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  1. Top 1. Yamato/Arcadia VF-4 - Well executed toy and one of my favorite Valkyrie Designs. 2. Yamato VF-19F/S - Very solid and great bold colors. 3. Bandai VF-25 Renewals - I just love the detail and presence they have when equipped with their Armor/Super Packs. Least 1. Evolution Toys VF-2SS - Extra disappointing because I love the mecha design so much. 2. Bandai VF-171 - Not sure what it is, but I just didn't get excited when I received mine. 3. Yamato 1/72 Macross Plus line - Don't get me wrong - I still have mine for sentimental purposes, but they sure are rough.
  2. Can't Wait! Preordered from AmiAmi. I'm just glad its not the same experience as the Bandai Valkyries...
  3. I think at the end of the day, this should be a fun hobby. It should not be a chore. If it brings anxiety or pain to buy some toys (or watch some cartoons for that matter) then it sounds like it really isn't worth it. I love collecting figures and misc. collectibles still but agree that it does go through peaks and valleys.
  4. Britai 7018

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Just paid for mine. Pretty excited - but mostly because its the only one I could get a Pre-order for. Also, Super Parts up for sale @ CD Japan. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOGDS-232455
  5. Big Thank You to all the Vendors, Guests, Volunteers and Organizers! It was definitely a great chance to meet new people and be surrounded by equally passionate Macross Fans. Walkure (Sorry I don't know their real names) and Mari Ijima gave awesome performances. Speaking of awesome performances, all the participants in the Cosplay contest was fantastic. There were a bunch of Cosplayers who didn't participate in the contest that should have! It was great to see so many rare collectibles and customs on display as well. Can't wait until the next one!
  6. 1. VF-4 2. YF-21 3. VF-1S Strike - Hikaru 4. VF-19F 5. VF-2SS SAP 6. VF-25S w/ Armor Pack 7. YF-19 8. SV-51 Nora 9. YF-29 - Ozma Colors 10. VF-1J Max/Milia Colors I have toys for all of them except for the VF-2SS... just can't bring myself to take the plunge... yet.
  7. Just want to throw Vifam7 some positive feedback. One of the best seller's I've ever dealt with. Great fast communication and my item arrived packaged like it was ready for anything - there was some serious packing material. Thanks a bunch!
  8. Big thanks to Subie! Stuff is always in perfect condition and great communication the whole time. Thanks my AWD Turbo brother.
  9. Thanks Subie! Nice smooth transaction and the figures are perfect!
  10. I think the Yamato VF-4 is my favorite Macross toy followed by the 1/60 YF-21. Non Macross would probably be the SoC Gunbuster.
  11. Just got mine today, the first impression was very scary. Many of you had a cardboard box with the helmet box inside. My helmet box WAS my shipping box. They just stuck labels to the outside of it and sent it out. Needless to say the box is destroyed. The helmet itself is fine, no visible cracks or missing parts. One side has an Ozma sticker, while the other side has a ripped UN Spacy Kite sticker. The paint quality is definitely mass produced quality vs the higher end designs (I'm assuming, I don't have any of the Yamato ones). Uneven paint surfaces, uneven detail lines and chips everywhere. That being said at a cursory first glance it looks very cool. Mine has an ECER sticker. The box says it meets DOT standards, but it doesn't come with a DOT sticker. Does that mean it cant be used at the track or on roads? Any of you get yours?
  12. This is great news... Macross Frontier was such a boost to the overall Macross franchise. By the time this new series comes out it will have been something close to 10 years since Frontier.
  13. I voted for the VF-11MAXL to get the ball rolling towards a complete set for Fire Bomber. I also voted for the VF-2SS just because its a SUPER SEXY DESIGN! It just looks awesome. Simple as that. Plus its pretty mainstream and recognizable.
  14. I just saw this episode and she looks great! I also liked that she had a Ranka pose with her and the promotional brochure had Macross characters (from the Christmas themed figures) on it. Its on Episode 7 of season 1, the one where they goto Stan Lee's Comikaze.
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