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  1. I ordered the MFT loader when I saw it on your Twitter. Looking at the Rihio kit now lol
  2. Hey at least you didn’t pay MSRP like some of us chumps lol
  3. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    Preparation in progress at Amazon and NY
  4. Very nice. Is this the one I saw on mandarake? You beat me too it lol
  5. Wallets everywhere breathed a sigh of relief hehe Did they offer a specific date?
  6. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    1/48 Supers and GBP news? My poor wallet :/
  7. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    My wallet needs a break. I would not be able to resist a destroid though haha
  8. My wallet can’t take it. I need a breather lol
  9. Still up at kurama shop: https://www.bandaionline.com/dx-chogokin-missile-set-for-vf-1/
  10. Awesome pic. Is that the stand it comes with? I still haven’t opened mine; have another copy coming from amazon soon
  11. It’s what we used before you came along lol
  12. Ah I forgot about figinstock. RIP
  13. Ah I missed the second round. Really wanted to get another order so I don’t have all my eggs in one basket. Oh wells congrats to all who secured a copy
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