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  1. Hell I am looking to buy 1/12 yamato votoms items. I am looking for the Brutish dog with fyana set in particular. I am also looking for the turbo custom parts for the yamato scopedog. If you have any of these items you are willing to sell just PM me. Thanks.
  2. Helli I am looking for a display stand for my sv-51 nora. I also need the attachment part for it to display in robot mode. If anyone has a spare stand or parts for it they don't need, ill gladly buy them off you. Even if they are recasts. Thanks.
  3. I have dozens of items for sale and in mint condition. Most are boxed and ready to go. I have some loose Items as well that I will post later. For now I will add what I have already prepared and taken pics of. All items have been opened and displayed but are in mint condition with stickers applied. That is what I mean by MIB (Mint In Box) for anyone wondering. MISB (Mint is Sealed Box) Is referred to boxed Items that have never been opened. If your interested in anything let me know by sending me a PM. Things are sold on a first come first serve basis but I am willing to hold onto items for
  4. Actually from what I see I beg to differ... While I love the design and scheme for both the luca and micheal models, the japanese public and others didn't seem to care for them as much. I can't tell you how many times I've looked online for frontier products looking for an ozma model and the only ones that are in-stock almost always is the micheal and luca models, and its usually more than one. I do check the for sale and trade section now and then for good deals and I tend to see those releases still up for sale while the alto and ozma releases fly off the shelves. Its kinda a shame really b
  5. While I do like this model, the price point atm is a bit out of reach for me. Also the availability seems equally scarce. Most websites were already sold out the minute they were posted for pre-order. This is another reason I wish bandai weren't so stingy with their production runs. At least with yamato you know there will enough available upon release. Which strikes me as odd because bandai is a much bigger company with all the other properties and merchandise they have already. They should realise by now that the macross brand is profitable and does sell, maybe not as much as gundam sales p
  6. Hmm, I have the YF-21 and although it is a pain to transform and I always feel like I'm gonna break it, since the joints and locking mechanisms are so tight. I in no way see a reason to release a v2.0 of the model. Its fine as is and is really meant as a display piece to be posed and transformed now and then. The proportions compared to the anime are just right IMO. I don't see how they can do better by making the legs thinner. Might make the toy too flimsy to pose no thanks. The only improvement I think yamato could make it making the transformation process a bit less tedious. But if that is
  7. Prices lowered. Hello I have some items that have gone unused in my collection that I wish to sell. I have two brand new yamato macross valkyrie stands. These are the original metal ones not the mighty block stands. They are in chrome silver color. Yamato Macross Valkyrie Stand Silver x2 Asking price Sold! Also in my possession are Two MG kits still in box that are unbuilt atm. MG F91 Gundam asking price 45.00USD MG Wing Zero Custom asking price 40.00USD FYI the wing zero kit was only barely built its still practically a new kit I briefly started on the first page in the manual and d
  8. In the past I used to think the prices were more reasonable and could justify spending $250 to $280 on a valk but prices have been getting too ridiculous lately. All of the first releases at least came with a set of armored parts out of the box. You at least got your monies worth. I can't help but feel like bandai is trying to gyp us out of out hard earned money by just providing the bare minimum of accessories and making us pay through the nose for the super or armor parts by not boxing them with the figure itself... Yeah I can see that it is a new mold and redesign and all but I really can'
  9. I'll take that HT war machine off your hands just let me know ASAP!
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