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  1. Really good deal from Tenso if you buy from Mercari (first time customers only). They're offering ¥10,000 free shipping on 1 single shipment if it contains 1 item from Mercari. On a quick search on Mercari and I found a DX VF-1S Roy for ¥25,000, but I didn't check what the local postage fee was. Buyee estimated DHL shipping was ~¥6,000 to AU, but probably more due to dimension weight. Surely not greater than ¥10,000. I was highly tempted to get a 2nd Roy, but I just can't afford it. Hopefully this helps others. https://media.buyee.jp/campaign/mercari210112/en/?fromtens
  2. The latest are from the promo shots from Bandai Tamashii website. https://tamashii.jp/item/13540/
  3. yep, has been posted previously. There were some clearer shots shown of the 1J Hikaru GBP, 1J Max GBP and 1S Focker GBP.
  4. My 2 TV Supers are on the way from CDJ, DHL to Oz. 1 for myself and my workmate. CDJ ended up charging me an extra ~¥3K shipping. I’m not going to use CDJ going forward as their DHL fees appear to be higher than other retailers based on feedback on MWF. Once EMS and airmail resume I’ll jump back on board with CDJ.
  5. Oh man that is a steal! Just opened and box damaged, but going by what peeps have reported on their own "box damaged" purchases from Manda, it really is superficial in most cases. I definitely would have jumped on a 2nd Roy for that price, and begged for forgiveness from the wife afterwards.
  6. I just secured 1D preorder with my friend in Japan. ¥23,760 shipped. He's going to hand deliver it to me when he visits Australia Dec 2021, so a long wait to get mine. Hopefully covid doesn't get in the way of visiting Australia at that time.
  7. Expectations blown away. Even more excited for 1D now. Was not expecting a Fan Racer to be included. Only disappointments: need a non helmet Hikaru for the Fan Racer as per his arrival to Macross Island seated Minmay to go in the cockpit with Hikaru I'm going to have to ask my friend in Japan for a favour and get it for me under his Bandai account, then have it shipped to my Rakuten warehouse. Maybe by July / August EMS shipping will be back up again and I won't have to rely on sea mail, but I might still consider shipping it sea mail, since I don't mind waiting i
  8. If you need confirmation if DYRL Roy will also be misaligned it is worth comparing the DYRL 1S Hikaru heat shield. Is that one straight or also misaligned?
  9. Yep missed it too. Saw the email notification, but all too late. I had already turned off my web monitor of Plaza Japan, as I never thought they'd restock at all. Oh well... I already had to purchase mine from Amazon JP reseller, so no more funds to buy another.
  10. Not surprised by that DHL quote. I checked CDJ for Roy shipping estimate and it was ¥17k DHL to AU for a proxy Roy.
  11. My Roy from AmJP has arrived at Rakuten warehouse.
  12. If anyone would like, I can re-enable my web monitor for Okini and post updates when I can.
  13. My AmJP order shipped to my Rakuten warehouse. Once I accumulate some more goodies there I can sea freight it all to AU.
  14. If I was able to jump on HLJ I would have not bothered with the coupon. If mucking around with the coupon caused me to miss securing the order I would have been majorly upset.
  15. I totally missed it because I was getting my kids ready for bed. Oh well... it went so fast and HLJ got hammered so hard my monitor didn’t even see the page update. Ended up getting one from Amazon JP, shipped to my Rakuten warehouse and will ship out via sea freight once I accumulate more goodies there. Unit price ended up being ¥4,220 more than getting from HLJ. Hopefully will make up the difference in shipping since HLJ can only send to AU via DHL. Pity though because I have a Freedom Concept 2 sitting in HLJ PW I would have liked to combined ship.
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