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  1. I'm going tomorrow Man, if anyone got more info on the May'n thing in Guangzhou, please post it here I'd want to see that too haha
  2. Holy crap, I can't find the words to describe how brilliant this is!
  3. I'd like to see an actual car with those decals
  4. The price is my only concern........but since it's Fire Bomber, I'm most likely going :/ only 2 hours though
  5. Hey, is anybody here going to the Fire Bomber concert? It will be held in Kowloon Bay Convention Centre (same place as CW and RG).
  6. HK cosplayers are quite nice. Sometimes, I think they overdo it on the makeup but generally they're okay.
  7. You're flying from Toronto? Go Leafs Go haha....... When will you be leaving? Apparently, HKU has some cosplay convention on the 15th.
  8. Hahaha, that's where Macross wins over Gundam imo That and the variable fighters and lovely songs But you gotta love the shower of missiles
  9. That's why you should pick guys to cosplay relative to your height Thus I am considering to get an Alto wig (don't know how I'll look with that on) and get my gf to do Ranka........or I'll stick to Mikhail and get her to do Klan Klang (but she likes Ranka more)
  10. Gosh, I like the Max Jenius cos there haha Thanks for the suggestions guys
  11. Holy crap, that's one hell of a jack o'lantern
  12. Here's yours truly as Mikhail Buran...... >.> hope you guys don't laugh too much.........lol
  13. Got a VF-25F with superpack......debating whether I should get Sheryl decals or would it scratch up a lot if I'm not careful......any ideas?
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