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  1. As upsetting it is for us consumers that the practice of scalping, mark-ups and price-gouging exists, from a business standpoint, its fair game. Execs in NY have probably and rightly deduced that they’ll be missing out on huge profits if they sell at strictly MSRP. Its inevitable that scalpers would just buy and sell at a higher price, so why not cut the middle man out and do the scalping themselves, right? Unless Bandai implements some kind of penalty on authorized resellers for marking up their products, there is zero incentive for resellers not to get in on the scalping action. And even if Bandai did it, it won’t stop individual sellers from scalping. Such is our lot as collectors.
  2. Hehe, thanks Noel! But I'm actually feeling like a re-watch of the entire original series. I've re-watched the Rebuild movies quite a bit. I have a strong feeling that the Metal Build Eva-00 will be released in time for the fourth Rebuild movie next year.
  3. Yeah, I wish I was a US citizen or resident. I'd have ordered from Bluefin in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, for a non-US citizen/resident like me, NY was pretty much my only option for now.
  4. Ah, thanks for the reminder. I haven't watched the series again in a while. I think I'll dig up my old DVDs and do a re-watch.
  5. Bit the bullet and ordered from NY at the markup price and paid upfront. Asuka is extremely popular in Japan (more than baka-Shinji), so I'm betting that prices will only go higher from here out, until the inevitable re-issue comes.
  6. Yeah, don't really support NY's markup practices, but it seems that they'll be my chance to get this. Unless I wait for the inevitable re-issue.
  7. Now, now, don't be bitter. They're just toys right? :-) They'll pop up again sooner or later.
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