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  1. The only difference I can recall from the base valk is different coloured arrow on the head (and I can only find evidence of this from the Yamato release). In terms of Bandai's release, TV and DYRL Roy would have different tampo markings as they've demonstrated different marking styles for their TV and DYRL releases so far.
  2. Would Bandai be nice enough to do a TV VF-1S Hikaru/Fokker special pack with 2 pilot figures, and swappable Hikaru and Fokker canopy. nah.... too clever.
  3. hard pass for me. I might have been tempted to get a TV Kakizaki and at least it would have been pretty easy to secure through a proxy. Let's hope next release is TV Hikaru 1S alongside TWE TV Super Packs.
  4. Before I saw the comparison I was thinking of Freedom 1.0 through rose coloured memories and didn't think 2.0 was any different. Upon seeing the comparisons there are quite a few changes, but not sure if ¥10K worth of changes.... ahh well times change... especially from 8 years ago! I'm on the wall about getting one... leaning to not.
  5. Are your inner armaments attached correctly? If you swap them on the pylon will they be correctly marked like the outer armament?
  6. Interesting. I’ve never tried it myself. Perhaps the gloss coating already applied to the piece inhibits the matte spray from adhering to the surface. I know there are members here who have successfully matte sprayed their DX Frontier valks, but those are gloss molded as opposed to coated, although their are some painted gloss parts on the DX Frontier valks. *shrug*
  7. Easy pass for me. I wasn’t a fan of the official BNarts release and a KO probably wouldn’t change that unless there was drastic material changes - namely less exposed diecast and a matte finish. Actually... it might be a maybe for the right price since I’d feel less precious about completely matte spraying a KO to get the desired look as opposed to the official one.
  8. Sorry! I just sold the last one about 1 hour ago. I'll update the thread with ALL SOLD once the payment is finalised.
  9. It’s back to 24,000 now EDIT: beat me to it
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