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  1. I'm not a CD/LP collector, so I'm not sure if this is rare or not, but I thought I'd pass on this link to an auction for Macross "Jam Trip" over at Mandarake. http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/auc_e/itemInfo.do?itemId=03002853490100001
  2. Seeing this topic pop up again, I'll post my only Macross TV cel. It's seen better days but I like it.
  3. Local stores around me are pretty bare too. Nearest Target has had the same figures for months, 1 Scarlet, 1 CC, and a few comic packs. TRU has taken the space for GI Joe and put other toys there. The few remaining Joes they have (TRU exlusives, old comic packs, 1 peg for figures) aren't even located adjacent to each other anymore. I did finally find the latest comic packs, the wave with Firefly, not sure of the number these days. It was at the walmart nearby, which was shocking as it's the most poorly stocked walmart I've ever seen. Apparently being the only one on the east side of town they can't be bothered to stock it. (And I'm not just talking toys, it's common to see half empty shelves everywhere.) Looking at the hisstank sightings forums, Phoenix seems to have the latest waves and vehicles all over the place, but they apparently haven't made it down to Tucson. Typical. I'm glad I ordered my VAMP through BBTS, received it today. It's the one vehicle I really wanted. They made some changes compared to the classic one, but I like it. I do think it was really stupid of Hasbro to give Clutch arms that won't bend 90 degrees at the elbow. Makes it hard to get him to hold the steering wheel. What were they thinking? It's the first figure I've felt the need to trim down an arm so that it can bend properly. At least they included weapons and a figure stand for Clutch, unlike the Target exclusives. And they kindly even listed the name as just Clutch on the base, not "Double Clutch" as they're calling him these days.
  4. I finally received my Doc earlier this week. Only had to wait 11 weeks from the time i sent the order form in until the time Hasbro finally got it to me. I had actually given up on ever receiving it. I wonder what the typical turn around time is for these things.
  5. Sounds like the Targets around here, although they've been that way for a couple of months. Only difference is that some of them also have a Ripper or two. At least they did get the exclusive vehicles in at one point to break up the monotony.
  6. Thanks for that. Looks like BBTS's markup isn't too bad so I'll go ahead and preorder. I have to get the VAMP as it was my first GIJoe toy and always was one of my favorites, and the Targets/Walmarts near me have been really bad about getting new stuff. It's still all Ripper/Hooded Cobra Commander around here.
  7. I've never even heard of the Mamba. I always liked the Dragonfly as a kid though. (I think that was the name, it's been a while though.) When I was still playing with Joes back then the only helicopters were the Dragonfly and the Fang. I've still got my original Skystriker through. It's the only Joe vehicle I kept. Shin, do you happen to know what the price is supposed to be on the upcoming vehicles (VAMP in particular)?
  8. Here's the only cel I have from roughly the same age as Macross. Most of my cels are from newer series. Perhaps someday I'll find one of Voltron to go with it. (Came close once on a really nice one, but got there just a little too late.)
  9. Picked up the target vehicles yesterday. They must have just put them out as the display was full. Mostly wanted the Hiss but decided to grab the others given they hardly cost more than a figure by itself. If I end up not liking them I guess I can always sell off the vehicles. The boxes/windows of the ones at my Target looked to be in pretty good shape overall, so I guess there is hope for the box concerned collectors. Thanks for pointing out that they're up front by the registers. They were up by the second row back of registers in a rather obscure location. If I hadn't known to look by the registers I never would have found them.
  10. If anyone is interested Mandarake has a Milia TV filght suit close up currently on offer in their auction section. http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/auc_e/itemInf...001537060100002
  11. Actually when it comes to windows some of the flat panel LCDs out there have excellent anti-glare screens (or at least they used to, current trend seems to be moving to glossy screens for a little higher contrast ratio.) When I replaced my CRT a few years ago with an LCD with the anti-glare screen in a room with a big window just to the side of the TV it was so much easier to watch than the CRT due to the reduced glare. Also helps a lot at reducing the glare from floor/table lamps. Viewing angles are pretty good these days as well. Not the 178 degrees they all claim, but fine for most practical viewing angles. Of course if you're never going to use HD, then it's pretty pointless to get an HDTV. Extra cost, small 4:3 pillar boxed area relative to screen size, and scaling required. Have you considered thrift stores or garage sales?
  12. So which comic packs would those be? The one I picked up with Scarlet and Hawk still has the original (worst case) for both Scarlet and Hawk. And Hawk uses the same body as Stalker.
  13. Was at target today, and they had a lot of single carded figures and comic packs. Finally picked up a Zartan. The best thing I noticed though was that they had some Stalkers with a truly fixed crotch. Not the minor mod like on Beach Head that IMHO doesn't make that much of a difference, but rather one that looks like the old style figures with a really thin crotch area. The figure can actually bring it's legs to about 85 degrees from vertical while keeping both legs parallel. Finally one that should be able to sit properly in a vehicle. Hopefully they'll fix the other figures like this going forward.
  14. I have to say in my experience the Microman versions are definitely better, and much cheaper as a bonus. (But they are still too floppy.) My Shounen Ace Asuka is one of the worst figures I own. It falls apart if you look at it funny. Trying to pose it is an act of frustration as you move one part into place and a different part just falls off. Mine also has the loose heels so I had to glue them into place to get it to stand. And what's up with the heels anyway? I don't recall 8" stilettos in the cartoon. (I'm not really the biggest fan of the sculpt on this figure, always seemed a little too sharp / stylized for me, but that's of course personal preference.) I think Kaiyodo did a really nice job on the sculpts of the gashapon sets they released long long ago, so I have high hopes that the revy figures turn out really well. Wouldn't it be great to have a good looking figure that you can move without it falling to pieces? Kinda like the GIJoe toys or the Microman 99 line.
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