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    Could it actually have retractable feet? It would seem to be one or the other.
  2. Prime 1 Studio Non-Scale VF-1

    They look like they could be Chia-Valks. No thank ya.
  3. Macross in the weirdest places

    It looks like it's got the SDF-2 / Megaroad-style bridge:
  4. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Just spitballing, but there's another possible scenario that I've wondered about. Given that HG is already established as a distributor in the US and has already been granted US trademarks, I'd guess that there may be a possibility that Tatsunoko could renegotiate rights with HG with the proviso that HG be bound to honor any potential distribution arrangement between SN/BW and Tatsunoko for distribution of the sequels. It wouldn't be the most positive possible outcome, or indeed most likely, but it would potentially give each of the companies presently involved a piece of the existing pie and an expansion of the pie for all involved (well, except for maybe HG). Tatsunoko would likely have more favorable prospects by cutting HG out of distribution entirely, but then would have to come to some kind of distribution arrangements for America on its own. If SN/BW want to have an American distribution, they pretty much have to work with Tatsunoko, but they carry a pretty large bargaining chip in the form of the sequels. Of all of the companies, HG would seem to have the weakest position in a license shake-up. Whatever happens it will be interesting to watch.
  5. [R.I.P.] Harry Dean Stanton

    Was quite bummed to hear the news. Great actor and musician. RIP Harry.
  6. AJAC ?

    Your degrees of silliness comment recalls something my stepbrother told me back when I was 12 and building a 1/72 variable Valkyrie kit. He was a few years older and of a very regimented turn of mind (he later studied as an astrophysicist at an Ivy league school). He took a look at the model I was building, the instructions, and the box art, and quite magnaminously declared, "Wow. This is much less stupid than all of those other robots you have." It was quite the compliment.
  7. AJAC ?

    I trust Toynami about as far as I can throw an Eldorado, but heck yeah. Bring on the Auroran.
  8. I do remember a non-Convertors version that was sold in a couple of local SoCal drugstores and knickknack shops when I was a kid in the '80s - they may have been unauthorized versions, or imports from another market. I do not remember the name/label that they were marketed under, but they did use the Takatoku TV color schemes and artwork on the packaging (they were blister carded like the Convertors). The only thing I remember from the packaging is that they were badged as "Battroid Walkyries".
  9. 1/48 Gakken Legioss Armo Soldier review???

    Those are the Toynami/Aoshima "1/55" toys.
  10. Dunkirk

    I haven't seen the movie yet, but I worked last summer with a model maker who worked on some of the aircraft models used in the film. They used actual quarter-scale RC models of the Spits (and I think a slightly smaller-scale HE-111) and filmed and controlled them from camera-equipped helicopters and ocean vessels, rather than going CGI. I think that should be applauded.

    The Gakken 1/8 is a great toy, still well worth picking up even if you have newer versions of ride armor.
  12. Macross Arcade top shooter?

    The Rpi and other mobile-device versions of MAME tend to be based on pretty ancient versions of the MAME core. There's pretty much zero chance that an emulator update will fix the lack of sound since the later MAME builds that do have sound in these games require much more processing power than Rpi or other SOCs can handle.
  13. How do you edit galleries and/or delete old images??

    I've got a couple of empty and untitled gallery folders that have been lurking on my gallery page for years. I would love to know how to delete them.
  14. Selling for credit health

    It's all been sold, except for one Takatoku Gerwalk Nikick KO that never found a home. Send a PM if you'd like to adopt