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  1. I’m resorting to getting a friend in Japan to buy the Super packs from P Bandai for myself and a work colleague. Uuugh, still don’t have a PO for Focker yet.
  2. Historically speaking I think Bandai has been getting the balance right. Their Macross DX releases never have shelf warmers and we’re all still gaga about them. scarcity fuels desire.
  3. Very reliable. I got my 1A Max from them. Really well packed too!
  4. Cart jacked! Noooooo
  5. The consequence of making toys easier to preorder and less scarce is the risk of shelf warmers AKA Yamato Macross toys and those were already dirt cheap compared to current prices and we still waited for sub ¥10K price sales.
  6. BiJ out of stock now EDIT: in stock again. BTW ¥9,990
  7. I recall it was approx ¥9200-ish.
  8. Still haven't received cancellation from FJ, but my order is also still pending. EDIT: CANCELLED
  9. I think Okini Land sold out of their allocation already. but to answer your question they’re pay upfront.
  10. Haven’t received an order cancellation from FJ yet, but they’re probably finished for the day now so I won’t get a cancellation until tomorrow.
  11. How quickly did FJ cancel your orders? Even before you were given a chance to pay?
  12. We’re all hoping it’s TWE TV 1S Hikaru with TV Supers and TV reaction missiles bundle.
  13. I’m betting they would do Hikaru 1S with Supers as a TWE. Great for all of us!
  14. Oh man... TWE another missile set... I don’t think I would dip again just for red tip reaction warheads. Just easier to paint my yellow DYRL ones... Super pack is an insta buy! Lucky it will be TWE (assumed) so should easy enough to get through the normal proxies/resellers.
  15. I messed up my HLJ order because the check out process has changed and I thought it was confirmed, but it wasn't. HAHAHA! FAIL!
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