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  1. The big question is whether Bandai will bother to make the versions that historically don't really sell well. It's not a panic, but people will pine for their favorite designs, regardless of how financially feasible Bandai thinks they are. Personally, I'd love a VT-1 in this line. Will I see it done? I'm not counting on it, because while the VT-1 isn't necessarily a shelf-warmer, it just doesn't seem popular, and the HMR version was one of the few releases to reach the clearance sales. Maybe being in the larger scale will change that, maybe not, but I'm not going to get my guts in a knot waiting for it.
  2. Chronocidal

    Hi-Metal R

    Would say that's pretty common across most of the HMR VF-1s I've messed with. They just aren't very careful about cutting the parts clean, and the back of the leg is just one of the biggest and most visible places where that sloppiness gets put on display.
  3. Chronocidal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Honestly, I'd just do both. Diversify your shops so you're less likely to get stuck by a single source. I'm not going to be optimistic about getting these on time regardless, because Bandai set themselves up to fail, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to start sending NY weekly polite reminders about my order, and asking for status updates. Not going to cancel again, but I will gladly overflow their inbox with reminders that people who ordered early do not appreciate being shoved to the end of the line because they made a larger order.
  4. Chronocidal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    To be entirely fair to NY, I don't believe they actually cancelled anyone's orders. They made us wait an exceedingly long time for them, and they could never bother to give their customers the time of day in regards to when they might deliver, but they did deliver. When supply seemed to dry up, and prices started climbing, I voluntarily cancelled one of my pair, in the hopes that I would at least get a single, and I learned the hard way what their "store credit" limitations are. Long story short, I'm never doing that again, because it was far more trouble than it was worth, and the hoops I had to jump through to actually spend that store credit were obnoxious. Lesson learned? If you don't want to deal with NY playing Three Card Monty with your order priority, don't order more than one item at a time. Doing that seems to put you at the very bottom of their queue, regardless of when you ordered.
  5. Chronocidal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Oh, sure, I'd order there again, but I'm not going to order more than one for any individual order. I'll call it an experiment.. put in 6 separate orders for a single 31A, and then take bets on which order number gets addressed first. We can hold a pool, winner gets the last one shipped out! I'm sure it'll happen.. someday.
  6. Little off the subject, but I feel like it applies here. Apparently one of the newer episodes of Family Guy pokes fun at the Disneyfication of everything, and deals with the normal characters commenting on several theoretical treatments to redesign the show. The context is mostly irrelevant though. What did come out of this is one of the most self-aware comments I've ever heard about the show, when one of the characters asks something to the tune of, "Who is this written for?" The reply they get back is something like "We targeted this at teenagers born in the 1980s." I'm starting to wonder if we're seeing this sort of thing on a larger scale. I feel like a lot of the heads of many franchises are pandering desperately to audiences that don't actually exist outside of their own imaginations.
  7. Don't think you can make that assumption in many countries, no matter how modern. A large portion of online shops selling Macross merchandise to foreign customers don't seem interested in giving you the time of day if there's a problem with your order, regardless of who is at fault. Technically speaking, I'd say a good number of online shops should naturally fall under that "smaller operations with questionable customer service" category. If you can walk or drive to a physical location, that's a different story, but if you're paying for shipping internationally, and you don't spring for the shipping insurance? That sounds like you really don't care that much about the item. Insurance on proxy buyers is another level to that though. Just because you get matched to a seller via a proxy service does not mean that they can guarantee the seller will follow through with the sale. Asking the proxy service to accept responsibility for flaky sellers is asking them to accept a lot of risk, and it only makes sense for them to charge a fee for this. The insurance charge is probably calculated as some statistical average cost of recompense, based on the percentage of sellers who fail to deliver, and the average cost of the item they have to refund.
  8. Thanks for the summary, I didn't really feel like listening to either rant, since honestly, it just starts to feel like screaming into an echo chamber, and people are going to argue just for the sake of arguing. People are running out of new material to get enraged at, and all the good or bad points fall by the wayside, because everything is just so loud that you have to tune it out sometimes. I think we've hit this weird feedback loop where a lot of people will be really disappointed if TROS is actually any good at all. My expectations are practically nil, but at the same time, I might still find myself in a theater to see it first-hand with my brother, since it's a tradition. Heck, I'm honestly curious if they'll restore the old 20th Century Fanfare intro, and will consider it worth the ticket to see that again. I'm not expecting anything, but I've also mostly stopped caring. There are far more important things to spend my days focusing on, and there's more than enough superior EU material to keep me entertained, so I'm just treating these new movies like I treated the NJO books, and any Star Trek past Insurrection: I'm fully aware they exist, I just don't care, and will stick to the material I enjoy.
  9. Chronocidal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    And then a 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, just for good measure.
  10. To be fair to Arcadia though.. it would not surprise me if the reason this seems to be PF-only is because they can't sell it for anything less if they want to make up for purchasing the FB2012 license. Really though, yeah, they don't really have a great track record with their original releases. The fogged windows isn't a big deal, but it's sloppy. The problems with the VF-0s and SV-51 now are more what concerns me. If they can't manage the QC to ensure a solid release of a non-PF item, why should I trust them to do better with the PF ones? Is all of the extra cost being funneled into hiring competent assembly and QC workers? You don't move a surgeon up to doing brain surgery because they're having trouble with hip replacements. Bleh, I don't want to take this out of perspective, since we're still talking about toy transforming fighter jets. But Arcadia does have a spotty record. I mostly just don't see the extra paint as a justification for the higher price, when I'd be perfectly happy without the extra paint, even at the same price, but I'm weird like that.
  11. That's all well and good if you don't intend to ever transform or pose them, or plan to clear-coat them to hell and back to prevent any smudging. A PF with all the fancy markings tampo printed is one thing. Hand-painted weathering? No thanks. I'd just rather be able to pay a couple hundred dollars less, and save myself the headache of having to either never touch the thing, or accept the fact that I'm going to be touching up the detailing every time I handle it. I honestly don't even want a regular PF of this. All I literally want is a white VF-4 in Flashback 2012 markings that I don't have to paint myself.
  12. This is why I'm skipping the premium VF-0D as well. I'll be happy to grab a regular release, but I'm just not interested in their factory weathering. The real question is whether there's going to be a regular release though. I wonder if Arcadia is just hitting the point where they can't afford to make things for less than this price point, and they decided to at least try to add some value to make up for it. Can anyone say whether there's been any demand locally in Japan for a non-PF version of this? I'd much rather get one I don't have to handle with gloves to keep from smudging the (unwanted) panel lines. I'd also rather not pay extra for extra paint work that I'm going to wind up removing.
  13. Honestly, the multiverse factor here is even weirder than that. FPJ played the role Hamill originated in the Wing Commander games when Hollywood shat all over that other science fiction franchise.
  14. Also reminds me a little of the entire arc with the Tenth Doctor and the Master, dealing with the drums driving him mad. In other news, I would absolutely watch this as a sequel.
  15. Pretty sure there was an old Playmates one too, but good luck hunting that down. Honestly though, I miss the multi-button setups those used for playing specific sound effects. As much as I love having a "KHAAAAANN!!!" button I can just press, rotating through a series of voice and sound clips has always felt like an incredibly dumb feature. Lack of quality aside, I'd actually love to see Diamond Select tackle that one.
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