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  1. I haven't read this thread since Dec 2018. I just read up to present in the last hour. It was painful but i just could not stop reading like watching a train wreck. This comic is batshit crazy. I can't believe Simon Furman is writing this. When did he become such a bad writer? I loved his TF stuff. I'm going to bed. My mind id jello.
  2. Yeah me too. I'm considering ordering it and worrying about the payments later.
  3. I've always gotten my money back so not that much of a big deal for me. What bugs me is that it ties of my money for a least a week.
  4. Yeah this has happened to me like 3 times. Like SpaceCowboy i can spot these guys right away now. - drastically cheaper prices than a similar Chinese seller. - Look at recent feedback. They will start getting negative feedback within 30 days of deciding to go rogue. - Feedback set to private.
  5. Wasn't there some decks added to the e so it wasn't as flat? Yeah I think nemesis is the best version.
  6. I wish i was collecting when this was released. I've had my eyes open for some time trying to catch this at online used stores. I've never seen it come up. I wish aoshima would re-release it.
  7. I want this so bad. I'm seriously considering the payment plan.
  8. Surprised they released this before Andromeda. I will get this because it's the one enemy design that is iconic to me.
  9. They kind of did it with the v1 VF-25F movie edition bundled with super parts. It was colored different though. The V1 VF-25s also had a edition that included the armoured parts.
  10. Jeez look at that price. The good old days.
  11. Are they reopening pos for just the strike pack or the valk itself?
  12. I've been away this last week. Whats the deal with these 1/48 SSP for dx Hikaru. I'm hearing these were sold out? I see some up at NY for 9200yen. IS that a markup? What was the original price? Why is a TWE exclusive selling out in the first place?
  13. What a waste of on hour an a half i'll never get back.
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