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  1. What? That isn't out yet? I hope you didn't prepay.
  2. Damn I was hoping for a re-release in some way. Really missed out on this one.
  3. Sandman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Need to switch up the delta releases instead of another 31. Still waiting on: tan 171 CF Mirage sv-262 Vf-22 also need the super packs for Arad and Chuck What about the speaker attachments as well.
  4. Sandman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    It seems to me a lot were bought and a fair bit are being sold back to stores. Waining hype perhaps?
  5. My payment for sv-51 bounced so i wasn't able to get it on release day. I was so pissed off that i avoid this thread for weeks. I come back to see all these problems. I feel like a dodged a bullet now. Arcadia seems to be regressing to the old early days Yamato. Really disappointing to see. Wasn't the increasing price points bacause they were going with factories with better QC? I don't think i'll be buying Arcadia first releases anymore. Except maybe the new Vf-4 since they have that mold perfected already ( I hope).
  6. Sandman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm seeing tons of Arad's armour for sale on sale sites. Is it not popular now for some reason?
  7. Weird considering they did a reissue for the main Orguss. I don't see many used toys up for sale lately either. I'm still trying to snag one.
  8. Sandman

    Hi-Metal R

    Holy cow. I went last minute to the joker movie last night. Completely forgot about the preorder. Was still able to snag one 3pm the next day. Whew.
  9. I liked your theory that Lady M was basically who Mikumo was based on. Makes the most sense to me.
  10. Is there any differences between DS9 and Terak Nor?
  11. Oh no. I’m scared to check mine. Haven’t unboxed it since I moved in 2009.
  12. I loved that scheme so much. I still kick myself for not buying it but funds were low at the time.
  13. I would. It would probably be more entertaining than an actual new series.
  14. Sandman

    Hi-Metal R

    Are they really all in the same location?
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