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  1. Love the langley stripe btw!
  2. Anyone ordered from experten before? If one has a japanese address, do you just contact them in Nihongo?
  3. Hot damn, look at this thing! https://twitter.com/expertenannex/status/942119433681563
  4. Thirded! In addition to these, it's a proper two-seater and it has elbow rockets for badass punches! Love the 3000 so much. Looks like Experten has put up some test shot photos? https://twitter.com/expertenannex
  5. MACROSS 30: Hints & Tips

    That's what I'm afraid of... there's no more story left besides the orange 'final mission' option in the Geifon menu. At least, I think, I can't remember if you can explore the world after you clear havamal's fortress but before you go after the final boss. Is this game really structured so that you can't get these things on new game plus???
  6. MACROSS 30: Hints & Tips

    OK, really confused here... Anyone know how to get the VF-25 super parts? The FAQ says they're at Urthur Race 2, but when I visit Urthur there are no Races at all! I'm in a new game plus on hard mode, and I just got past the Quarter / Sharon apple fight. Still no races. Also, I need the VF-19S, but Cleef town's hunter guild only has two quests available, both of which I completed... "5000G bounty" and "orkos operation". Does anyone know how getting quests to post works??
  7. 3d Valkyries

    Fantastic job, i like how you placed the tailhook pretty close to where i always thought it should go: centerline extending from the backpack.
  8. Also, the intro riff from 'Holy lonely light' is totally stolen from megadeth's 'Skin o' my teeth'.
  9. Been enjoying this game, just got to the desert (chapter 4 I think?) and I must ask: is there a version of the VF-1S in this game that has head lasers?? I was very disappointed to find out upon finally unlocking the 1S that it has no head lasers to speak of. Which just seems insane to me because the VF-0S has almost the same loadout under the wings but has the lasers. Maybe I'm a bit hung up on this because recently I was talking to a macross-fan friend of mine, and I figured out that I'm a bit more of a fan of head lasers than the average macross fan maybe.... lol
  10. Least favorite piece in your collection?

    Whoa, HG's box art has TV ARMDs! Wierd.
  11. Yamato VF-19P

    The 19P was a holy grail of mine for a long time until i found one in AKB a few months ago, and I love the thing to death. In my opinion the P (without the sound fins) is the ultimate 19 variant. Just leave Waldo in the box and put someone else in there, i have Docker in mine, but Yeti's Isamu looks even better.
  12. 6 Foot Long Daedalus Scratch Build Up

    I'm dying to see this, but I'm in the same boat as Jefuemon, not working in Japan...
  13. So I'm not really sure exactly where I should post this, here or fan works.... but I wanted to share these, because I think they're interesting. For the last few years, my friends and I have been running a SDFM(TV) - style RPG campaign following the exploits of the SVF-111 Sundowners. Relevant to this post is the battle on Mars that they participated in while wearing GBP armor. We created some interesting configurations due to the way the dice rolled... Here we have le GBP 1J, piloted by LT "Flash" West, my friend's character, represented by Hikaru's 1J. Just pretend the GBP is mostly black and the VF-1 is mostly light gull grey, with white hands and upper arms, with some VF-111 sunburst livery on the tails and canopy shield. During the course of the battle, a Glaug relieves him of his head, via impact cannon. Now running blind, he jettisons most of his armor, and transforms to gerwalk, keeping the boosters and forearm units. After firing all his wrist rockets, he dumps the forearms as well. With the battle over, it's time to fly back to the Prometheus before Salla base's reactor blows up! Since Mars has lower gravity and a thinner atmosphere, we imagined that flying in the configuration would work there, whereas it probably wouldn't on earth. Coming in for a trap. "Sundowner 103, call the ball." Landed.
  14. 1/48+fp's, 1/60+fp's, 1/72, 1/2k, 1/3k,1/100 and now 1/144

    Saburo I must ask, you painted ozma's armor black right? Doesn't it come in gray like altos? Either way amazing shots!!
  15. 1/48+fp's, 1/60+fp's, 1/72, 1/2k, 1/3k,1/100 and now 1/144

    Apologies for the phone camera, but ever since I saw this configuration, I've wanted to do it, and I've never seen anyone post it on here... It's the red, white, and blue! Episode 14 special!! With a black gunpod. Because why would anyone want a lavender gunpod?