haven't looked at any spoiler tags to see if it does a similar thing with those.
  9. Yeah, Bandai built this supply and demand disaster brick-by-brick with their TWE processes for years. "Wait, you mean every pilot doesn't get unique missiles and weapons packs specific to their own plane? But everyone in gundams gets those!" "We could just do multiple rel-" "HELL NO, we have a rarity policy to uphold to keep demand up! I don't care if every plane uses the same parts, we can't change our 'never release them again' policy just for some two-bit non-Gundam property. The customers will just have to deal with it."
  10. Except, the TV fast packs do have the reaction missiles included, as I recall, with the tips painted red.
  11. My dual order just showed up from Anime Export finally, their courier wasn't too bad, but did take a couple weeks to ship. I waited for a Kakizaki to arrive, and shipped that together with a pair of VF-1 missile sets, and the two Legioss, so the box was a bit cramped. They didn't pad it badly, but the Legioss boxes got a little crumpled on the corners and edges from the tight packing. Both arrived in fine shape though. First impression.. Riobot saw Bandai's Sv-262, and said "hold my beer." This thing is a complex mess of tiny parts, and I do wish it was bigger, but it functions very
  12. Frankly.. go buy a bunch of the Hasegawa sets, and make your own. They're better quality molding, and the pylons are actually long enough to give proper clearance to the wing flaps. Yes, you'll have to put some work in yourself on those, but just slapping them together and hand painting the parts will be worth it when you can get essentially three sets for the price of one Bandai set (maybe four.. depending on how inflated they get).
  13. Yeah, I'm irritated with them as much as the next guy, but we seem to delve into that fiasco pretty often. I really do wish we could get some new news about Bandai's plans for the VF-1 though; right now the only thing on a ton of minds is that they're finding out their strike parts are never arriving.
  14. I think we're all thinking way too much about a picture that wasn't really ever meant to be physically possible. I'm still trying to decide whether the two gun barrels in the left arm pack are meant to be vertically, or horizontally stacked.
  15. I'm not sure what to think about MS acquiring Bethesda, especially after recent experiences with installing things from the MS Store... But someone I know made a really amusing point. Todd Howard just got Microsoft to buy Skyrim.
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