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  1. I mean, I can't actually call that trailer that bad, because it did its job, teasing a lot of things, but not really revealing any of the longer implications of the story. It was cheesy, sure, but it was still effective. I think the funniest bit was hearing Ford sound that utterly enthusiastic about anything.
  2. That did sound a lot like Ford. Also interesting to see the early cuts on some shots, since there were a few things we didn't see in the actual release. Probably removed for good reason, but I know I've read of a longer sideplot involving the temperature and safety of Echo Base, and I think it involved more wampas. Speaking off which, I didn't actually remember seeing the creature's claws when Luke was hanging from the ceiling either.
  3. Yeah, don't ever do that. Their store credit is just funny money that doesn't work like it should. You can't apply it to shipping, and you can't buy anything with it that doesn't use the entire amount. The one time I used it, I had to literally order a candy bar with my order before they would let me use the store credit to purchase it. It's not worth the stupid hassle.
  4. Chronocidal

    Hi-Metal R

    One thing I did forget to mention, I should say the only sort of questionable attachment might be the way the backpack supports the boosters. I've never had any of mine fall back, because the backpack is stiff enough to hold them, but they are held up completely by the tension of the backpack hinge.
  5. Chronocidal

    Hi-Metal R

    HMRs are small enough that the super/strike parts are really inconsequential to the overall weight. They're right on that line where they don't need ratcheting joints to support themselves in general, and the super parts don't really change that.
  6. Yeh, I've been impressed with their actual USN releases, but the Robotech one I have is by far the lowest quality of the bunch. There are still a bunch of other markings sets I'd love to pick up (something to replace my lackluster Century Wings VF-84 "Final Countdown" scheme would be appreciated ), but I've had a lot of other priorities, and they've covered my other favorites.
  7. The parts breakdown of that 1/48 X-Wing is probably one of the best things about it. First kit that you can actually attach the wings after painting and sealing the fuselage. I'm mostly not a fan of the electronics because I hate having to plug in the ship to open the wings (fixable with mods), but I also noticed that the vanes in the exhaust look too thick compared with the 1/72 version. I wonder if they're oversized to better balance the light from the engine bulbs? I might actually mix and match components from the Fine Molds version, since I think the nozzles on that kit are slightly better looking. Or, if I wanted to go a little wacky, I might source nozzles from a 1/72 F-4.
  8. In theory, you could pop off the pieces holding the canopies, and just swap those, but it would depend entirely on how much glue Arcadia used on that part. I don't believe they use anything stronger than CA glue, so I don't think the parts should be molten together, but you still risk breaking things trying to get them apart.
  9. Interesting that they're just completely erasing the tail numbers now in publicity shots.. wonder if they got backlash from the fans in Japan as well.
  10. Having built all those kits years ago in their earlier releases, I'm really glad they finally upgraded them all with those massive decals to make up for the lack of surface detail. The one big error the Ent-E has though is that the old AMT molds were based on pre-production shots of the film model, before they altered the deflector array shape to make the exterior sequence set in First Contact easier to build. Both of the AMT kits use the original curvy trough design for the deflector. Correcting that on such a small kit though would be a massive undertaking, since you'd have to build a new array out of sheet plastic, and the shape is still complex enough to be a serious pain. C is looking beautiful though, and I can't wait to see how the D and E come out!
  11. I'm going to be in the market for a VR set in the near future, but my particular use for it is going to mean the hand controllers and such mean absolutely nothing relative to the view resolution and clarity, so I'm waiting for a leap in quality on that front. Also, I need to wait until I at least get a very basic cockpit framework assembled so I have a good space to make use of it. I'm set with a current gen gaming rig, but I currently just don't have a good desk or space for my hotas and pedals.
  12. I'd go with a full galactic retcon device actually, since I think you'd have to revert all four quadrants to undo all the stray plot threads with the borg that landed the timeline in this quagmire. I'm good just so long as everything post Insurrection gets erased. I wouldn't be heartbroken over that one going as well, but I never saw it as any worse than an extended TNG episode, and I would absolutely miss that particular soundtrack.
  13. Mounted on the opposite wall away from the dartboard.
  14. I honestly can't even convince myself to watch TLJ again. It's almost 1/3 of a watchable movie, and it pains me that that 1/3 is entirely based in all of the scenes that destroy Luke as a character, because even if he's playing Jake, he's still a helluva lot more watchable than the rest of the firey sh!tstorm swirling around him.
  15. See, after the VF-31A situation, I'm not sure this is entirely true. I think they gauge interest to a point, but they may very well cap orders at a certain production limit, regardless of demand. At least with the strike packs, that seemed to be the case, but if they don't have demand enough to justify a second production run, they may just cut off orders.
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