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  1. See, while there is some truth to this (because the Trek universe is such a fifty theme pileup as to be nearly unmanageable) , it's also extremely dismissive of some of the rather valid complaints against what they did to adjust the universe. This is also the central fallacy to the entire ideal of "appealing to a wider audience." When you take a property with a niche fanbase, and attempt to broaden the appeal to be not so niche, you take a big risk, because you're far more likely to come out at a net loss when you lose more original audience than you gain new. There really is no easy solution for this, but for all of the "niche" genre material we're getting made into blockbusters these days, you'd think someone would figure out that, yes, it is possible to make things like comic books, hard science fiction, and medieval fantasy appeal to a wider audience. You have to respect the material that inspired it, and build on it. What we keep getting instead is people deciding that building and improving on what came before is too hard, so they have to tear it down instead.
  2. I can't argue that it doesn't look nice, because it's beautiful, but while I know Bandai can engineer good toys, I cannot say that engineering was applied here in some ways. What Bandai did not account for (as it has failed to do in soooo many of their Macross chogokins) is that things become massively unwieldy when you start stacking on the assorted add-on parts. I'm not going to say this is nearly as bad as some cases (I don't think anything will ever top the VF-31 armor packs for their over-the-top five-handed nature), but they made a few fairly clear missteps in their design of the base DX VF-1. Spoilered for my tendency to go on long diatribes about mechanical design. Bottom line, the DX's heavy weight actually works against it in swooshability, because it just doesn't feel stable in your hand. The way the legs and arms and backpack wobble around and don't lock in any particular position just means these will be staying as static displays, while my old Yamatos will be what I actually find myself fiddling with on a regular basis.
  3. This would be easier to swallow if you didn't have to pay for it before you could judge it for yourself. I know there are ways around this, but the licensing/funding mess surrounding CBS All Access is one of the biggest factors driving me away from supporting it, completely independent of whether the content is good or bad. Whether it winds up good or bad, I don't see a reason to sign up for an entirely new streaming service just for one show, when odds are it will actually be cheaper to buy the entire season on dvd after it's done airing.
  4. I didn't mean the militia fleet.. I meant Kylo finding his way back. My bigger concern for the larger fleet was that they showed Kylo dodging and weaving through the nebula as if every maneuver was manually guided by the wayfinder, with his fighter barely fitting. Then they did it in the Tantive...V... then they managed to thread that needle using every massive ship they had any stock footage of, including Mon Calamari cruisers that looked like copy-pasted footage of Home One. Or maybe, as some have suggested, once they had they location, they could just go around?
  5. Urgh.. picked up a pair of strike packs I ordered after my original NY order, because I wanted more.. and of course they had them in-hand already, and arrived in 3 days. I'm utterly convinced that Bandai is absolutely terrified of introducing any sort of solid latching or locking mechanism in the VF-1. Everything just kind of.. floats. It holds together.. but nothing is solid in the slightest, and those press-fit pegs generally do nothing. I would have thought Bandai was smart enough to realize that the smooth tabs that hold everything so well on the HMRs wouldn't be enough to hold up something with roughly 8x the mass and volume. Guess not. Not going to say they don't look good (though, yes, the gun is honking massive), but yeah, in all the ways the Yamato design feels playable, this one feels like it is meant for display.
  6. Paid for by the studios and owners, not the consumers... unless you count indirect forms of consumer backing, like the ad revenue generated by people clicking whatever headline happens to pop up in their face. It's probably at least a little ridiculous to consider, but a part of me wonders if we've reached a point where even negative press can wind up turning a profit, just from the associated advertising revenue.
  7. I could see them mirroring the HMR releases actually, and releasing just Milia's as a TWE bundle (or valk and packs separately), but if we get a copy of the HMR paint schemes, I might pass. They have already displayed the TV-style arm packs though, so they're at least aware of the difference.
  8. I honestly don't know how Bandai would package M&M VF-1Js. On the one hand, they did make the HMRs as bundles... but that's also the only way they've released any HMR fastpacks. I would say that it would make sense to bundle them with the DX VF-1s, since they are individualized colors... except then I just look at how we had individualized packs for every single VF-25 and VF-31. Really.. I don't think they'll bundle them, just because it would bump up the price so much. I'll be happy to be proven wrong, I'm just not going to let myself start expecting Bandai to make sense.
  9. Fair, I've done a decent amount of that myself with Trek in general for a while now... actually most franchises I enjoy have gone through the picker over the past few years. I suppose my point is more that I'm sick of trying to cherry-pick, when all we seem to get is a continuous stream of grapefruits. I want there to be something worth cherry picking again, and I don't care how insistent the production teams are that grapefruits are better than cherries, because there is no way I'm going to attempt to bake myself a grapefruit pie. This is really where we're at, and it hearkens back to a rather scathing critique of the gaming industry I read not too long ago.. and the target wasn't the industry at all, it was consumers. The bottom line was, if you want people to stop making terrible content, you have to stop rewarding them by purchasing it. As long as money is flowing, they're going to stay the course. If people keep rewarding "adequate", that's the new bar they're going to shoot for, and they'll have no incentive to strive for anything better than that.
  10. Oh, good to know, I was thinking they would be more embedded in the mechanism. I'll have to do that for my interceptor too this weekend.
  11. But it wasn't a First Order Tie, and I know because that set off enough alarm bells in my head that I stared at it intensely on my viewing. It was genuine 100% OT paint-scheme, with no extra gobbledegook antennas, turrets, or tractor tires. Besides, do you honestly think JJ was going to sacrifice that opportunity to throw in another OT nostalgia zinger by not having a vintage Tie to park next to Luke's vintage X-Wing? Is it possible he found some fancy officer model with a hyperdrive? I guess? But at the same time, that still does nothing to explain how he got there without the wayfinder.
  12. Luke: "They followed us!" Obi-Wan: "No, it's a short-range fighter." Kylo Ren: "Screw the design limitations of your outdated technology, I have places to go!" Seriously. If we're stretching things far enough to permit there to be functional craft in the wreckage, he could at least pick a ship capable of making the trip. Like... I don't know.. a shuttle.. Between things like this, and the way hyperspace is treated in general, apparently the OT and PT are now regarded as apocryphal writing.
  13. Either way, Arcadia seem to be jumping on the weathered-PF bandwagon, which is where I'm personally jumping off.
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