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  1. Wow, top notch customer service. The more you spent the lower your priority. I have to go back and check my orders but they owe me six sets of SSP. I can't imagine they will even ship for another year. I knew I should have just ordered these via a proxy service. I sure as hell won't make the same mistake again.
  2. Unless you keep them in a vacuum; they're all going to yellow and crumble to bits eventually. You're mileage may vary; some folks have had valks for many years with no issues, while others have had them turn yellow after a short time. There's a thread on yellowing Macross Frontier toys not far from the front page.
  3. Oh jeez, mine says the same. I didn't realize they would add it to the second charge lol yay
  4. Get a couple. You know you want to. What if you regret it later? Everyone is doing it
  5. Same here; they asked for full payment :/
  6. I don’t think it’s available at the normal retailers. I ordered via proxy (e.g ZenMarket, buyee)
  7. At this point it seems like they sold stock that they did not have access to. Can it be that there is a mountain of ssp that they just haven’t been able to ship?
  8. Got payment request from my proxy; they only charged me for the deposit which is nice.
  9. Yeah I’m going to order a PF and keep the regular finish from AJ. I really like the vf-4 so I’m happy to get both.
  10. Thanks, ordered one! Hopefully they will discount the price after it becomes available at other retailers.
  11. spacemanoeuvres

    Hi-Metal R

    I want to say they teased the scout in the last year as well.
  12. It is premium finish tho? It’s not premium weathered but it has hella tampo. These shouldn’t be difficult to secure. That’s one thing I really appreciate about the Arcadia releases haha
  13. They shipped my vf-0d via ferry but no movement on my SSP. It’s a real head scratcher.
  14. Very nice, I still enjoy the Yamato 1/48 line quite a bit. The low viz variants are my favorite
  15. I believe the DX has the additional leg swivel at the intake for extra wide stances, as well as the additional joint at the elbow so the fist can come right up to the shoulder. I can't recall if the arcadia has the bicep joint (I never opened any of my 1/60s) ; I know they don't have the extra leg swivel though.
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