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    NO MORE VOXP!!!! NO MORE!!!!

  2. coolaid

    NO MORE VOXP!!!! NO MORE!!!!

    i hope the links on that site haven't expired yet, i'm trying now, if i click on each Rapidshare link will it give each of the files 30 days more of storage life? it'll be a shame if i got to part3 and then part 4 dies out.... incase that doesn't work, where else would voxp be available? thank you very much.
  3. coolaid

    NO MORE VOXP!!!! NO MORE!!!!

    bad copy: 345mb hosted on that spanish site good copy should be somewhere around 400mb or a little more. this should be the infamous link of the original TRUE jp copy: http://www.box.net/shared/1n6az1hof1 as you can see, it's no longer there, razor isn't responding to anyone either. and as you can see the true version sounds like this: and everything else that is under 400mb isn't the true version.
  4. coolaid

    NO MORE VOXP!!!! NO MORE!!!!

    shaw and it's torrents are dead. that spanish site providing the 2 hotshare files of voxp, is actually a modded version containing extremely crappy music, intro doesn't work either. razor's box.net link of the true voxp is dead check yourself, it's really dead, for months. and everything else in the combine thread is dead. so where can i download voxp? the true original version? not so RIP, or cheesy music version, the true voxp i need.... thank you