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  1. NY don’t typically issue refunds. You can definitely get your money back via PayPal or your CC but that will likely be the end of your relationship with NY.
  2. Still looking at this valk in my cart like “hmmmmmmmmm”
  3. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    I would pickup another regult. Aftermarket prices are ridiculous.
  4. “It is almost all paint. Because it can be deformed, it is easily damaged”
  5. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    https://sp.tamashii.jp/item_announced/201910/?wovn=en 10/04/2019
  6. Man what a POS. Keep an eye out for mine in the for sale subforum
  7. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    Very nice! They both look good but I do prefer this version haha
  8. Wait until folks post pics next to the diminutive HMR version. You know what they say about a man with big valks
  9. @anime52k8 I’m sure there a more than a few mw members that would take most of them off your hands. Don’t toss them!
  10. Same here. I really enjoy all of the VF-1 variants. As an aside did we ever get a PO/Release date for the flashback PF VF-4?
  11. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    No worries. Here is the site where they list PO dates: https://sp.tamashii.jp/item_announced/201910/?wovn=en
  12. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    @sqidd PO on 10/04. I wonder if it will sell out quickly due to the unique color scheme. The last VF-4 was relatively easy to get a hold of.
  13. Still staring at it in my cart lol Have a hard time buying one of these for the cost of three DX VF-1A *desire intensifies*
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