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  1. Resolving tickets without actually resolving it or at the very least contacting a customer is very shady. A no-no in the customer service world. If that ever happened at places i worked - heads would roll. Shameful of NY.
  2. I like how NY hasn't contacted anyone about their supplier cancelling all orders. If that is what happened, there should be an email out to all people waiting that they can't fulfill their orders. So i guess they are hanging on to the money hoping people forget about their order. What a bunch of sleezy grifters.
  3. I think only the VF-1 Valks had the pink white issue.
  4. My strike pack less release of the Roy's VF-1S wasn't PF.
  5. N-Y hasn't replied to any of my tickets except the one i offer to pay more money for upgraded shipping. That was like 4 months ago and still no movement. Funny how they take the money but can't reply to my tickets.
  6. Damn i guess i won't get mine either. It was the only set i had ordered. I guess they don't always come through like someone on these boards like to say. I was in the first batch of orders. Did the people in the second batch of orders get theirs? If so that is some BS.
  7. I am always surprised by this. I list my auctions at fair and sometimes lower value and they just sit with no bidders.
  8. The VT and VF-1D need to be released like NOW!!! Seriously whats the hold up?
  9. I've paid for these parts 14 months ago and still have not received these parts. My last order with them. I haven't got anymore pre-orders with them and i don't plan on getting any more. This is outrageous. I want to preorder the dancougar Black Wing SOC but i think i'll just wait till release and try to get one off of Mandarake or Jungle.
  10. Sandman

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    No i don't have a yeti stand and not likely to unless he opens up again. As for screwing the peg, i'm not sure how to do that. You can't come in from underneath. The peg is hollow so maybe can go in through the top but you'd have to use a really small screw. So small that i doubt it would hold the weight. My hope is there someone who made a shapeways replacement for that piece.
  11. Sandman

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    So I’ve had my Arcadia YF-19 on the Arcadia clear stand since whenever the stand was released. The other day I took it off to wish around. I went to put it back on the stand and I couldn’t get it to balence. I finally got it to a satisfactory spot and then the call fell off the stand. Looking at it I see the peg has sheared off from the stand. So beware guys.
  12. Oh wow. I was expecting 25000 yen for the normal version.
  13. Finally! Been waiting a long time for this one.
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