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  1. I remember discussing the differences between the music in Frontier and Delta before, and what it basically boiled down to was that Delta's music was mass-produced idol pop that got thrown into a mecha anime because they wanted to promote said idol pop music. Nothing more, nothing less. The songs were by and large interchangeable so long as they fit the tone of the scene. Comparing that to a soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno, with several songs written on a scene-by-scene basis to fit the story, is a terribly unfair curbstomp of a competition. Maybe it's a byproduct of the actual love
  2. I think the shape and angle of the cockpit would require a custom design, but I could probably kitbash a seat and instrument panel from other kits. I'm not worried about a cockpit though, since I don't really have a viable method to make a transparent canopy piece. Might be able to use the printed canopy as a vacuum-molding buck, but I think I would rather reserve that kind of upgrade for some future theoretical 1/48 scale version.
  3. Hah.. I remember the same experience actually, seeing the early ads for the first gen Macross Plus toys in high school during some computer lab class. In hindsight.. I'm perfectly fine with the way things turned out on that end. My friends and I all agreed that early YF-19 looked more like a bloated goose than an aircraft. I'm happy to have waited long enough for the toys to become refined to their current point, and to have reached a point in my life where I can afford them.
  4. Boy, I can't even call this "done" yet, but does it ever feel like an achievement. Twenty-one pieces all told, with a total of about 112 hours in print time. I definitely over-engineered the interlocking tabs, and failed to account for how difficult it was going to be to remove the support structures from inside some of the parts, so I just broke out the smaller middle teeth from the wing section. It didn't have any affect on how sturdily it goes together, with absolutely no need for glue. Length looks to be almost ten inches even, which puts the scale at somethin
  5. Oh, nah, I'm fully aware of Bandai's other lines that do get exported, but I just mean the HMRs in particular seem to be how they approach their more niche franchise licenses that don't get much publicity (if any) outside of Japan. Macross started that line, but it seems like the only franchise involved with that much popularity on the international market. I don't recall there being much discussion of there being issues with ordering the non-Macross HMR releases, and even some of the Macross ones haven't been all that hard to acquire, but I have to wonder if they all come from the same
  6. With how thick that band of gray looks around the visor, I think this is pretty likely what's happening here. That looks a lot bulkier than a simple paint application.
  7. While I can definitely imagine KC squirming uncomfortably here, part of me has a single response: good. I can empathize with them, but having some competition in the Macross/Robotech merchandise market also has the potential to drive some improvement all around. Will it happen? I still think it's not too likely, but I'd love to see KC do some fine-tuning of their designs. On the other hand, the non-Macross HMR situation just reinforces why I don't think Bandai's going to give a rat's backside about the foreign markets. Their production lines are so laser focused on the Japanese au
  8. We do have a few folks here who have used printed models as masters for recasts I know; Xigfrid and his Ghost X-9 and VF-9 models come to mind, which I think were all prototyped on a printer. With enough elbow grease (and a little bit of filler putty) I can definitely get these parts smooth enough to recast, but that's partly because these pieces are so simple, and have no raised details. It's actually part of why I like working in ABS, it polishes up very nicely. I haven't done much sanding yet, but I test-sanded one of my scrap tail prototypes a while back, and just today sanded and p
  9. Yeah, I've never understood how HG ever managed to market anything from DYRL at all. Their rights came from someone completely uninvolved in the movie, as I would understand. Things do get fuzzy when you start delving into shared character and mecha designs though, and there's obviously a ton of overlap. I always assumed HG just claimed merchandising rights to DYRL because they had a "legitimate" stake in the designs used. From what I'd come to understand, Tatsunoko would have no power to grant HG any rights to DYRL at all... of course, they didn't have the rights to grant HG most of
  10. Oh, that possibility absolutely crossed my mind, but I also know that I'm entirely not the person to do it. Ideally, what should happen with this model? It should be printed by someone with a liquid resin printer, and then polished up and recast. A liquid printer would produce a much higher quality master than mine can. I would even theoretically say a Shapeways print would be preferable, but something this big would probably be ungodly expensive... and I would not want to work with the materials Shapeways use, because they are utter hell to sand. As far as this one goes, I'm abso
  11. Yeah, that's my exact concern, and I really hope for their sake that they have a locked-in contract with HG for a few years still. They do have the figures as a backup, and maybe those would be enough to sustain them, but having Arcadia VF-1s around would very likely wreck their sales something awful. Although.. I'm going to admit, mold and transformation issues aside, I think the KC VF-1s really do look good from the paint work they do.
  12. In terms of marketing in the US, I don't think it's quite that unlikely for Arcadia. Let's face it, they're hitting also-ran status behind Bandai, because they're really only left with the licenses Bandai doesn't seem to want now (and they're even in direct competition with the YF-19 somehow). As long as Bandai is content giving the finger to the rest of the world with their limited production, I think Arcadia might be in a good position to take advantage of the new market, and look for distribution deals outside of Japan. Will they be able to do it? No idea, because I don't know what
  13. Oh, they're all fun to think about doing, but I'm probably not attempting another project at this scale without some proper CAD software that can do variable features. Cutting panel lines in this model was incredibly annoying, because they're physically cut into the solid model, and can't be adjusted if I ever wanted to make a bigger version, and needed to shrink them. I did make a point to save the model at multiple points so I can just re-cut the panel lines at another size if I really want to, but some actual proper CAD software (that is, not 3D Studio Max ) would have better tools to
  14. Whether they did or not, I think it's pretty clear that Big West acknowledging Harmony Gold's distribution deal in the US means that anyone who wants to sell stuff here is going to have to go through HG, and give them a cut, like I always assumed they demanded, but BW forbid. However, even if companies like Arcadia and Bandai decide that the expanded market is worth pursuing, I have to wonder where that leaves companies like Kids Logic, Kitzconcept, or even Toynami. I'd expect HG has existing contracts with those manufacturers that they would probably have to break, or let expire, before
  15. Definitely, though part of me likes the idea of keeping the first print in a "stock" state, as a reminder of how it came out of the printer, kind of like a first molding proof. I'll admit, there's also something fascinating to me about the raw textured surface. As little as I want to make another full print, I probably will somewhere down the road, just to paint up multiple versions. I still need to experiment with paintschemes and markings, after all, and if I do the canon scheme from Wing Commander III, it's actually a Heater-Ferris scheme derivative, so that's going to be all kinds o
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