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  1. It's definitely become harder to secure an order over the last two years or so. The next DX PO is going to be heartbreaking lol
  2. it's all in good fun. I still use NY if I can get an order in. I have 4 SSP on order with NY and haven't heard a peep. That's part of their "you'll get it eventually" guarantee that many of us are all too familiar with haha
  3. You’ve summoned Slave IV again lol Slave tell us who your favorite store is and why it’s NY.
  4. Smart move! I would have done the same but I couldn’t checkout with the out of stock item in cart haha
  5. I missed out at HLJ because I had an out of stock item from the last PO madness in my cart! By the time I removed the old item and tried to checkout again it was gone
  6. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    It’s a great figure. I still want to pickup a second copy at some point; dat shipping tho lol
  7. Almost same thing happened with me. It was a different figure and they already had the item listed at scalper price when they offered me credit at the original PO price.
  8. This is the first PO I have been able to secure at AmiAmi since the DX VF-1J. Pleased to have an order with them.
  9. Received confirmation email from AmiAmi. I think I got one fellas
  10. I think I got one at AmiAmi. Waiting on confirmation email
  11. It's been a minute since PO madness but I'm already getting palpitations in anticipation of the spinning wheel of death and imminent cart jacking lol Let's go boys!!!
  12. There's a couple more VF-1 listed for "Pre-Order" on AmiAmi: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?scode=FIGURE-042566-S001 35th Anniversary Painted Unit(Pre-order)(Single Shipment) 14,780 JPY https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?scode=FIGURE-033313-S001 Maximilian Jenius Custom(Pre-order)(Single Shipment) 19,180 JPY sv-51 as well https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?scode=FIGURE-048606-S001 D.D. Ivanov Final Battle Version(Pre-order)(Single Shipment) 32,380 JPY
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