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  1. I just checked mine, no cracks. but i found a stress mark in one of the leg flaps... it's the inside of the right leg - it's fresh out of the box.... http://i54.tinypic.com/2uzcp5h.jpg
  2. check with you guys: is it possible to attach accessories such as the Super Parts (Fast pack)/ Armored Parts / Tornado parts to the very first issue of the DX VF-25F? I ask this because i think i read some where that the first issue of the vf-25f cannot be used with the super parts? Thanks
  3. its definitely not MAC-CROSS -- it's not MAC as in Big MAC, that is, if you want to pronounce it similar to the way the japanese do. just like a lot of english speakers pronounce GUN-DAMN I'm curious how they pronounced Macross, any audio clips of it on the net?
  4. Yes, because the SP (Sheryl Produce) Version comes with Sheryl Nose Art (Movie Ver) Tampo Printed. We get the same Sheryl Nose Art AND Ranka N.A. with the regular version but those are stickers so who knows maybe it'd be worn out in a few years after being applied. The SP ver is first-issue only. Also, the scale is stated as Non-Scale, but is suitable size with Robot Damashii (SIDE VF)... I agree with most folks here, I'd rather get the regular version
  5. For Saint Seiya Myth Cloth, there are lots of different exclusives such as magazine mail-in exclusives (broken ver pegasus, crystal saint), event exclusives, tamashii webstore exclusives, toei webstore exclusives, campaign exclusives (Pandora, Hades Shun, Saori), Limited Quantity Exclusive (24k gold pegasus) -- 6 types, and is definitely confusing. So far the Tamashii WebStore Exclusives had been recolors (not including the limited sales of event exclusives), except for Polaris Hilda, and so ONLY Hilda was sold via Bandai Asia. Pegasus God Cloth OCE, Andromeda God Cloth OCE, Cloth Pandora Boxes were not distributed to the shops. And then the next upcoming "special purchase" will be Fake Sagittarius... Not sure if Bandai Asia will distribute it normally...
  6. The SP version is actually "Sheryl Guard".... it seems like in the movie, the monster had Sheryl Nose Art instead of Ranka Nose Art. And no, it doesn't look like the Sheryl & Bullet Nose Art that we've seen....
  7. I'm interested in what the display base looks like...
  8. wait... the regular version comes without the stickers applied * (early TV version). HOWEVER, it includes stickers for both Ranka Nose Art (late TV version) AND Sheryl Nose Art (Movie version). So you can chose which one to apply or not at all. SP version is limited to First Issue only (and comes with the following "gifts") - comes with Sheryl Nose Art applied - "Island 1" canopy style display base (seems like the Monster landed and fired a shot on the canopy of Island 1 in the movie... ) - Sheryl images (decals?) for decoration - special goods set "Mission Code: Galaxy Fairy", movie version... Sheryl's Black Credit Card (with Serial Numbering) and SMS Operations Instruction manual - Sheryl image packaging with clear sleeves... :S
  9. for VF-25 DX Weapons Set for Tornado / Armored 2,625円 DX Tornado Parts for VF-25 (suitable for Ozma, Alto and Michael customs) 5,250円 2 separate Tamashii Exclusives... to be shipped in late Aug EDIT: added details
  10. Shun

    SCOOP thread!

    DX Weapons Set for Tornado / Armored 2,625円 DX Tornado Parts 5,250円 2 separate Tamashii Exclusives... to be shipped in late Aug
  11. Thing is... will there be a Ranka "Monster Girl" version later? -.- or will they provide the decals/stickers for it?
  12. where can i get that tee ? I really like it... and have been looking for a tee with the skull logo on it TIA
  13. Shun

    SCOOP thread!

    New pics of the DX Monster VB-6 and etc... Looks like even though it is in the DX Chogokin line, it will not be in 1/60 scale. The picture compares it with a Robot Damashii VF-25F and a DX VF-25F... now still in development, tentatively to be on sale in Autumn this year. http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/iam-cybergundam/article?mid=46232
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