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  1. Yeah it’s weird. I would be worried but Arcadia releases are not historically tough to secure. Plus Amazon still has the release date as 01/31...
  2. Very nice, what did you purchase from the F U 2020 sale?
  3. No word from Amazon.jp. I really enjoy the VF-4, excited to put this one next to its little (HMR) brother haha
  4. Checkout their facebook page for a real hoot. So many pissed off customers asking them to respond to tickets regarding un-shipped orders. What a bunch of crap.
  5. That's cool. I'm relatively happy with my squads of low viz valks. Virgin Road and Alaska base would be cool. Is there a 1/48 VE-1? I want to say I've seen conversion kits but not 100%
  6. Oh damn, why did I click on this I want that ED209 lol I used to have the old matchbox or whatever company released one a million years ago.
  7. Excellent. I hope we get the VE-1 and Cannon Fodder at some point. Low Viz Woodland, Low Viz Color, and Stealth would also please me and destroy my bank account They should pull a Yamato and release giant gift sets (with SSP) as well as stand alone. I have no clue what I would do with my Yamato's after that tho haha
  8. I let my order sit way too long. I have so much in credit and outstanding orders; I should have done a charge back ages ago but I gave them the benefit of the doubt which was a mistake.
  9. Would be cool if they released armor parts for all of them. As ludicrous as they are I kind of like the silpheed look haha
  10. Dayum. Definitely above market price. My Roy shipped to my forwarding service from Amazon, 24000JY. Will probably send it via surface. I don’t mind waiting.
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