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  1. I recall this feature being highlighted for the upcoming 1D, but can the previous DX releases do that with the head? I could see this as a gimmick for the 1J GBP release owners can mimic the scene from the episode of Hikaru boarding it in the hanger.
  2. My 1J is still in box, with my 1S still awaiting my full transformation inspection, but looking at the head, it doesn't look easily removable like the v2 Yamato/Arcadia VF-1 toys, so I'm hesitant to think Bandai will include a swappable head. I also wouldn't think a swappable visor would be an option either, as we would have discovered that feature when the 1J was 1st released and all HEAVILY speculated on the reasoning for it being removable. As Noel, pointed out in the photos, the grey goggles look exactly the same size as the white goggles, so it's not a cover either. Any kind of
  3. It's gonna be pricey! I'm questioning if I'll actually be able to afford it if it is a complete bundle. If it's offered as only the GBP, I'll probably skip since I don't have a 2nd VF-1J to put it on.
  4. My Focker from Amazon JP shipped via Rakuten Global Express via sea mail finally arrived. 64 days. Perfect paint apps and almost perfect decals. Just 1 of the nose cone decals (the point at the end of the black strip) is misaligned like many others have noted. Still have to do a transformation test to ensure no faults. Still wish I was able to get a 2nd Focker to display 1 in battroid and 1 in fighter with Supers. Oh well. Just have to hope Bandai release a TV 1S Hikaru with Supers pack. Only 4 months until 1D Trainer!
  5. My grand summer plan was to use this warm weather to panel and weather my DX 1J and 1A, but got side tracked by other things and now it’s already autumn so the running out of time to use those Mr Hobby flat coat sprays etc for the finishing the work. Looking forward to seeing the finished works from you guys.
  6. Yes the fan HD remaster of Robotech did happen using the Japanese Blu-rays as the source video, the original stereo TV mixes for the audio and completely remade English Opening and Closing credits using the textless Japanese Opening and Closing. I managed to locate it maybe 4 years ago and it’s amazing to see the original Robotech with all the original Japanese sound effects still intact as opposed to the latest version releases where Harmony Gold replaced all the sound effects with generic ones. The only pro to the newest releases is that they are uncut and contain as much of the Japane
  7. https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/guide/help/ordering/how_to_cancel_your_order
  8. Love that Justice is getting the MB treatment finally. I will consider it if the local distributor solicits it to my work and we pick it up. With my limited resources lately I've had to choose between Macross and Gundam, and Macross is my focus for now. I have a Freedom Concept sitting in the box still, but considering letting it go, because I already have the original Freedom MB release, and feel it's still a great figure. Happy to see Dynames, but would have rather the GN Full Shield original version. It's an easy pass from it even if I was focusing on Gundam. MB Hi-Nu will
  9. I will now have 3 ALWAYS open tabs for Macross World Forums on my phone now. BTW, they are: Unread Content, Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1, and now this thread. 1 thing that I'm not happy about with the DX release is we'll only get 1 Hikaru pilot, so you can't display both VF-1D and the Fan Racer with Hikaru in it. They should have included 2 Hikaru pilots. 1 with his iconic flight helmet + orange flight suit and the 1 with the pale yellow headset + orange flight suit. I'll definitely be displaying my 1D in gerwalk, so I'll have to display my pilotless fan racer hanging upside do
  10. I love the mix of sales and general posts in this thread. It the only thread I have open all the time on my phone, and I check it daily, so I love seeing all the creative posts (photos, and photoshops), and the sales posts so I can keep up to date with current pricing. There is the Where to Buy Macross, Auctions & Dealers Specials section that can be used to post a HOW TO PURCHASE TWE, or best retailers for DX purchases. It would be helpful to have dedicated threads for each DX Valkyrie during the PO week/release date week, where only posts related to retailers opening their POs are
  11. Really good deal from Tenso if you buy from Mercari (first time customers only). They're offering ¥10,000 free shipping on 1 single shipment if it contains 1 item from Mercari. On a quick search on Mercari and I found a DX VF-1S Roy for ¥25,000, but I didn't check what the local postage fee was. Buyee estimated DHL shipping was ~¥6,000 to AU, but probably more due to dimension weight. Surely not greater than ¥10,000. I was highly tempted to get a 2nd Roy, but I just can't afford it. Hopefully this helps others. https://media.buyee.jp/campaign/mercari210112/en/?fromtens
  12. The latest are from the promo shots from Bandai Tamashii website. https://tamashii.jp/item/13540/
  13. yep, has been posted previously. There were some clearer shots shown of the 1J Hikaru GBP, 1J Max GBP and 1S Focker GBP.
  14. My 2 TV Supers are on the way from CDJ, DHL to Oz. 1 for myself and my workmate. CDJ ended up charging me an extra ~¥3K shipping. I’m not going to use CDJ going forward as their DHL fees appear to be higher than other retailers based on feedback on MWF. Once EMS and airmail resume I’ll jump back on board with CDJ.
  15. Oh man that is a steal! Just opened and box damaged, but going by what peeps have reported on their own "box damaged" purchases from Manda, it really is superficial in most cases. I definitely would have jumped on a 2nd Roy for that price, and begged for forgiveness from the wife afterwards.
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