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  1. ...I'd like to see those tattoos.
  2. A few months became a few years... Polidread, where are you?
  3. I don't speak spanish, but I have to say that I just got banned from Robotech.com for defending Valkyrie Project. HG are jerks.
  4. Just popped in to see if there was anything new. Back in a few months.
  5. I come back here every now and then to see if anything is going on. I probably will keep returning till I'm old and grey. Big smiles to Poli and Bake (thanks for the tattoos), and everyone else who's come and gone over the years. The older I get, the more sentimental I become about the escapism of my youth. Any new art guys?
  6. We have a winner folks... http://m.theage.com.au/national/education/history-transformed-in-vce-exam-20121114-29ce7.htmlq Bah... you guys already saw it.
  7. The vector 30th logo is great. I miss your work Pol...
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your opinions before and after watching this film. The community here has helped me get more enjoyment out of the movie. Many thanks.
  9. I miss this enthusiasm and creativity... ...Where are you now Bake? Guys? I got a tattoo of one of your VF Girls, And one of Polidread's. It's sad how time passes and we all move on.
  10. Keith... Wow, Pacific Rim for 2013. The plot looks so similar to Robotech that I can see no way that Warner Brothers could justify investing money in both projects. Looks like the RT-LAM may really, finally, be kaput.
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