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  1. I would be interesting, if the live action movie ever gets made, to see if they use it to spring board a new animated series based on the "timeline".
  2. One of the things that Macross has, that Robotech doesn't, is the sense-- at least for me-- of something bigger is behind it all. I don't mean Protoculture or the ProtoDevlin, or even the missing Megaroad01. I'm just talking about each of the series having a sense of being just one tiny little story in this massive universe, and that humanity is moving towards something that is just going to blow everything away. It's the little bits and clues and bread crumps left from show to show, where just when you think you've got it nailed, how the Macross Universe works, you realize you're wrong. It isn't just all gutted and spilled out on the table like Robotech. There isn't an compulsive need to make everything inter connect to the point of making the universe seem about as big as somebodies backyard.
  3. I enjoyed it for the most part-- all though destroying the Macross still bugs the hell out of me. It's a fun little story and the mecha designs were actually pretty good.
  4. Maybe. Like I said for a dollar, I'll grab it and see if I'm by there in the near future and I think of it and they've still got it. I know in the past when I've bought "Anime" DVD's there for a buck, they've usually been native language or spanish dubs and really crappy transfers-- like 2nd or 3rd generation bootleg bad.
  5. Looking at some of HG's collection, it seems like their "catalog" is largely B-movie to Hallmarkish sort of fair.
  6. How in 7 hells does HG stay in business on just Robotech alone? The franchise can't be bringing that much money for them. I would have thought by now that they would have been swallowed up by another or simply folded. In fact till the Robotech DVDs came out, I thought HG was long out of business.
  7. Couldn't HG just reboot the Robotech franchise? I'm thinking it would make life easier and allow both parties to do whatever the hell they wanted. Just retell it from page 1 with the same basic story and characters-- change a few things to get rid of the legal headaches-- and then let the fanbase(s) and market settle this business.
  8. Think about it, it was implied in the previous season that what's going on is more or less a big game for Super Scientists and Super "Villains" as a means to keep them from taking it out on the general public. Though the Monarch seems to take it deadly serious in regards to Rusty-- I think the phrase was "real hate". How Sphinx fits into that: another facation, a real group, or a "common enemy" for the two is unkown at this point.
  9. I'm expecting Dr. Venture Senior to pop back up as the leader of Sphinx. Don't know why, probably because of the O.R.B last year has got me to thinking that Senior is out there behind the scenes and working opposite the "Good Guys"; assuming O.S.I really is the "good guys".
  10. I loved me some "Frontier", hell I even enjoyed Macross 7 and Macross II (don't hurt me). But if I had to make the Sophie's Choice, yeah, I'm going to stick with SDF Macross every time. Sure it's partly out of nostalgia (I'm sure a lot of it is given the period of my life that Macross came into and the escape it allowed) but it's also something about the story itself that...well it's hard for to explain other than it is the Macross story and everything is just feels like something lesser; still good, still solid, but just not as good as the original.
  11. I guess I don't get the thought process behind it. If a person lurked around for even a few hours, back read the original thread, they would have gotten the vibe of the community. If someone did that they would know if they could feel comfortable here or not. Besides, if he was here for tech-chit-chat why bring Robotech vs Macross fandom into the conversation at all and then ask the tech question more or less as an after thought.
  12. I'm sure he's on some s[h]ort of bus. He shows up, starts bitching about Macross fans, and wanting a established community to change its behavior and then gets his panties in a twist when people throw popcorn and laugh at him. Makes me question his real motives at this point.
  13. I think "Insulting" is a good word for it. First off if you think so much of another person's work, why bastardize it into something that it's not? Why not just play in the subject's native universe?
  14. Okay, just to jump here real quick: The Shadow Chronicles "Refit" of the SDF-3 has got to be the ugliest looking thing in Robotech. I know they can't use the Macross designs, but come on that's the best they could do?
  15. Huh, I think I saw this in the DVD bin at $1 Tree a while back. Will have to check the next time I'm by there and see if they've still got it. Might be worth the laugh if nothing else. So we can slap a RT label and sell it as a HG series then?
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