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  1. Love KITT. Finally time to post my small 1:64 collection.
  2. I was expecting more like this kind of scale. Roy gonna be MASSIVE.
  3. Looks like KC messed up the scale. He is way too tall standing next to Min May
  4. With how plain the 0083 RDs are I'd rather get an MG kit which would be cheaper, big and more detailed. That's the main reason I couldn't pull the trigger on GP01 and 02. With how busy I am, RD or MG, both would probably sit in the boxes forever too. LOL!!!
  5. Love diecast cars, but can't afford to get into collecting 1:18 scale so I make do with some choice 1:64 ones. I'll have to enjoy all the love pics here. Nice one guys I'll post a photo of my meagre collection tonight.
  6. Yep got that out of the blue shipping notification via Paypal for my Rick PO.
  7. Not too complicated. Add the real touch marker to the lines liberally, then use a cotton bud to wipe it away so most of it is gone, but the panel line still has a decent amount of pigment left. If you make a mistake use the special cleaning pen. It's much easier to practice on a canon fodder since they're brown so being too heavy doesn't make it look awful. I started on a brownie first and then tried it on my DX VF-19 Adv and Arcadia YF-19, which needed more care and less pigment so as to not over exaggerate the darkened parts. After this one is done, I'll be trying on my DX VF-1J so that will require a very light addition of pigment since the body is light grey. I'll try to record a video of my technique when I work on my DX next time. The next part of this is the dry brushing, but plenty of youtube tutorials on that already. I use Mr Hobby spray. After weathering and dry brushing, I'll do a full gloss coat so the surface is smooth and add the stickers. Once stickers are all applied, I'll do the matte coat. I didn't disassemble, but you'll need to transform into a mid form to make spraying all areas easy/accessible. Also remember to mask all clear/shiny/gloss surfaces before spraying any coats (canopy/wing lights etc).
  8. Kakizaki's VF-1A MUST come with 1 brown fin, and 1 white fin.
  9. I'm finally getting back into weathering and stickering my Yamato VF-1 cannon fodders. I completed the VF-1J... 4 years ago, and I started on the 1A shortly after. Around 6 months later I had pretty much completed the 1st part of the weathering (darkening), and then... got lazy - probably due to some other distraction - maybe a video game or something. Just did a little bit tonight, which was darkening the option part side covers and intake covers. The next part is dry brushing on some metallic weathering to the darker areas - feet, intake covers and gunpod. Then stickers and a flat coat. I wonder how many months it will be until I find time to do that. Have to wait until the weather is warmer to even use my flat coat Mr Hobby spray. Well, enjoy the WIP photos. The darkening is all done using Gundam Real Touch markers, and a cotton bud/q-tip these top 3 photos were taken in 2015-2016... Left side already weathering, and right side bare. Photos taken tonight. The intake covers are really subtle so no point showing those. I think the effect doesn't show up on my phone camera and during the night with the room lights. It'll be much more pronounced once the dry brushing is done. I had forgetten how therapeutic and relaxing this hobby is.
  10. Can't Arcadia make the 11B from the Plus license? Only the 11C would need the 7 license right?
  11. I still have this and it's still awesome (albeit rubbery). LOL! 1/100 Dendrobium! Only 3rd party maker would be crazy enough to try. Bandai would half ass it and do that half Dendrobium they've done in the past. https://hlj.com/1-144-scale-gff-0034-rx-78-gp03s-gundam-stamen-weapon-system-ban945813
  12. Blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka The RD GP01 Zephyranthes is a bit plain. It definitely needs the Metal Robot treatment. What I really want is a GFF Metal Composite / Metal Build GP01...
  13. Anticipated Bandai TWE pricing: ¥20,000
  14. Oh wow! Dark Matter looks great! Loved that from Build Fighters.
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