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  1. When I had my MPC Alphas I treated them very gingerly, knowing that they were fragile and not especially well built. I had a couple of the glued pieces on one or two of them come loose, but fortunately never broke anything. When I sold them (I had one of each of the original releases), the buyer of my green Legioss reported that one of the shoulders had arrived broken... the shoulder actually broke all by itself while in its packaging, double-boxed and heavily bubble wrapped, during shipment. The original construction materials just weren't very good, and became even less good as time went on.
  2. Right, but wouldn't BW still legally be able to release their own subbed versions (or dubs contracted to a UK production house), along with allowing say, Bandai, to legally sell their Macross toys in the UK market? My question is not really so much about how these things are usually handled in terms of distribution as it is about the basic legal distinction.
  3. I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject, but would the recent development of BW having registered trademark for Macross in the UK potentially open the door to western market (UK) releases of the sequels? I understand that SDFM would probably be off the table given the BW/Tatsunoko agreement, but nothing should be stopping marketing of the sequels and related merchandise in that market, right?
  4. That's not what really happened though. Ford had international racing aspirations and sought to buy Ferrari for their technical expertise in motorsport, as well as for the sales potential and cachet of the Ferrari brand. Enzo was fully on board with the idea of a sale, however he wanted to keep the racing arm of the company as that was his true passion. Selling Ferrari road cars was just an expedient for Enzo's ability to go racing, and he made no secret of it. Sale of the road car brand to Ford would bootstrap his racing business. During negotiation for the sale to Ford, it developed that both Enzo and the Ford execs had arrived at very different conclusions regarding the terms of sale. The lines of communication had obviously been crossed in the lead-up to the sale. What was to become the GT40 was an inevitability when Ford had determined to go sportscar racing. If they weren't going to be doing it with Ferrari, then it was going to be someone else instead. Ford partnered with Lola in the UK, and the rest is history. Now, while there were definitely feelings on both sides of the Ford-Ferrari debacle that either party had been snubbed, those did not really bear into the basic motivation for Ford to go racing. It was no doubt icing on the cake for Ford however to ultimately be able to contest and beat Ferrari at its own game.
  5. Although the Miracle Productions VV was a little hit-and-miss on QC and execution, it had some really innovative design features that I kind of wish Bandai had incorporated for this SOC. The forward pivots in the chest for the shoulder connections, the unique stowage and connection features of the thigh subs, and the flip-over roof panel interlocks for the foot vehicles were all really nice updates to Dairugger XV toy design in my opinion. I have no doubt that the SOC will be leagues above in terms of solidity and finish quality. Really not sure what they're thinking with those front bumpers on the foot cars. It's the Voltron aesthetic equivalent to the micro-sized intakes on the CMs Legioss.
  6. In favor of the v1, it was the first "premium" toy to feature the flush-closing backplate and flush-fitted backpack hinge, along with a lack of external swing bars for the legs. Those were some pretty revolutionary features back in the day. I did always like the weighty feel of those due to their diecast content too. That said, I'd give them a hard pass in this day and age. All of the v1's (good) features have been adopted and refined considerably by subsequent lines. This specific example is probably worth no more than $20 as a parts valk. I sold all of my v1s several years ago and had sold the Super-equipped valks for $65 a piece, boxed and complete in good condition. $50 for a broken one is wack.
  7. I did the same with my Yamato Ivanov... It was resold within a month. The wing root hinges and the outer wing hinges were both very floppy and saggy on mine, although I had been fortunate enough not to have received one with two left wing hinges as many other MW members had. I remember a lot of casting swirl marks being present on that toy, and just a general lack of solidity and refinement.
  8. I would think that Arcadia might be able to keep cashing in on periodic rereleases of previous mecha, with occasional forays into new mech just as they (plus Yamato) have always done. Demand still seems to be present whenever a 1/3000 Macross or 1/60 VF-4 release is made, and you'll always be able to sell Roy VF-1S's.
  9. Recieved my Ami shipment today. I haven't transformed the DX yet but holy jeeebus I am loving the way it looks and handles in fighter. The substantial weight (befitting a proper chogokin) already puts this thing light years ahead of the Yammie 1/48 in my book, and I am really digging on the more sharp-edged and chunky styling compared to the Yamarcadias. No complaints here at all regarding flaps, winglets or radome pivots - they're all pretty secure on mine.
  10. Just received payment email from AmiAmi for my two VF-1Js and made payment. Like others have noted, they automagically switched my order to DHL from EMS for a lower rate. I'm glad that they're being proactive in that sense. JPY7510 for shipment of two pieces - not too terribly bad.
  11. Yes, I do. It means that the funds that we pledged are being used for game development rather than for a public marketing campaign. Myself personally, I find that to be a good thing
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