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  1. Sandman

    Junker Vf-25s Osma

    I was hoping to keep it low as possible as i only need a couple of parts to make mine complete. But shoot me an offer of where around you'd be willing to give it up for.
  2. I don't believe it. Its too big of a coincidence. I think they knew that delay was coming but wanted the money. Super shady. They are lucky they are the best place for exclusives otherwise i'd be done with them.
  3. Ah frakk them. This is why NY asked for the money so early. They had insider knowledge about this. Could've used that 600 dollars for Christmas.
  4. Anyone have a junker Vf-25s? I need some parts to fix mine.
  5. If anyone has a spare and wants to sell for a reasonable price, let me know. I have fast packs coming with no 1S.
  6. Has this problem always the right foot and never the left? What are people doing with all these extra left feet?
  7. Sandman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I’m not seeing that chuck on eBay. Who is the seller?
  8. It's interesting. I haven't done the math but it seems Macross releases have slowed down for 2020. Every year at this time i usually have at least one item preordered per month up to June. I do have 1 preorder at amiami and 2 at hobby search with one being a duplicate preorder. Not complaining though my wallet could use a break and i still haven't opened stuff i bought back in Aug/Sept.
  9. Paid for my preorder at NY. And with that my preorders at NY are done. First time since i started shopping there (2010) that i don't have a preorder. There's usually a stack of 5-10 for the following year. Strange.
  10. I realized today that i accidently pre-ordered two Yellows from amiami. Not sure how i did that but i figured it would be a problem. I paid for one and asked for a cancellation on the other explaining it was an accident. I figured see how i paid for one they would understand. 2 hours later they email me back denying my request and scolding me for not being more careful ordering. WTF!
  11. Oh man that sucks. I hate that feeling after that happens. How did it happen?
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