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  1. Good chance this won't be fixed before they're released, since both USF2 Evil Ryu and Violent Ken had the same mistakes for the pants and top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-yKGPw2fa8
  2. I think my fave part of these is the defeated screen face they come with! It's only a shame that these are USF2 and not world warrior. WW had some really funny defeated portraits.
  3. I guess if they really want to be sprite accurate then both of them should have unripped gis. Haha. If Ken has the unripped pants then his top needs to be unripped too. You know Ryu should come with his red hadoken too since Ken comes with a hadoken and flaming shoryuken. A bit unfair.
  4. Wow these are fantastic. They really captured the look from the in game artwork and mug shots. I'm also interested in their rendition of SSF2 Chun Li. Hope it's better than their effort with SFV Chun Li's face.
  5. God forbid Bandai ever do a Perfect Finish version which just has the inclusion of Ejection Seat markings. LOL! or TWE decal sheet,
  6. Very strange choice. The MB team do love to do derivative designs, like the MB Eva Unit-1. They're just not satisfied with traditional, which is evident in all their recent SEED releases which are super aggressively stylised.
  7. Canon wise the super packs weren't deployed yet at the time that Max was still assigned a 1A. I have a vague recollection that he was upgraded to the 1J after he was married where he flew the virgin road 1D. The next time we see him in combat Max and Miria are both assigned 1J customs with Super Packs. Is that right? I'm still rewatching Robotech Vermilion edition and only up to when Max and Miria have their first encounter so only going off 25+ year ago memory. Either way I'd have to keep my 1A Max canon and not equipped with Super Packs for me. I just want 1 set of Super packs for a 1S Hikaru. I think I might actually buy a GBP if it was released. I did plan on displaying the 3x 1J Hikarus in each mode and passing on the GBP, but if a 1D was released (and I managed to secure one) it'd definitely be displayed in gerwalk so then I could have 1 of the 1Js equipped with the GBP.
  8. I thought that was more so the Pringles slogan.
  9. Star Wars World Forum.
  10. For all that you contribute to MWF with your site and reviews opening a patreon would be good, so we can all support you and the content you produce. That would help with purchasing all these expensive Macross toys. It'd definitely help take the sting off having to pay mark up price if you miss out during initial PO madness.
  11. I'm actually glad I was cart jacked at HLJ. I ended up saving ¥1,780 ordering through Plaza Japan. And if I hadn't of preordered Plaza Japan and waited for AE I would have save another ¥470. Blessing in disguise. We have too much first world problem syndrome here.
  12. If Okini Land end up being reliable I think they will be one of my go to places. Good price and no GST charge for Aussies. What was the shipping charge or is shipping charged later?
  13. We keep blaming Bandai for not making enough or retailers for letting scalpers PO for the intent to make profit. We need to solely blame the scalpers for the PO shortage. Bandai only make enough for the local market. They're not producing Macross toys for Western markets. Retailers can't stop scalpers from buying all the stock. Even with a limit 1 restriction, scalpers know how to circumvent this limit, in the same way they do it for con exclusives and bricks and mortar stores in Japan. Using a solution of making more units would work in the short term, but in the long term it would be a problem for Bandai. The first few times the scalpers all get burned because everyone is able to secure a PO, so they end unable to make significant profit from their investment. If the pattern continues the scalpers stop investing. Once this happens Bandai will end up producing too many units since scalpers aren't buying. They then scale back production numbers and the scalpers return once minor scarcity is the norm, and it just terrible cycle begins again. I don't know why Bandai can't produce standard releases in the same fashion as TWE releases (made to order). Japan is so backwards in some things so it could even be logistical in nature.
  14. Bandai Online are still taking missile POs https://www.bandaionline.com/dx-chogokin-missile-set-for-vf-1/
  15. someone should 3D print missiles for the tail fins to mimic the Max animation error.
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