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  1. Sorry! I just sold the last one about 1 hour ago. I'll update the thread with ALL SOLD once the payment is finalised.
  2. It’s back to 24,000 now EDIT: beat me to it
  3. After returning from my holiday in Bali I was able to open and inspect my 1A Max that was delivered to work. Transformed it to gerwalk and all okay. Shoulders look fine. The colour is really nice in person.
  4. Looks great, but can't justify paying ~AU$740 for this beauty (added HLJ AU GST, ¥4000 EMS). Would probably be higher based on trending decline of AUD too.
  5. My Plaza Japan PO has shipped! Woohoo! Glad I paid upfront for the whole thing (+ EMS shipping). AUD has dropped ¥7-8 since the PO in April, plus no added GST from HLJ/Ami/CDJ.
  6. My Plaza Japan order is preparing shipping
  7. Love KITT. Finally time to post my small 1:64 collection.
  8. I was expecting more like this kind of scale. Roy gonna be MASSIVE.
  9. Looks like KC messed up the scale. He is way too tall standing next to Min May
  10. With how plain the 0083 RDs are I'd rather get an MG kit which would be cheaper, big and more detailed. That's the main reason I couldn't pull the trigger on GP01 and 02. With how busy I am, RD or MG, both would probably sit in the boxes forever too. LOL!!!
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