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  1. https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOGDS-393868 6 left at posting. Grab it while you can
  2. Thats the other reason besides the masculine look, which made me decide against getting strike freedom. Yeah, im going to get flamed for not getting strike freedom I still prefer gundam designs that are slick and simple in design. Now speaking of which, besides justice, does anyone hope that bandai wlll also do an infinite justice? On the other hand, in terms of scale wise and for the GFFMC or MB line, i hope they release a RX-93 Nu and Hi-V series and maybe an EX-S
  3. True to that. It one of the rare occasions i manage to secure one via HLJ when i failed many times previously for both MB and Macross DX
  4. Lol. Thought you were going to get one via bluefin. Anyways waiting for your review
  5. Tks. Manage to secure one. Now awaiting HLJ confirmation email
  6. Got Two Messages at Amiami First: Not Enough Stock 2nd: Sold Out Bummer
  7. Freedom Concept 2 Wings and Cannon Design Going to get one set first cos knowing bandai and tamashii, they will probably release an anime accurate color as a ltd edition to milk the molds
  8. Bandai has spoken. There is nothing wrong with the orientation of the '100' marking on the VF-1S tail fin https://mobile.twitter.com/basarakun555/status/1201836302108200960
  9. Holy moly. If thats freedok ver 2 im in for at least 2 sets and justice too Im guessing the freedom concept 2 may have drawn its reference from the MG 1/100 freedom ver 2 but i could be wrong
  10. Anyone here hope that bandai will redo the metal build freedom and maybe throw in a justice and providence as part of the Metal Build Gundam Seed MS line up Other than that im hoping that bandai will release a thunderbolt gundam as part of the metal build line up cos that would be epic
  11. Got one zaku type c at NY. Wish bandai would do a rick dom and hopefully a Nu gundam, Zeta gundam and EX-S next
  12. recon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Nice pic lolicon. Same goes for me, i likes the super amor packs on the VF25s more.
  13. recon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Anyone here wishes bandai finish up the fastpacks for 31S and 31E?
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