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  1. I still haven't watched Shin Godzilla, but I did see a few scenes here and there. His second form is pretty unsettling, lol! In this new film, I hope they do a blooper reel or something where King Kong is trying to shove a tree down Godzilla's throat, lol!
  2. Has anyone seen this before? https://youtu.be/SW4pxzuMNwA
  3. I know what you mean by sense of scale. There were a lot of zoomed in close ups of Godzilla with vehicles and people for reference, but in the later films, you sort of lose that sense of scale because it's just Godzilla up against buildings or other giant creatures. But what really gets me about these films is the humans in it. 30 rounds of 5.56 with the rifle set on fun is like watching a flea try to have sex with an elephant. Instead, it might be better to quietly flip the selector to safe, and open fresh pack of crayons instead.
  4. Ok, I said before that Godzilla, a hard shelled reptilian with atomic breathe should be able to torch a fleshy mammal covered in flammable fur but since King Kong is going to be wielding Mjolnir, that changes everything.
  5. Lol, yeah, that was some intense sun out there, but these guys are usually in their boxes in a room that doesn't ever see sunlight.
  6. It's actually a playground for kids near YVR, with three runways and working lights. I was with my family and my oldest had a blast playing with the Valks and posing them for some of the shots. Obviously no drones or RC allowed as it is right under the flight path.
  7. Sunny Day today, out mucking about with two Max 1As
  8. Weird, I felt compelled to get one for some reason as well. Guess maybe I've never had a 1D in my collection apart from a 1/72 Bandai transformable kit I built (made a mess of it) 35 yrs ago.
  9. I dunno, looks a bit too fragile to hold the weight of a GU11
  10. Would the rifle sling be made out of leather or synthetic? It looks like they made it appear to be leather, but what animal would it be harvested from? Humans didn't have tech to supersize cattle in SDFM, so did they ran whale skin or something?
  11. Is it just me, or are there an absurd number of DX Roy's in the For Sale and Trade section? First few pages are flooded with them, and they seem to be moving fast too. Hard to see what else is up for sale since the Roy's keep flooding that thread, lol!
  12. peter

    Lego SDF-1

    There's this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001567853166.html
  13. Oh man, I would pay good money to see that worked into a future episode.
  14. Lol, actually, I've always wanted to see Saeba Ryo in Skull leader's cockpit. Most epic crossover, ever. It would also render Roy Focker impossible to kill
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