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  1. Now I just need a dozen extra pair of DX hands. When are those coming out lol All joking aside very cool adapter; kudos to you for working on it and making it available to everyone!
  2. But they are so cheap, and they always come through...I've never had a problem with them so you should be happy about that and send them more money for literally nothing
  3. There's something about the new movie (what I can see in the trailer) that bugs me but I'm not smart enough to understand why lol I love the books up until maybe the fifth or sixth installment which were a little hard for me to get through. @Mommar Would you please elaborate on the decisions that illustrate that the director doesn't understand the philosophy of the novels? One thing I read about is the slight change in language, for example substituting "crusade" for "jihad" which is a small thing that niggles me. I thought the scyfy miniseries was about as good as can be e
  4. I don't know; it's cool that another highly regarded director is having a crack at Dune but I'm not jumping up and down to see it.
  5. The 2 year waiting period is evidently no longer an option. They cancelled two of my SSP orders and issued store credit without a word from me.
  6. NY cancelled two of my SSP orders and issued store credit. Still no movement on the order they left open.
  7. I just read/watched some reviews and the slow pacing was a common complaint. I thought the pacing was perfect and appreciate the low key exposition. Mother was great, look forward to watching her go berserk.
  8. Just watched the first episode and I thought it was excellent. Excited to see more
  9. I feel so silly for ordering TWE from them after the 31A fiasco. I should have my head examined. You’re in good company:
  10. Jeez'o'man, I remember when the PF was on mark down at HLJ, like most arcadia stuff at some point. Should have bought one but for some reason it didn't tickle my fancy. Definitely on my "would be nice" list but not jumping up and down for one.
  11. Hey look on the bright side. They’re willing to hold the non-existent product in your very own virtual private warehouse indefinitely. Amazing!
  12. Ebay is typically where you go if you're impatient or do not care about market value. I rarely find a decent price on ebay.
  13. I have six sets on order with them mixed with other stuff so it's going to be a mess to untangle everything. Luckily I got two sets via proxy but I really wanted at least six sets :/
  14. Wow, I can't believe I was stupid enough to order six sets from them. I will have to try and score these on the secondary market which will now cost a lot more. It's surprising that they would offer a credit. What the f#ck good is a credit if they can't secure the products you want to begin with?
  15. I don't think anyone from Japan would order a TWE from NY. It's an exclusive for Japanese customers so anyone in japan would order directly from Bandai.
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