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  1. That's a bit more reasonable at least, but sadly doesn't do anything to fix the scale problem. I'm trying to keep my sizes down to kits that can be stored inside their boxes while I sort out display space. So far, that's made all of the Bandai Star Wars kits and most of the Polar Lights 1/1000 kits prime candidates to work on smaller assemblies and painting. Once I get the sub-assemblies worked out, I'll probably shift gears and start painting rebel pilots and A, B, X, and Y wing cockpits.
  2. I -do- actually have a printer.. but hmm... not sure I want to do the prep work on getting a print sanded and painted either. I might eventually shell out for the new kit, but the prices of the new ones are turning me off very hard right now. I can deal with $25 or so for the 1/1000 TOS kit, or $30-something for the old AMT 18" kit, but $70 for the new 1/1000 discoprise? Though, by comparison, the $30 for the microscopic 1/2500 makes that look almost reasonable. And that's if you don't shell out another who knows how much for the lighting kit they make now (if it's even available). The prices for these are climbing hard, and fast, and I'm having to pick and choose which companies to support.
  3. That is unbelievably awesome looking, honestly, and I'm not sure which is even more work, that method, or the decals. I actually really like the Discoprise design, but the nonsense scale pisses me off to no end. That ship is the same size as the old 1960s AMT Enterprise kit, but they expect you to believe it's the same scale as the 1/1000 TOS and TMP Refit? Yeah, that's some potent BS there. The deck windows even line up with the TOS layout. The sad part is, I actually really -want- a Discoprise in that same size, about a foot long, because I want something that goes well with my other kits. It's a nice ship design, and fits really nicely as a natural progression between the TOS and TMP designs (ignoring for a moment that it's supposed to come before TOS.. ). The 1/2500 kit is just stupidly tiny, and 1/1000 is 18"... I want something a foot long... and I would absolutely paint it up in the TOS colors, just because.
  4. Yeah, I'm debating updating to UPS, considering the fee I paid already was so high, it might not be that much of an increase.
  5. I'm going to take a shot and see what NY will offer to get my strike packs shipped. I might go for the ferry, honestly, but I'm mostly just curious what they will say. The shipping I already paid was over $70 for EMS for some bonkers reason, considering my four pack sets should fit in the same box an average VF-31 or VF-1 DX comes in.
  6. Yeah, NY jumped an extra 10k yen on this one off the bat. I wonder if they took a hit from Bandai for their early listing.
  7. Wow, limit of one set? I guess Bandai is being skimpy with the availability on these. Oh well, got one more there, so I should have one spare for a custom VF-1D set.
  8. Grabbed 2 sets through Okini.. if I see them on AE later, I'll try for another two, just to be certain... because if we ever get a VF-1D, I'm absolutely making a custom orange set.
  9. These very reliable at all? I might drop an order with them.
  10. Ok, WTAF.. they cancelled your orders before most shops even listed them. This is truly some kind of bizarro world at this point.
  11. Where are these going to show up, besides From Japan? The usual suspects, like AE and NY?
  12. I'm confused.. how does it not come with the interchangeable kite? I mean, if it only comes with the kite, ok, but there should be no skull logo on the TV packs.
  13. Thing to remember about getting multiple packs of movie strike parts though... each set comes with a pair of red, blue, black, and green skull logos. You can't possibly use them all. That leaves a boatload of spares that you could either put kites on, or other custom squad logos.
  14. Yeah, Hikaru's 1J is basically the -other- stupid iconic VF-1, and if I had to pare my collection down to two, it would be that one and Roy's. In my case, the 1J counts as a real life version of "first girl wins," because my very first VF-1 was a 1/200 Nichimo kit (under the Testors label) of Hikaru's 1J in fighter mode, which I got in maybe 1987. I had no idea it even was supposed to transform, until the late 90s when I realized that my Matchbox Joke Machine Millia was actually supposed to be the same plane. My current impression would be that the 1J will be re-released around the time the GBP-1 comes out though, so Hikaru's 1S might be a better target for now.
  15. It's worth it to have one, honestly, they're fantastic figures. Whether you care which one you have before getting your main target though gives you a few options. I don't know which will be cheapest, but if you want a backup that could be repainted as Roy with minimal effort, now may be as good a time as any to grab a Hikaru 1S.
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