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  1. Yeah checkout their facebook and twitter feeds. Many many customers still complaining about un-shipped orders and radio silence on support tickets. Really sucks, I liked shopping at NY.
  2. Same here, I'll get the bundle. The question is how many? hahaha
  3. *Fingers crossed* Does that mean we would gain access to TWE?
  4. Yes please. If this reduces my PO Madness anxiety/trauma I will be truly grateful!
  5. Cool, the aircraft hangar and other sets are neat as well.
  6. I just wanted the sonnuvabitch destroids :/
  7. I can’t find anything about the ceo. My Google skills are failing me
  8. Yeah I noticed their tweets and site are missing images. What happened with the owner? Where can I read about it?
  9. Transaction with @RIBFIR was smooth sailing through calm seas Enjoy!
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