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  1. I live in Amagasaki, right next to Osaka, I would be delighted to show you around. PM if interested in a tour.
  2. I saw one for sale at Mandarake a few years back when I was broke and couldn't afford it.
  3. I was looking through the legacy page for bandai toys, and noticed that one was missing. Does anyone have it? Or information on where it was sold?
  4. Well, according to the official timeline, Mac-II takes place a couple decades after Delta
  5. One of the few Southern Cross items I’ve seen for sale recently in Japan was a unofficial fan doujinshi and it only went for ¥210 in resale shop
  6. lots of comments about eyes too big
  7. Yes, I believe that was a 3minute digest of one of the rehearsal runs that was used to promote the show.
  8. I could see everyone in the audience. no one had a video camera
  9. I went to see this, and also wanted a video recording. But it bombed so badly they have not released any supporting merchandise afterwards. The only additional material I have found is fan made doujinshi.
  10. BomBAR this Saturday!


  11. Sure, but I work late on Friday so it has to be Saturday or Sunday
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