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  1. How do you access the screw at the tip of the nose? The hip bar locking tab is in the way and doesn´t look its coming out easily. (glue again... ne thinks)
  2. So i´ll just cut it open, carefully... Hopefully the glued piece will cover the cut areas once completed. Thanks for the input! Any ideas how to completely disassemble the cockpit? Is that even possible? I´d love to detail the seat and panels..
  3. Hey guys, been tempted to repaint my VF-0A for a long time. I figured I´d start by disassembling it to figure out how to plan out the painting steps. So far so good, I am able to completely tear down the arms, chest and back sections and the upper legs. I can´t do anything with the cockpit section, but that's fine for now. My main problem is the lower leg: I started removing screws, but it seems that the small intake/radiator piece hust below the landing gear is locked and glued in place. Worst thing is that with all the wiggling and pushing and pulling, the gear assembly is out of position inside the two halves, and the thruster/foot already came off. Anybody figured out a way around it?
  4. this is all great stuff! The delta looks so elegant. Does anybody know how to completely disassemble the legs? I want to disassemble for repaint, so far so good with all the figure, but can´t get past the legs. The radiator looking thing just below the landing gear doors looks to be glued and locked in place... any help appreciated!
  5. Got my VF-0A Head and Arms from them some time ago. Same timeframe as everybody else, same great service. I love these guys. Cheers to them, my Phoenix rose again from the ashes!
  6. La Casta de los Metabarones!!! I know Juan Gimenez, he comes from my home town in Argentina!!! Glad to see that again after all this time.... Congrats on your collection!
  7. My VF-0A original 3 missile clusters attach very well. When I got the Ghost fo it, the brown rocket launchers attach a little weak, but ok, and the fuel tanks were reaaally flimsy. Did the old nail polish trick, as Jenius suggests, and now everything attached securely. You'll have to re coat the every so often, depending how much you put them on and off the Valk.
  8. Thanks a lot pal, it does help! a lot!
  9. So guys, any place where I can get replacement arms for my poor VF-0A? I would like to get the whole arms, left and right. Hobby Link Japan? Yamato directly? Recasts?
  10. Guys, who has a complete VF-0A sticker sheet and a scanner handy? I own a VF-0A myself, for a year now, and finally decided to try to make some decals with one of those special waterslide inkjet papers. I only need a complete sticker sheet, scanned in like 300dpi, could be less. Just PM me if you can do me that favour. Thanks! Edit: PM me or just post the image here, if possible.
  11. Is somebody in the US recasting these? I found this the other day through www.fanmode.net http://srblood.blog89.fc2.com/blog-entry-456.html http://srblood.blog89.fc2.com/blog-entry-460.html Enjoy!
  12. I just saw it. I can't believe this. I just could not close my mouth. Eyes are wet. Oh my god. And i was regreting reading the episode synops in wikipedia.... there was nothing about this in it!! and I kinda thanks for it thou.... OMG, I just cant believe what i just saw. when the president hitman upper half fell on that girl I knew this was going to be different, but this was just too much.....
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