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  1. As a fan since '77, I enjoyed the movie. I just don't see the incessant need to pick these movies apart? There is nothing more ridiculous in this sequel trilogy than Lucas' ham-fisted retcons in the OT(Luke and Leia making out, then, oh they're siblings comes to mind). I go in with zero expectations and just try and enjoy them, as I got badly burned on the Prequels. Everyone is entitled to not like it, but as a movie/story it is no worse than any other SW movie IMO. Dave Filoni said Lucas told him one time to never be afraid to "grow" Star Wars, and I felt that's what's happening here and I welcome it, warts and all.
  2. The more Luca$ whines about critics and fans criticizing him over his poor execution of the Prequels, the more glad I am Disney took over. Episode 1 was the problem, as it was his terrible idea to hinge the movie on a child actor and a terrible CG character. All to what end? Sell more toys and action figures. He's no dummy, just not very talented as a storyteller when he isn't regurgitating Cambell-isms and Kurosawa. I have no idea if TFA is going to be any better than the prequels, but it is made with love not with what Lucas has grown to feel about Star Wars, which is contempt and a general inability to understand what your audience wants.
  3. Nah, that was debunked. It was an Amazon sellers description of the item. It was no where on the packaging..one thing I think everybody needs to understand is everyone doesn't HAVE to be related. I know Lucas was big on stuff like that in that it was a "small" universe, but there are different folks in charge. Theres only one character I feel is a lock to be related to one of the others and that is it.
  4. Anakin's, the one Ben gave Luke. Although if u look real close in the trailer when Kylo is with his posse(the 7, Knights of Ren) U see something in his hand that resembles the one Luke made for Jedi, but that hasn't been discussed or proven
  5. Kylo ain't Luke. Look at Kylo's(Adam Drivers) hair when he confronts Finn in the trailer. People complaining about the trailer telling u so much, I think they left a TON of stuff out, and some pretty vital characters(Snoke, Maz and Luke obviously). Now, JJ with his "secrets" that aren't really(Khhaaannn!) may leave something to be desired, but I'm hoping it's fun.
  6. I'll buy all of these for my kids(9&7) and I can guarantee they won't bitch about the scale or lack of articulation lol. I mean who is the target audience for a Millenium Falcon with a freaking Nerf cannon in the middle of it? These toys are for kids as far as I can tell. Adult collectors have plenty of options IMO, but to each his own I guess?
  7. I'm a BIG Robotech fan(as a nostalgia product)and had no desire to help HG fund another half assed attempt at keeping this franchise relevant. In my opinion, Robotech was one of those cool things that "just happen". And they have been foolishly chasing this idea that they actually created something on their own, instead of understanding that the visuals and unique method of storytelling that is prevalent in Anime is what got everybody buzzed up about it in the first place. Not surprising this failed, but also expecting some other ridiculous BS to come out of it as HG is getting desperate now it seems.
  8. So Robotech/Macross art books from Udon? http://www.udonentertainment.com/blog/
  9. Yep, cause HIS kids buy all the merch, right? I know what you're saying lol. They have a new wave of cheaper figures($5 each or $10 2packs) that work fine for me and my boys. They only have 5 points of articulation(cue the nerd rage lol), but the more expensive ones just have limbs that pop off at the joints anyways.
  10. Well speaking as someone who enjoyed the Kenner toys as a child, then completely went crazy when the Power of the Force line came out and ultimately quit altogether when the glut of the Prequel toys came out, I am fine with them scaling back the toys. I have kids now that enjoy these "dumbed down" toys just as much as I enjoyed the Kenner toys back in the day, and to me that is all that really matters. I got wrapped up in being disappointed in the Prequels and was too blind to realize what was going on. Lucas wasn't making those movies for me, he was making them for my kids....
  11. Got my copy today. Not including Battle of the Planets and Robotech, this is "the" Anime that really got me started and I would say culminated with Cowboy Bebop for me. Currently subjecting my 7 and 4 year olds to it and they seem to like it. I can die happy now lol...
  12. Wow, I Totally see your point now, I was wrong all along lol..
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