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  1. New tru scale 1/72nd Realgult pod pattern.

    Just wondering as to the state of this project?
  2. AJAC ?

    Well, I'll just have to be happy with the Spartas then...unless I get a 6/49 win!
  3. AJAC ?

    Well, if there is a tally for interest in a 1/48 Spartas Hovertank, I'd like to throw my name in that hat! Just asking a question here though, but what would be the chances of a larger scale (1/35, 1/24) Bioroid (Robotech name, don't know the SC name) model? Perhaps my fav enemy type mecha, and nothing of note available, that I'm aware of anyway.
  4. MOSPEADA Inbit Revival Part III: Gamo doppleganger?

    I'd like to get in on this, Captain. Just let me know when you want the loot!

    Hey, Cap. Is it possible to still get in on this?
  6. New tru scale 1/72nd Realgult pod pattern.

    Any more progress on this?
  7. Hi, Mike. I need a set of Nous-Ger decals, and I also have one of the 1/72 Monsters.
  8. 1/72 Nousjadeul Ger Moscato kit?

    Yes, that option is a good one indeed, Mike.
  9. 1/72 Nousjadeul Ger Moscato kit?

    I, too, would be down for a set of decals.
  10. 1/72 Nousjadeul Ger Moscato kit?

    I shall take 1. More 1/72 goodness here we come!
  11. The Fantastic Four Reboot (2015)

    Apparently the Thing skips leg day, or so it would seem, judging by the last shot of the four of them.
  12. v2 1/72nd scale Monstar.

    Still in for yours!
  13. Mo-Suu-Pii-Dah Goh-Suu in 1/48

    I think that I'll have to put my name in for one of these, please.

    I'll put my name in for one. Too nice to pass up!
  15. 1/72nd scale monster V2.0....any interest????

    Actually, you've come back at the right time. A couple of posts down you'll find "v2 1/72 scale Monstar" detailing the further progress on this undertaking.
  16. where can i get zentradi organic ship models

    Try Scale Solutions for a good looking Nupetiet-Vergnitzs...about half way down the page. http://users.hunterlink.net.au/~ddwwp/ScaleSolutionsResinModelKits.html Actually looks like the Flagship, unlike those Arii lumps.
  17. 1/72 Resin Monster Model!

    I sent you a PM as well, but can you add me to the list as well? I'll send my e-mail via PM too. Thanks!
  18. Anyone got a scan of the 1/72 Glaug decals?

    Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was looking for.
  19. Anyone got a scan of the 1/72 Glaug decals?

    Hey there...just wondering if I could get a scan of that too? And if anyone has a scan of the 1/72 Regult decals that would be appreciated as well.
  20. 1/72 Resin Monster Model!

    Has the second run for the 1/72 Monster happened yet? If not, are there spots available still?