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  1. First Gundam kit I've bought in ages.. looking forward to painting this guy.
  2. I'm keen to get the Big Chap Alien figure but today was looking at the NECA 18" Alien as a much cheaper alternative (At 35 bucks instead of 150).. anyone got it? From the pics looks like it'd be pretty good with a bit of an airbrush.
  3. I thought this was gonna be a total fail but I take (some) of it back after seeing the trailer. At least he's taking the effort to capture the feeling of the original film. Although the mention of 'super predators' makes me nervous. And not in a "holy crap they're coming out of the walls!" kind of way.
  4. Bugger, been away on work most of the last 6 months! Recently bought a 1J and was distraught to find it's arm dropped off out of the box. I'll keep checking your sig Graham, in case you do another round. I went and loosened my 1S's shoulder screws in a fit of paranoia.
  5. Good lord, yes! I have been waiting for Bandai to make one for the last 5 years. Being controvercial for a second a toynami one would be great as it'd be much bigger and cheaper than a SOC. I don't care if all the vehicles are clunky and retro - that's the charm!
  6. That looks like the same sculpt as the EX model kit.. which isn't a bad thing, I built and painted it a few years back and it's pretty neat.
  7. those pics are GREAT! it's a Corridor of Awesome. Sorry I missed it! Some great customs and paint jobs in there.
  8. Maybe I was overly harsh.. should have said Galaxies instead. From all the hype I was really looking fowward to it, but ten minutes later I was bored sh-tless.. mindless repetitive button mashing.
  9. my god that trailer was awesome. watching it I thought once again, just stop making movies and tv and just do games. They're the only saving grace of the whole SW franchise. Well not all of them of course (aka Force Unleashed)
  10. haha, funny, I was just thinking the same thing the other day. Answer: probably shortly before I became a parent, ie more than a year and a half ago..
  11. yech.. pink! I can't believe they didn't say "screw the anime authenticity, let's make it gray!"
  12. speaking of that, you US folks who live in or know DC well, did it trip you out playing this game? Even I had a bit of deja vu with some areas like the whole Washington monument and lincoln memorial area, just thru sheer exposure to news like presidential inaugurations and the like.
  13. I liked Broken Steel, but the Pitt was my favourite. Taking away all your weapons and armor for half the game was a stroke of genius. With just a crappy gun and armor even at level 27 I had to run away a lot (it was on Very Hard setting)
  14. WOW. If I could afford to get it, money, shelf space, and relationship-wise I'd get it for sure! Price, I estimate at $300-500.. shipping $3000-5000! And that is one creepy lookin' chick in the suit. No wait, just had a look on Google, price looks to be $1000!! http://toysrevil.blogspot.com/2009/05/16-m...ccoy-x-kow.html http://makadi3000.blogspot.com/2009/04/16-...toys-mccoy.html
  15. I played thru the first Sacred a bit.. might check this one out to get a Diablo fix. Well I finally finished Fallout 3 and all the expansions.. very sad. Empty inside. Started Stalker Clear Sky. I think it's gonna be a bit of a punish to get thru. In other news (sorry if this is REALLY OLD cos I've been awol for a while) did you all see the announcement for the next AvsP game? Good news after the release date push back for Aliens CM. http://www.gameplayer.com.au/gp_documents/...1AvsP2More.aspx
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