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  1. No top comparison with the cm's, ET or toynami? They way sentinel legioss legs tuck in fighter is one of the strongest points in the design improvement for me.
  2. From the little japanese I can understand. Seems the fighter stand attachment will be probably used to connect to the tread Boomer I have to way for a month more to get mine shipped from HLJ.
  3. Shouldn't the yellow little arrows on the head of the tv series VF-1S be black?
  4. Got payment request for my legioss from HLJ minutes ago!
  5. EMS from HLJ. Seems it hasn't moved an inch
  6. Probably the 1/60 VF-1 v2. I only own yamatos. I can bet Bandai new 1/48 is a bit better. Is one of the models that happens to not be affected a lot by anime magic. Like the YF-21, those skinny legs are just awful.
  7. No one on the Yamato 1/60 VF-11? Probably the best designed valk from that era. VF-1 v.2 came to fix some things after the 1/48 scale.
  8. 1/48 TV packs only came in bundle with Hikaru's VF-1J
  9. Good luck! I just got a pack that was stuck in line before even getting to aduana check. It was hold in line for almost 2 months. The only explanation at post office: personal cuts. No enough people to do the job.
  10. As a toy (something to handle and play with) 1/60 scale. As a display piece 1/48. Tends to be a floppy mess, it is better just to look at it sitting untouched in any mode.
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