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  1. errr

    VF-OS or VF-0A

    So I got home, opened up my box from HLJ and the VF-0A box looked ok... noticed that it doesn't have any tape on the outside of it. I guess that's standard... Looks great out of the plastic packaging. Wow, seriously love the design. I started to gingerly transform it, slowly tugging and trying to nimbly pull on tabs and stretch it (seriously for the noobies, lots o' plastic here, and not the strong pliable stuff, feels thin for my brutish fingers.... last transformation I've ever done was on a 1/100 Toynami VF-1J ). Got finally to the point where I'm sliding the arms and shoulders out... and the ball joints for the left shoulder arm are tight, but not as tight as the right. I can see where any movement could wear down the joints if used extensively. So, long story short... yeah, I think these could wear down after constant transformations. I can't tell if its the new version or not, but would assume no. At least it was delivered in good (great) condition. Its going back into the display case as a fighter! Also got the Angel Birds 1/48 - Don't want to bother opening that up now as the wifey is already annoyed with this big ol' box in the living room
  2. errr

    VF-OS or VF-0A

    Damn - I already bit on the HLJ sale for the VF-0A before reading through this thread. Guess I'll have to check things out thoroughly when it arrives.
  3. Long time reader... first time registered user and first post! If you ever find yourselves in the Chinatown area of NYC, there's a couple of spots that have been around for a few years... Luckily they're both on next to each other. If you head over down to Elizabeth St, near the 5th NYPD Police Precinct, there's a non-descript mall with a couple of pharmacies out front. If you head inside, you'll see some escalators heading down into the basement. Once you get down, its like a whole different world... apparently its a typical HK style mall full of cutesy type things for the girls, and some vid games and model shops for the guys. The last time I was there, they had a whole bunch of revoltechs for sale, but not much else macross-wise. Apparently Gundams sell better in these areas. Stock changes often, I haven't been there for a month. The guy minding the shop said more stuff coming in August, might have more Macross available then. Address is 13-17 Elizabeth St if you want to google map it. Another spot is right on the same street, street level - looks like a magazine shop, but once you walk in, you're hit with Gundams, plastic toys, and some transformers. When I was there, they had a SV51 Ivanov for sale - too rich for my blood - in addition to some 1/100's, a few 1/144's from god knows when, and the revoltechs as well. Not the best prices, but an assortment of non-us toys. Plus sports collectibles too. I don't remember if they compare better or worse than imageanime as far as pricing. Anyways, I'm sure there's more hidden stores along the way, just not that adventurous to find out what they have. I always make it a point to stop by and look around these 2 stores whenever I'm downtown. True story - walked in on a poker game in a store, I guess they didn't expect to have any business at all on a Sat. afternoon. If anyone else finds a good place in the 5 boros, please post! Happy hunting! Oh, and BTW, how the heck can I change my displayed name on the board???
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