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  1. memphis

    VF-1 Armored

    Good skill!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh!!!!!! Sure will get this !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hehe...just got my vf-1s Ikaru today!!! But 1 sticker from the sheet is missing...=(...if not it will be perfect to me!!!
  4. Nice jod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
  5. 1. Half married.....this is the status that u can't let your partner know the toys cost you........ 2. I just buy what i like .......don't have complete toys of all the macross stuff....can't afford also...=(
  6. DYRL 1/48 Vf-1S (Ikaru): 001 Variations 1/48 Vf-1J (Stealth FP): 001 Accessories 1/48 Vf-1 GBP (Blue): 001
  7. memphis

    New Super Stealth Pic's

    my 1/48 series never been back to my house...it still display at my friend game shop... at home no proper place to display it... and the stealth super 1j...still don't know my girlfriend will chop me in how many pieces... smalle box please Yamato!!!! then i can bring in the toy without my girlfriend notice...!!!
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