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  1. See, where were all these designers when the new movies needed new designs, and all they could come up with were knock-off McQuarrie bootlegs? Seriously, this comes off more as them copying all the crazy ship ads developed for Star Citizen now. Where was this when it mattered?
  2. It's more a case of progressive leaks that get progressively reinforced. Bits and pieces of story rumors and vague plot points eventually find their way into tv-spots, interviews, and other sources (that Swedish MPAA rating explanation, or the soundtrack listing, for example). It could all be the most massive misdirection campaign in cinematic history, but keep in mind that the same thing was attempted with Star Trek: Into Darkness. JJ spent the better part of the marketing campaign swearing up and down that the villain wasn't Khan, and he established himself as one of the most untrustworthy voices in Hollywood. I'd love nothing more than to discover that this whole mess has actually been a completely successful misdirection campaign to disguise the fact that this will be one of the best Star Wars movies ever released, but given the past two movies, I frankly don't think Disney is even remotely capable of that. Doing so would require a literal real-world deus ex machina, somehow alchemically transforming the collective waste of the world's dairy industries into a solid diamond Death Star.
  3. Beautiful.. looks like it came with a spare Spike figure? And that is some quality packing there. I'm going to have fun opening this one when it arrives.
  4. That would all be a nice way to tie it up, but it's been abundantly clear for a while now that there has never been that much thought put into any part of this trilogy. As a side note.. apparently a lot of the leaks keep getting further and further reinforced by every new little thing, including the track listing of the soundtrack, and even from the Swedish equivalent of the MPAA, as they published notes on what sort of content the movie contains.
  5. Personally, I'd still take a coherent story with terrible casting and direction over whatever you can call the current trainwreck. Not saying Lucas's stories would have been good. But they would have at least been written with a singular progression in mind, and actually connected the basic dots.
  6. Got the shipping notice from AmiAmi this morning as well. Wonder how big the box is going to be..
  7. Chronocidal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    They really just seem to be shelving the 31 line at this point, in favor of making more VF-1s. We're still missing normal super parts for Arad and Chuck, plus Chuck's armor set, as well as the CF parts. That's on top of anything coming from a second Delta movie, or even any other designs from the series (more CFs, the tan 171, or literally any Sv-262 besides Keith's). I wouldn't be surprised if they're waiting for more info about a second movie before they release anything else. They're probably also working ahead to make their YF-21 into the VF-22 seen in the series.
  8. I'm actually more under the impression that they're fully aware of what they made.. but just like Mark Hamill, they're under agreements not to say anything bad about it. They all seem to be jumping ship and leaving the franchise behind after this.
  9. If they manage to fix the frumpiness, tighten up the tolerances a little, fix that blocky chunk under the outer edges of the chest plate, and make the hardpoints solid, I'll probably see if I can at least grab one of these. Would rather grab Roy's with fast packs, but let's hope they do a re-issue with the improvements.
  10. It's because they're on ball joints to be able to angle every which way. I don't think they press inwards any, so you just have to pick which edge you want flush with the head.
  11. Basically any hope I have of anything Obi-wan related hangs on the fact that, in contrast to Solo, at least they have one of the original actors involved. Beyond that.. eh. I don't know how they plan to spin it. I could see a few episodes worth of material involving Owen and Beru raising Luke, and why Owen thought he was a crazy old man, but like any prequel, you know the ending. You really want to toss things up? You write it as a young Luke sitcom in the Seinfeld vein, with Obi-wan playing Kramer.
  12. My confusion isn't even what it's made out of though. I can recognize a ton of individual components of vehicles in there.. It's more that, from my understanding, transformers have always been vehicles that turn into robots. That clearly isn't a vehicle (unless they're trying to reverse engineer the Metroid morph ball)... so what part of a robot is that mecha-katamari supposed to be?
  13. If they'd actually had a coherent vision for how it all tied together, they maybe could have pulled it off. Comparatively, how rapidly were the first MCU movies released? I feel like it took longer to spool up, because while they did have a larger plan, they took time to flesh out the details across several movies that, even without the larger universe, could stand alone as individual stories.
  14. Congrats, that's a pretty awesome turn of events! Might have been a cancellation from someone not paying for their order, or any number of things, but glad you held onto the order until they were able to fill it. I believe once something is charged and moved to the private warehouse, that's a solid confirmation that you've got one, but I totally get the hesitation. I've never heard of someone's order being cancelled after receiving the purchase/PW email, but that doesn't mean it is impossible either. I didn't receive any cancellation notice, but I also bought one on that release day window at HLJ, and got a purchase and PW email shortly after. I have been in no rush to ship though, and may not do so until the strike packs release.
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