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    I'm not locidm, nor do I have a Sentinel ride armor, but I can affirm that the quality of materials in the Beagle/Toynami were very, very good (aside from the cloth portions of the rider suit). Most of the plastic in the Beagle had the feel of high-end industrial casting resin - it had a very hard and "dense" surface feel to it.
  2. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I was hoping/thinking that the dark panel lines and gloss paint on the fast packs of the KC 1/72 was just the result of hand-painting for the pre-production display sample. If they'll come that way out of the box it's maybe a slight negative but not a deal-killer if the price stays reasonable. I'm more concerned about how well the hinged lower nose section will close up, and hopefully stay closed - gappiness there would really spoil the look in fighter mode.
  3. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I dig the Sinead O'Connor option head for Minmei. Or is it Ilia?
  4. All things Voltron

    He should probably add some watermarks to his images. *cough*
  5. All things Voltron

    I don't and haven't owned the Matchbox vehicle Voltron, but I've read that leg connection issues (and lack of articulation) are one of its basic design flaws. If it were me, I probably wouldn't give the seller too much grief about it, so long as it wasn't an explicit issue with breakage.

    I think that EXO did something with his suit back in the day and posted about it one of the old megathreads. I don't have mine anymore but I had thought about potentially using electrical shrink tubing as it is very thin, flexible, and available in lots of different colors and diameters.

    The appearance is much improved with the markings applied. I appreciate hearing your take on the toy, as I know you have a pretty balanced perspective on Mospeada merchandise. Thanks for the update Ignacio!

    A google translation of the auction copy reads: Seems indeed to be a late-production clearance/export model.

    Gakken made several small ride armor variants. How about these?

    You really do have to handle the 1/35 Gakken to understand why it's held in such high revere. Like the 1/55 VF-1, it is an extremely well-engineered toy with an excellent build quality. The joints are fluid and everything about it has a great tactile feel. Like the others have said, when judging its appearance it deserves to be appreciated within the context of its era.

    All four of my MPCs remained intact up until the time I sold them in mid-2015. I dodged the bullet on the crumbling hand issues for the first three completely (the hands weren't an issue on the fourth-release Shadow fighter as they were of different design and material), and was generally lucky enough not to have any durability issues myself. The person who bought my Green alpha wasn't as lucky though, as he reported that the arm was broken when he took it out of the box.

    Leg-ee-os is how they generally pronounce it in the show.

    Interesting on the wing hardpoint breakage. It looks like the hardpoint was superglued in *over* an already painted surface. That's pretty freaking amateur.
  14. Macross Books

    Thanks for the link. I had seen the colored pictures of the Megaroad in Cruiser Mode before - I think that it appears in several of the common source books (Miyatake Design Works etc) but your above post was definitely the only time I've seen colored artwork of the attacker configurations. I do believe that I have seen the colored early versions of the Gerwalk armor suit and pod from your link before, but it's always nice to see more of those images archived here On a semi-off topic tangent, looking at the Breast Fighter and the very early versions of the Valkyrie always gives me the distinct impression that Miyatake had a very heavy influence on the final design of what we know as the VF-1.
  15. Macross Books

    @jvmacross Great photos. I've never seen the colorized pictures of the pre-production Megaroad and Breast Fighter before, only the b/w lineart. Very neat to see these, thanks.