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  1. I say such because the EU isn't either a Federation nor a Confederation. The proposal is that there would be varying levels of integration to the EU. The NUNG may follow such a form of decentralization. This may explain the concept better. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.politico.eu/article/an-eu-for-full-members-only/amp/
  2. It occurs to me isn't the NUNG basically the EU with different levels of membership? It sorta explains Zola and Windermere's status as Associate members. Windermere went for full independence. While Voldor having something closer to full membership with NUNS forces. It is also said the NUNG doesn't have much influence in the Brisingr Cluster despite being colonized by NUN. Plus the cluster has its own association with the Brisingr Alliance. It is noted that Federal NUNS can't just be sent in the cluster. We know there is a decentralization giving fleets and planets more autonomy. Perhaps there are levels of such? For example Macross 29 Fleet has no known military fleet. How is that possible? And they have problems trading with other fleets. Could it be they are barely an Associate member status?
  3. Well we have never have seen non-natural born Zentradi children with exception of Moaramia Jifon and her fellow clones. The Zentradi Variable Glaug has a small cockpit so it is fit for small build Meltrandi or a Zentradi child. If we go by DYRL the Protoculture went for cloning to reproduce their species that led to a gender based war.
  4. Yeah it is pretty much like that as it is two factions within the same military and government. While the Second Unification War was won on a decisive battle over Earth there are still Lactence remnants such as Fasces and those on planet Cashew that is in civil war with local NUNS. While rebellions or insurrections aren't something new as seen with Dancing Skulls and Isamu's career civil war adds a new element. In Macross Delta's episode on the origin of Walkure we learn that Kaname's home colony Divide is in civil war. Why we don't know but it could very well be like the case of Cashew where old UN Forces and New UN Forces are fighting each other.
  5. I wonder if the setting for this series is Sephira given how much it is referenced. Plus both SMS and Xaos has branches there. A friendly competition between those two PMC perhaps?
  6. Still applicable as last we saw being chief executive in Macross 7 Fleet doesn't have a supreme commander position in military forces. In Macross Frontier's case the President is also supreme commander. Macross Galaxy besides being run by an executive board has their NUNS contingent also called Macross Galaxy Corporate Army. If we go by the Glossary linking Max to Vindirance he still has that position in 2050 to 2051 presumably giving support. Macross VF-X2 is a more significant event than we thought as it is referenced in Macross Delta Mini-Theatre ep 9 and Macross Delta Vol 2 Windermere Aerial Knights. Gramia being a Vindirance pilot and Ernest Johnson worked for both Black Rainbow and Lactence. Ukyo dubs it Unification War 2. As far as we know General Galaxy had a hand in its funding. Critical Path Corporation is associated with General Galaxy in Black Market activities. Critical Path Corporation president Manfred Brando was research director of the 117th Research Fleet discovering the properties of Fold Quartz in 2043, inventor of the Zauber Flute and also one of the personalities in Grace O'Connor's head even if he died in 2051. I find it curious Epsilon Foundation bought Sv Works from General Galaxy and also installed the Zauber Flute on the Sigur Valens. Berger Stone figured out what Roid was doing with the network. Roid's plan is similar to Macross Galaxy's.
  7. Know what if Epsilon Foundation becomes final boss in this movie instead of Roid I'm expecting them to have their own Macross. In Macross E Epsilon Foundation bought the SDFN Macross Extra from the local government. Who is to say they can't buy other Macross ships as well.
  8. Windemereans going by the finale were obviously created as an experiment of a Vajra like hivemind turned cannon fodder. The only reason other races are affected by the Star Singer song is because of Fold Bacteria from Vajra. Windermereans have natural Fold Quartz in their Runes. Going by Macross 7 and Zero Terrans are super weapon perpetual energy batteries. Which is why the Bird Human and Evil Series bodies can regenerate. In short Terran are prototypes that had their Fold Receptor factors nerfed that was largely forgotten. The Mayans carry genetic memory of the Protoculture due to contact 10,000 years ago. The Priestess blood line kept their factor active. However there are flukes like Minmay and Basara. When the Vajra left behind their Fold Bacteria finding new hosts in Humanity, Terrans genetic block is being removed.
  9. There are two theories about that. 1. After the Lactence debacle where essentially the Earth supremacist conspiracy that tried to sabotage decentralization was defeated by the pro-decentralization faction of UN Spacy Vindirance they changed labels. (Macross VF-X2) On some planets there are still pro-Lactene remnants that wears the old UN Spacy kite like on planet Cashew where there is a civil war with the local NUNS and the Zentradi chapter Fasces whose leader has links to Varauta colony hence Varauta VF in the Macross the Ride light novel. 2. The other theory is that it has always been New UN Spacy after Zentradi integration. Earth and some fleets and colonies are just slow in updating the flag. In Macross Outside Story: The Lost Two Years by Shoji Kawamori New UN Spacy was mentioned.
  10. As far as we know the current Supervision Army are made up of giants like the Zentradi. In Macross 7 Exsedol somehow found the Varauta machines familiar but dismissed the thought as they were for Miclones. In the original context of SDF Macross the Supervision Army was the other side of the Protoculture civil war similar to the Zentradi-Meltrandi conflict in DYRL. This was somewhat retconned in Macross 7 as the Protoculture civil war became more complicated with the Protodevlin becoming a common threat. But here is something strange going by the official timeline. It was after 127 cycles sealing the Protodevlin and with the dissolving of the Stellar Republic/Galactic Empire that opposition between the Zentradi Army and Supervision Army began. With the chain of command gone and the Protoculture network smashed the Zentradi ran wild. Roid in Macross Delta speculated the Ruin Network was meant for the Zentradi. PC 2873 Approximately one year after the emergence of Protodeviln, their power begins to rapidly decline. "Protodeviln sealing operation." People (known as Anima Spiritia) who are significant in the war against the Protodeviln are determined to have influential powers over the Protodeviln. Protodeviln faction are completely sealed in special chambers through the efforts of Anima Spiritia. PC 2875 Protoculture population continues to decrease even through the Protodeviln are sealed. The network among each colonized planet disintegrates. Control of the Zentradi faction is lost and the reissuing of the prime directive "Do not interfere with Protoculture" becomes ineffective. PC 3000 Dissolution of Stellar Republic. Opposition between the Supervision and Zentradi factions begins. Now lets assume the Supervision Army has similar retreat protocols as the Zentradi. Loss of the Commander in this case the Protodevlin the SA is to fold out, scatter and regroup. We do know fighting continued but in a less conventional manner as Zentradi supply lines were targeted and booby traps became standard practice.
  11. No it isn't. Ranka's magic over Sheryl reprogrammed Fold Bacteria to go for the guts. When the Vajra left leaving the bacteria these critters folded themselves to the next suitable hosts Sub-Protoculture races. Here is the thing Vajra are a hivemind because of these things as they look to have minute traces of Fold Quartz. Sub-Protoculture species weren't engineered to be telepathic like that, except for the Windies. Hence Var Syndrome triggered by excessive amounts of Fold Bacteria inside the body and by Fold Waves. The chemical Seidznole causes an explosion of Fold Bacteria. Now in most cases Fold Receptors are immune to Var syndrome. Roid's whole scheme wouldn't work on other races if it weren't for Fold Bacteria. The Song of the Star Singer was meant for the Windermereans as they all have Fold Quartz in their Runes.
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