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  1. Zuel

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks fantastic. That's precisely what I was thinking about when I asked about matt coats. Did you mask off the clear parts first though?
  2. Zuel

    Hi-Metal R

    Slightly off topic: would any of you consider doing a matt topcoat on your HMRs? I know that with gunpla, it removes the shiny plastic look and leaves a much nicer even finish. If you have done one, can you share a pic?
  3. Zuel

    Hi-Metal R

    A bit of thread necro, but @Lolicon I noticed you've done the panel lines on the VF-1J. It looks great. Can I ask how? Was it a marker or a pin wash? Does the plastic clean off the excess well? I'm about to do the panel lines on my VF-1A, as I think it looks far better than clean. Tips?
  4. Zuel

    Why do you collect MISB?

    Well said, and I'm certainly not criticising or demanding justification. Just seeking personal explanations! I suspect there are a variety of reasons why someone might keep toys MISB. I'm particularly interested in those who do deliberately rather than due to logistics issues. I'd like to understand their thinking when it comes to toys, particularly as it's so different from my own thinking.
  5. Zuel

    Why do you collect MISB?

    Ha! That's precisely what I'm talking about. Please explain!
  6. Zuel

    Why do you collect MISB?

    Genuine question: if you collect toys and keep them MISB - especially if you just store them out of sight - I'm curious as to why? What do you enjoy about keeping them MISB? Do you display them or not? Do you keep them to increase the value for later sale? Do you buy multiples so you can have at least one in MISB? Do you only collect MISB? As someone who gets a thrill out of *opening* the box and interacting with the toy, I'd like to understand others' motivations for keeping them locked away in the box.