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  1. well u seem too act like one! who is this silent mod??-he can kiss my @ss... my last post on macross world. peace sucka's
  2. hey jenus -thanx for closing YET another one of my bartley threads ...your being a bit of a post nazi, dude..ive been waiting 20+ years for mospeada variables...and visiting this site on and of since 1999!!! i see all kinds of redundant non sci-fi related topics that you don't close!!!!!...whats the big fuggin deal with having a poll for a megahouse bartley??????????? you yourself set the criteria for the poll..and it contained the questions YOU suggested..than u close it???? - no wonder nobody visits these board anymore
  3. >it looks like ley has a different type of cloth material than stick..looks better -Imho, >>>wonder why the windscreen is mal-ajusted when item is being unvieled? http://wildcats.pupui.jp/mt/archives/2009/03/2009_part1.html when does ley hit the shelves??
  4. yes indeed a challange based on line-art too reality issue...but at least the beagle has the forks line right up too the handlebars...with CMs..the handlebars are on the tank which worsens the look furthur. ...at least with the cm shinobu the camera hides a bit of this on one side. yet, dispite the fuglyness:..the day the red and dark bartley came..i lit up like a christmas tree!!!!! so, megahouse your turn..make us proud!!!
  5. anyone who has'nt seen ralph bashki's Hobbit cartoon motion picture..should go do so immediately!!! it's amazing how awsome this cartoon is! +...a kick@ss soundtrack - the songs in it are timeless!
  6. actually an awsome idea.. i would prefer too buy used yamato's that i can be certain are QC free..+ cheeper!
  7. i understand..yet had trouble setting up the poll...looks o.k. now! thanx and sorry for confusion.
  8. ...no offence whatsoever- it's kinda like elvis or beatles collectables..i might already own a bronze elvis mug or a beatles cereal bowl caddie...but there is an insatable drive too obtain as many items as possible of said franchise. if there were 12 companies making different variable mospeadas..as a life long fan i would naturally like too scoop them up. BtW ...i plan on owning no less than 3 copies of BEAGLEs Bartley..and 3 shinobu's too boot! im just a variable bike JUnKIE!!!! and more over...megahouse claimed they were producing Bartley type..and i'll be d@mned if i let it slip away without a comment!
  9. hey all, - what are the smallest variable out there for macross?? >>>i thought i saw some that were no bigger than a quarter!!! -bandai variable gashpons? .......any good? -banapresto? any pics or info most welcome!
  10. hello all... i attempted a post about this toy a few weeks ago;and accidently posted twice..the mods closed BOTH threads.woops! >>>hopefully this topic falls well within the "anime or science fiction"criteria. IF you like mospeada...please drop a quick line; too support the cause that is: Megahouse Bartley type!!! Personally...i think the bike design will pose a mojor challange to the sculpt team for this toy compared too the other 3 mospeada types.. notice the treatment(cop-out) that CM's used for thier bartley/shinobu types..the bike looks quite fugly with the exposed forks and empty space of the front cowling..yuk(but better than nothing). So, is megahouse working on this?..or just vaporware so they could sell the first 3 similar bikes and run off with the loot. any ideas,commments,info,pics,speculation,inuendos,b.s.,rude comments,posts of any type WELCOME!!! thanks in advance
  11. well i have only 3 yamato toys ..and two of them had problems/breakages....right out of the fuggin box! the 3rd was used off eBay...lucky me. ...so i certainly don't know what too expect when a new one arrives i thnk i will prefer too buy USED yamato's in the future...that way i can confirm that the items' not QC case. ..misb should mean: MINT in sealed box...not mangled in sealed box.
  12. 'misb' does'nt apply too yamato...because the items are often broken bfore they leave the factory. this is very dissapointing, and if i buy MISB toy from yamato...i pretty much assume there is somthing wrong with it >>>like the MISB proto-garland i just bought with broken handelbars..ohhh, what a flawless collectors item SUCKS!
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