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  1. nathan

    Fang of the Sun: Dougram

    Hoping for some help finding some model pictures and I was recommended to ask in the Dougram thread. Hopefully this is the right one. They're called Battle Armor Panther and Battle Armor Victor. They look like Dougram mecha only with tank turrets for heads. The Victor picture also has Crab Gunners in the background. The model kids are 1/76 scale and I think are made by AR? I hope someone can help me find the pictures again. Mine are lost somewhere and all I've got are some poor black & white laser prints of them. Thanks
  2. nathan

    Macross Ground Variable Mecha

    I believe they're pretty good. I didn't say anything about the writing. Except we never see the Destroids in those rolls. They're more walking turrets. Very rarely do we see them off the ship and when we do they die horribly, unless piloted by a hero. Not only that but it was always the Valkyrie that had to go out. Where were the Destroids on Macross Island when the war started? Where were they when the SDF-1 was boarded? It was Valkyries fighting house to house not Destroids. I never said it wasn't canon. I said I find it dubious considering the lack of articulation in the knee joint. I also don't see those speeds in the series. It's also hard to believe that the Tomahawk despite weighing more than twice that of a Valkyrie can move 20kph faster. Sure it has more solid feet but that just means it's not going to be as bogged down in terrain as the Valkyrie. By size do you mean smaller than the Valkyrie? As for defense canon shows Destroids dying and needing to be reinforced by Valkyries. Even though Valkyries had far less fire power than Destroids. I never said it wasn't official. I said I doubted it. If Destroids are so good, they should have remained in service instead of Battle Pods. Except the Zentradi can be reduced in size to operated Destroids and Valkyries. And while they may be low maintenance they're also have weak legs are unstable, and a burden to pilot. There's also no reason they couldn't be redisigned with a human sized cockpit. Indeed there are some that operate with a crew with no modifications. Which would make one think that Destroids were still in use, even if only limited. There is retired from frontline service and retired completely. Plus it's easier to upgrade something you possess than to have to build brand new. There's also the detachable weapons packs. Maybe they just detached weapons and added construction packs and used them as engineering units. Then if needed they just swap packs. They just didn't need them until later. Whatever the case, it doesn't change that the Valkyries are the hero Mecha. Not the Destoids. If the story wants Destroids to be hero mech and more effective than previously shown then they will be. The same goes for Pods, Police Mecha, and variable ground units.
  3. nathan

    Macross Ground Variable Mecha

    The Southern Cross mecha are actually pretty good. Equal to Macross Mecha? Maybe. Maybe not. They are designed differently. The Spartas is a fast reaction and fire support unit. It can operate in space and in "Battloid" Mode it can use it's arm mounted weapons. The Logan seems to be a light interceptor and the AJACs the main fighter and air support unit. Those are things not really covered in Macross. The Valkyrie ends up having to do it all. Personally, I find the Destroids running speed dubious do to their limited knee articulation. They kind of make for it with their ankle/foot structure but I still find it hard to believe that they can run as fast as a Valkyrie. If they could move at those speeds they really shouldn't have been retired as they're still better for ship and base defense. I'm even doubting that they were retired considering we see Battle Pods in MD. If they're still in service and being upgraded then surely the Destroids would be too. The upgraded Defender from MR? would seem to confirm that. The Police Valks in M7 didn't fare well because they weren't dedicated combat craft. I think they did take out a few enemy VFs but they had high losses. There were several VF-1s on M7's City Section but we only really see Milia's. Using the others would have taken attention away from her. Same with using non modified Destroids. The use of the Monster was comic relief and "proof" of the need for younger pilots. Could there be more variable vehicles in Macross? And could they be dedicated combat units? Absolutely. Why haven't see seen more? For the same reason we haven't seen more Destroids. They're not the stars of the show. I think we'll see more Destroids and variable vehicles when the plot calls for them. Not until then. Personally, I think it'd be great if Valkyries took the back seat for a while. They've gotten a bit silly.
  4. nathan

    Looking For Lost Macross RPG Stats

    I think I've got those OCCs printed out but I'll have to dig for them. I'll see if I can find them for you.
  5. nathan

    iMacross Server FAQ

    What's Bittorrent Sync and why do I need it to download?
  6. nathan

    Early VF Development

    I think you might be combining two separate things into one. I think it's two separate events happening in the same year. In 2003 the F203 was formally adopted as the main UN Fighter. Also in 2003 development began on the VF-X-2 as a compeditor to the VF-1, which had been in development since 2002. I've seen the VFX-E303 Valkyrie in other books. I thought it was just pre-production art. Is it or is it actually a VF-X-???
  7. nathan

    UN Spacy Database

    I'm glad some Macross sites are being kept alive. It seems like a lot of disappeared over the past couple years.
  8. nathan

    UN Spacy Database

    sketchley That's a shame. He had a nice site. Thank you for saving his stuff and for the link. Yours site is pretty nice too and info's easy to find. Thanks. Roy I thought the MRG was dead
  9. nathan

    UN Spacy Database

    Does anyone know what happened to the rpg site UN Spacy Database? http://unsd.macrossroleplay.org/%C2'>
  10. nathan


    You're very welcome and thanks. You just made my day. It is nice knowing there's other rational fans out there. Thanks All.
  11. nathan

    Shoji Kawamori Design Works

    Sounds very cool! Thanks! I hope I can get this book soon.
  12. nathan

    Shoji Kawamori Design Works

    Iknow this isn't completely macross related but could someone tell me what line are is in the new design works book for crusher joe?
  13. nathan


    sigh No offense but topics like this really bug me. They just show how much misinformation is out there. Yes Zentraedi had technicians. No army or navy is without them. Who do you think shrunk the spies? A Technician. Who operates the sensors and communications equipment. Who sees that rutine maintenace is done. Technicians. Your typical Battle Pod Pilot is not going to be trained in how to do those things. They may make up the majority of the Zentraedi forces but they're not trained in every single possible thing. So why wasn't the command bubble replaced? Gee maybe it wasn't in stock? And the leaky pipes? Not on the priority list. Probably not in stock either. So why not make new ones? That's not there job. They put the parts in but they don't make them. That's what the factory satellites were for. Think about it. Have any of you tuned up your car or changed the oil? I have. And while I can change the spark plugs and replace the oil and filter, I don't know how to make a sparke plug or manfacture oil. I just go buy new ones. I can also change windows but I'm not going to try to make the window from scratch. The same goes for plumbing. I buy the parts I need. I don't make them myself. The same goes for the Zentraedi techs. Besides even if all the technician is trained to do is look at a computer and replace indicated parts. It still takes training to do that. It does not meen they need to know how to manufacure the parts. Just what they do, where they go, and how to install them. As for the different sexes knowing and working together, of course they did. Watch the series. The spies knew of Millia's reputation. And they were transported back to earth on a purple "female" ship crewed by men that was under whatshername's command. So yes they knew of each other and fought along side together. They just weren't on the same ships together. And they didn't have any reason to talk to each other other than to give and receive orders.
  14. nathan

    Macross 7 transforming VTOL pics?

    Why stop at just the VTOLs? There's the variable ground patrol vehicle too.