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  1. What is this Kurama Shop?
  2. I love this scheme so much. I wanted to buy it so bad.
  3. Well this is depressing. Second preorder in a row I've walked with nothing (chuck and Max). Oh well gives me an excuse to not collect this line.
  4. Got an email address for Bandai?
  5. What the hell. We've regressed to frontier preorder days. I thought we were done with this crap. Its crap like this that makes me want to quit the hobby. The website redesigns for amiami and hlj have also made snagging a preorder harder too.
  6. I've never been able to click on the amiami button and have it work since they have gone to this system.
  7. frakk cart jack at hlj
  8. That waiting system at NY is stupid. Everytime you do something you get kicked back to the waiting area.
  9. 86 for me
  10. Thank you.
  11. What time PST is the preorder? 11 or 12? I can never keep this straight.
  12. @Seto Kaiba ever think of writing an article or blog post of all your MW posts detailing the VF history and evolution. I find those posts fascinating but I eventually forget some details. Trying to dig up the posts here is frustrating in a needle in a haystack way. It’d Be handy to have it somewhere it could be found easier.
  13. Sandman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yeah literally overnight. I was keeping tabs at manadarake on 3 of them all under 22000 yen. Even one at 20000. Was being cautious because i just bought a 31Kai, 31F hayate and a few other things. Was trying to space it out so i'm not spending so much money at once. The 31s was selling very slowly, didn't figure i had to rush into it. Then suddenly they were all sold, even the more expensive ones. Panic set in and i started scouring other sites and finally eBay. Managed to find one on eBay for 325. I was annoyed i ended up paying more than i would've if i's jumped on the 20000 yen one. So after the seller said he shipped it, cancels the order and refunds my money. frakk. I knew exactly what was happening. Seller obviously canceled the order to relist it at a higher cost. Now i'm screwed because i though i had one i abandoned the search. Now the were definitely all gone. I just left shaking my head thinking to myself i should've got one when i had the chance. No chance of getting one now unless they reissue.
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