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  1. hulagu

    Macross Delta Scramble... Working on Translation Guide

    Lol, the ultimate unlock for the final EXTRA mission is Kakizaki and his VF-1A
  2. hulagu

    Macross Delta Scramble

    Woah, major difficulty spike with the new missions. Even with maxed out cf valks (sv-252 and vf-31) and pilots, just clearing is a challenge.Probably need to level up better valks and cheese out on songstress supports and synergies to SS the new missions. P.s. I'm amused they couldn't be bothered to draw two new frames of animation needed for Var'd out Hayate, so everytime he goes Var, his portrait switches to SOUND ONLY.
  3. hulagu

    Macross Delta Scramble

    The 2nd half free DLC and a paid DLC pack is out on PSN now.
  4. Anyone knows the source of that old origami Valkyrie folding instructions on the front page? I know I first saw it in some generic origami compilation like 25 or 30 years back.
  5. hulagu

    Was Max's VF-1J in Macross 30??

    I know DYRL Max VF-1A is an unlockable alt skin for DYRL Hikaru VF-1A. Dunno if a skin for VF-1J SDFM exists
  6. hulagu

    Macross Delta Scramble

    We sot a new machine, for the fighting. Now the time to scramble valkyrie again.
  7. hulagu

    Life after Delta

    Macross FB DeltaWherein Walkure and gang attempts to discover the identity of the elusive Lady M and uncover the mystery of the Megaroad-1 while Berger leaks them infodump VHS tapes containing recycled footage from SDF Macross.
  8. hulagu

    Macross Delta Scramble

    AFAIK the PSP games are not on the store, the last I checked.
  9. hulagu

    Macross Delta Scramble

    Guessing new valk will be VF-22 Wright Immelmann Custom?
  10. hulagu

    Macross Delta Scramble

    So, a heads up you probably should start playing this on a Vita registered on a Japanese PSN account if you want to access the future DLC. In practice this means you will either have to factory reset your Vita losing all your progress and other region game downloads if you're on the wrong region PSN as you can't change region once the Vita is initialized unlike PS3 or PS4 due to stupid Sony policy, or get a 2nd Vita registered on a JP PSN account for access to the JP PSN store. Not an issue for the PSP games as they had no DLC, or M30 as that was on PS3, but if they are going this route for future Delta Scramble content, something to note.
  11. Does that mean we aren't getting a movie out of this now?
  12. Already got it, shipped last night to my suprise.