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  1. Aha, I recognize that printer! I got a good pile of prints out of mine, but the bed translation did a number on a lot of my taller items, causing a lot of wobble and disjointed layers. Do you use the included software? I've considered picking up Simplify3D, since I read it can do wonders with raft construction to make it easier to remove. Model is looking great, I love seeing how designers break down their models into sets of parts for assembly.
  2. Transform your DX enough, and you can have this for free, as all the gold tampos flake off over time.
  3. Actually, I think the biggest thing for me about this new version is that I'm suddenly feeling much less worried about keeping my original Ivanov in brand-new condition, and seriously considering customizing it. I need to go hunt down all those splinter scheme pics.
  4. I mean, if they had been able to just use the replicators, they wouldn't have needed a cook... take that however you like. If the writers had been on top of their game, anything a replicator couldn't make should have also been incompatible with the transporters, since I was under the impression they were essentially the same technology. Then again, the transporters were proven multiple times to be sophisticated enough to replicate (and even de-age) a living human being... The amount of phlebotinology applied to the transporters across the span of Trek canon is truly mind-boggling if you start to connect all the dots, and imagine what they were truly capable of.
  5. With replicator technology involved, I always thought it was silly to say they couldn't make more in the first place. Maybe some of the core materials and explosive components were too complex for a replicator, but I'd be astounded if they couldn't find something else reasonably destructive to fill a torpedo casing with.
  6. I expect that's a fair assessment. I know some folks will like the atmosphere, but the video brings up a really good point. Who is the intended audience? I remember Star Tours being a blast, and always having a fairly long line for it (except in some rare circumstances). The Falcon ride is a neat idea, but without playing off of the nostalgia for the first six films, they kinda shot themselves in the foot.
  7. Chronocidal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    So, he has those missile pods fully extended forward. They slide back to be much more streamlined. "Streamlined" being a rather relative term, in this case.
  8. I'm honestly debating doing the same, just because the Disney service is going to have so much casual "I want to watch this old show again" material. Netflix still has a fair set of those as well though, so I might wind up just shelling out for both. I've only got Netflix at the moment, so it's not like I'm juggling streaming services yet.
  9. One of these days I'll get around to cleaning up my Art Asylum/Diamond Select copies. They're not bad, but the neck on the normal Ent-D got badly misprinted with oddball colors and no windows. The "All Good Things" variant is much better in that regard, but the construction on the third nacelle pylon is disgustingly sloppy, and needs some putty and repainting. Need to make myself some not-terrible display stands while I'm at it. How big is the XL BoP? I've got the AA/DS one, and that's a beauty, probably their best release, but it's huge, and I'd love something that scales better with the TMP Refit.
  10. It's a combination of factors, most likely. Between the excessive prices and expected overcrowding, anyone with two brain cells would probably look at this, and wait at least until the second ride opens before even considering it, if at all. People who have season passes will know to avoid openings of new areas, and people with small kids know a crowded area will be miserable. The fact that so much of the fanbase is soured on the franchise right now is just gasoline on the trashfire. The Star Wars area isn't really an attraction, so much as a glorified interactive gift shop and bar. I can get better and cheaper merchandise and booze pretty much anywhere.
  11. Dangit, that Obi Wan bit made me tear up. I'll have to see about getting ahold of Rebels some time. Damn fine Alec Guinness impression too, was really chilling. Star Wars definitely needs something to keep it coherent. Right now, the movies seem to be jumping all around the quality scale like some of the worst of the EU. Could RJ keep it together if given full control? Maybe, but on the flip side of that, would you want an entire trilogy in the vein of TLJ?
  12. I'll qualify this with one caveat.. they have to do Wraith Squadron as well. I loved all the books, but always preferred Allston's brand of humor and drama to The Corran Horn Show.
  13. Looking good! I really wish aircraft rigs were as easy to setup as driving ones. I'm slowly picking up parts and components for a dedicated simming rig, but I'm continually torn between focusing on a functional physical cockpit (not to mention which aircraft to model it after), or actually going the VR approach, and just mounting a few key controls like a gear and hook handle. I keep hoping someone will truly bridge the "augmented reality" gap, and give me a way to build a physical pit with a bluescreen curtain that gets replaced with the sim.
  14. For what it's worth, I would qualify it being "a brand new mold in nearly the exact same shape as the old one." Unlike things like the VF-1 and YF-19, the Macross Zero designs were always computer generated to specific proportions, so there's never been any question of how they're shaped. The differences we're going to see will be kind of like going between different generations of a model kit of the same aircraft. More refined detail, a few more features or options, etc. I think the joints will be a little sturdier and more flexible, and I think they added more moving parts, like the lift fan cover and canards.
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