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  1. Bah, should have purchased the limited edition set for the artwork
  2. I'll try to make this meet. How long is the meet anyway? will people also be going to ax? I'll be flying down from the bay area, so what would be the most ideal airport to land at?
  3. any news on if anyone is going to meet up for a MEAT
  4. I might attend if it doesn't rain... hopefully the rain will end by the end of the week.
  5. love SDF Macross love DYRL like flashback 2012 like zero don't care for all the other macross series a la 7, Plus,
  6. Since it's still too early for me to predict a good date, i can only suggest it not fall on the 4th of July weekend like the previous MWC
  7. I just need info on date and time. Anyone from the southbay driving down?
  8. I must bring my ass to MWC this year, missed it for the past 3 years.
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