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  1. Bandai has spoken. There is nothing wrong with the orientation of the '100' marking on the VF-1S tail fin https://mobile.twitter.com/basarakun555/status/1201836302108200960
  2. Holy moly. If thats freedok ver 2 im in for at least 2 sets and justice too Im guessing the freedom concept 2 may have drawn its reference from the MG 1/100 freedom ver 2 but i could be wrong
  3. Anyone here hope that bandai will redo the metal build freedom and maybe throw in a justice and providence as part of the Metal Build Gundam Seed MS line up Other than that im hoping that bandai will release a thunderbolt gundam as part of the metal build line up cos that would be epic
  4. Got one zaku type c at NY. Wish bandai would do a rick dom and hopefully a Nu gundam, Zeta gundam and EX-S next
  5. recon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Nice pic lolicon. Same goes for me, i likes the super amor packs on the VF25s more.
  6. recon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Anyone here wishes bandai finish up the fastpacks for 31S and 31E?
  7. Just get the DX version and display them in fighter or gerwalk while arcadia/yammie ver stays in battroid mode
  8. Oh man. Half an engine for the booster pack
  9. Bandai if you are reading this post. What i want for next year are: 1) VF-11B with fast packs and booster 2) DX 1/48 VF-1S Minmay Guard
  10. Thanks to enphily for sharing I took the liberty of doing a screen shot of the side profile. Damn she looks slick
  11. And also ratchet joints for the hips and knees, to support the weight of the back piece when i battroid mode
  12. Comparing yammie and bandai versions
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