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  1. Do the same issues apply to the pvc figures in Arcadia/Yammie 1/60 or DX chogokin line? Cos i like to leave the pilots i their cockpit for completion reasons
  2. Tks tekering for the insights. Btw, where did you get those mini 1/48 soldiers?
  3. recon

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Anyone here hope to see bandai to do up more paint schemes for the YF-19 for e.g. YF-19A Excalibur or YF-19 SuperNova?
  4. Hoping for a VF-11B with Fast Packs and maybe a VF-11C variant with some tweaks in the mold design since we are at there. Hopefully bandai will also consider doing the M7 variants in particular the VF-19 and VF-17 Last but not least for the 1/48 DX line, a VF-1S Minmay Guard as a tamashii exclusive would be a nice addition to top things off
  5. Issit me or the TV VF-1S head in terms of symmetry and design looks slightly different from the DYRL VF-1S head?
  6. Guys. Need your honest opinion if the riobot 1/48 alpha is worth getting in terms of design and durability cos im contemplating on getting one despite its pricy price tag
  7. recon

    Macross figures

    She is like saying 'i saw what you did back there with misa'. Yeah the eyes could do with a softer instead of the wide eye look
  8. recon

    Macross figures

    Macross Crossover Live 2019 Linn Minmei fig https://mobile.twitter.com/oogamitakehiko3/status/1269851499258994688?s=21
  9. Dammit not gonna to sit around the comp and wait anymore. Alrdy have a YF-29 alto, just missing the fast packs to deck her up. Will wait for the launch date to see if i can grab any
  10. So close. Was at the final step to confirm order and the next moment gone
  11. Thats the other reason besides the masculine look, which made me decide against getting strike freedom. Yeah, im going to get flamed for not getting strike freedom I still prefer gundam designs that are slick and simple in design. Now speaking of which, besides justice, does anyone hope that bandai wlll also do an infinite justice? On the other hand, in terms of scale wise and for the GFFMC or MB line, i hope they release a RX-93 Nu and Hi-V series and maybe an EX-S
  12. True to that. It one of the rare occasions i manage to secure one via HLJ when i failed many times previously for both MB and Macross DX
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