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    Hi-Metal R

    Missing nosecone might make it a good candidate to display with the GBP armor, but I'm thinking your best bet may be to make a copy with a 3D printer, and paint it to match. Not going to be great, but maybe better than nothing. On another note, I finally got around to doing what I'd been intending, and I'm a little sad that the plastic isn't quite a match, but this is what I'd love to do with one of my Arcadia VF-4s. I don't care much for most of the markings on the "Roy" VF-4, but those wing stripes are something I've felt was always missing from the Flashback scheme, and I love the up
  2. So, I believe I'm in the EXACT same spot as you, and it's probably just coming down to the minimum box size to hold everything. I tried mixing and matching things every which way to see if I could get a better deal, but it all came down to the exact same totals, $109/$112, which made it the best price to get everything at once. In my case though, the big ticket boxes were the VFG Ozma and Klan kits. Hobby Search lists the box sizes for those as roughly 13x9x4, and 17x13x4.5. The other items I have are one HMR VF-4G, two Legioss Zetas, and two Cosmo Raven kits. I actually have boxe
  3. That glow is just beautiful, bravo! Can't wait to see how the whole thing looks when it's together.
  4. Looking back at the history, the first episode aired around the holidays 2015, with the series proper going from spring to fall of 2016. They teased unfinished prototypes of the VF-31 and Sv-262 pretty early on, but pre-order for Hayate's was August 1st. I wouldn't expect them to put up any pre-orders until after the movie releases at the earliest to ride the publicity wave, but odds are these might come out faster than the originals, since the majority of the design work is already done. As for how long they'll drag out the pre-order misery, that's anyone's guess though. It took t
  5. Looking over that trailer, I think Mirage, Chuck, and the mysterious Delta 06 are all flying a new design that looks like a hybrid of the old Delta FSW design and the Kairos, all with a new mission pod design, new canards, and a slightly updated wing booster design. Unless there are plot reasons for Hayate to keep his original design, I'd expect him getting one as well. Problem with that design is that there seems to be some shenanigans going on with the booster mount, and the current VF-31 mold is not going to be capable of that. I'm frankly hoping they don't bother with making the pod
  6. Interesting little note, it looks like all of the "new" 31A variants aren't actually 31As, at least not as we recognize them. They all have the Kairos-style outer delta wing, but there are other differences visible in the design. Mostly I'm noticing the changed shoulder panels where the fold quartz used to be, a slightly different arrangement of nose sensor windows, and a redesigned canard with a slightly different planform, including a sawtooth cut into it. Also, yeah, have to agree, 06's spine art looks an awful lot like the Windermere royal crest. I have to assume that Chuck using t
  7. So, I don't know if anyone really likes using the fancy Roy/Hikaru stands for mounting their super packed VF-1s, but I would rather heavily advise against it. That's what you call the plastic trying to shatter. The foggy bits near the surface on that end-on pic show how deep the cracks are, and some of them are nearly halfway through. Also note, I didn't even have the valk mounted on the stand for more than a few hours. The stand has been sitting assembled and unused for the past week, and I just picked it up to look at it, and saw this. As ugly as Bandai's b
  8. There's definitely a clip of 262 Bas in there, so I'm hoping we'll finally get a proper DX release of that version.
  9. So, something a little weird is going on with the Delta 06 pic. I think the wing boosters have definitely been tweaked a little, since I don't remember those little fins poking out near the rear, but the overall design still looks almost identical. The thing that I noticed most is that the boosters on that 06 pic are angled down, as if they have folded down halfway between the wingtips and the main wing. The existing booster mount on the 31 series can't do that, since the booster locks down to the base of the tail once folded over. All that aside, I'm absolutely stoked for the idea
  10. Huh, fair enough, I guess the profile of the back window threw me a little. Looks good though.
  11. I think a lot of people would be plenty thrilled with even a re-release (especially the armor packs), but I wouldn't mind seeing them give the YF-29 treatment to the VF-25s.
  12. I feel like I need this just for all of the shaped white panels. Looks too long though, did they stretch it?
  13. HLJ just took a chunk from my card to pay for the Zeta, so looks like they're out and about!
  14. The urging of their live chat to keep sending tickets is probably not doing them any favors, as I'm sure they're buried in them. I've had one ticket marked "Resolved" without getting any actual response, and I've pointed that out in the follow-up.. which has also gone unanswered.
  15. That's all well and good for when you're fighting in gravity, but the gunpod is entirely level without the arm packs mounted. It does make sense being articulated for aiming though, absolutely, and aiming upward does bring the target into your field of view better. It just doesn't look right.
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