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  1. Step one - file dispute “item not as described; not a new item”. Step two - profit. Sounds like this buyer didn’t execute step one properly so maybe seller will come out on top.
  2. Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately 99% of the time eBay/PayPal will slide with the buyer in a dispute. I always check the blacklist on the FS subforum when selling something. Have even had to cancel bids on eBay because the bidders were notorious for discount/refund fishing.
  3. Woo hoo!!! A+++ plus customer service if this is legit. Will do my best to support Blue Fin if this comes through. 100 bonus points for seeking out the forum and giving a heads up. I love it edit: Another big thank you to @anime52k8 for finding the link. @oshinex looks like you may have a handful of spare MB EVA 02 headed your way
  4. Yeah a lot of folks are not fans of NY after the 31A debacle. I’ve had issues with nin nin and “high demand” items detailed in this post: Looks like they’ve avoided this issue by skipping MSRP and going right to “aftermarket” pricing. YMMV
  5. Dang, should have purchased at 32000 lol I feel like I’m being priced out of this hobby :/
  6. Excellent! Thank you!!! Hopefully they can process the 1.3 million preorders they just got hammered with lol My domestic PO for Unit 01 was actually cancelled by amazon.com so I’m not 100% this will come through either. Happy to at least get an orde in tho
  7. That was about as easy to get as the DX VF-1 A/S. No wait I actually got an order in for those lol
  8. Some of the armor variants did sell out quickly. I had to order a few different sets to get the combination I wanted. Even then some of the colors were exclusive to particular armors. So, order what you want quickly as a matter of course. Otherwise you may miss out
  9. Disappointed they didn’t reach the quota for the 1/60 scale armor. This would look so good on the Arcadia PF VE-1
  10. Oh gosh I really want some of these but I can’t go down another rabbit hole lol
  11. @canklebreaker sweet ammo cans! Would you mind sharing where you acquired them? Thanks!
  12. 100% reliable in my experience. I’ve place a handful of orders with them and they haven’t let me down yet.
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