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  1. Dang, I’m actually on the fence regarding the DX YF-21 I think maybe the HMR looks better in all three modes; probably due to parts-forming. Maybe they will release the HMR first and keep working on the DX.
  2. Same here! I know it wasn’t objectively a great film but I still enjoyed it very much. I hope Godzilla beats that ape into oblivion! Would be cool if the fight went something like this:
  3. Who knows. I dislike giving interest free loans though; that’s fo’ sho’
  4. Yowza. Must be a solid 40 hours of work. Would if I could!
  5. Daaaaang, I just placed my order at NY lol
  6. Just binged the first five episodes and I thought it was excellent. Such a visceral story with fantastic art and animation. Can’t wait for the second half next year!
  7. Neat! You may be able to pull off some cool forced perspective shots with those bad boys
  8. Very nice of you to help get the package to its rightful recipient!
  9. I’d say 90% of my collection is in boxes/storage. Someday I’ll have room to display them!
  10. There are more pics if you look through the last few pages.
  11. From Japan used to have amazon as a seller but I don’t think you can place an order through them anymore. I created an account with a forwarding service; so I have a Japanese address for products that amazon will not ship internationally. Once the forwarding service has the package they ship it to you for a small fee.
  12. Ordered two more Super/Strike parts from NY
  13. I still have to place an order...struggling to go through with it, so spendy lol Thankfully, I have a 5% off coupon at NY...still having a tough time pulling the trigger
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