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  1. Haha, thanks. It was hard getting things lined up, and the seam lines were huge. I was just going to slap the thing together and use it to practice airbrushing on it, but I think I'll go back and address the seam lines on the legs. It's pretty unsightly. MPC made some odd choices to have parts come together. For example the accordion neck thing......top dead center, across the top. I may nust ignore that one, lol! Anyway, this may end up being a total non-canon experimental build......no markings at all on these things....I guess tanks and other armor don't have a lot of m
  2. Still have to gloss coat these things to seal the decals in, then dull coat them to give them the flat look. I may weather the K'tinga, but if the Reliant and Refit still look like garbage after the dull coat, I may have to kill them both with some Wrath of Khan battle damage. In the mean time, I dug out another relic from my childhood. I started this kit wayyyyyy back in grade 6 or 7, so easily 30+ years ago. Not sure where I was going with this back then, but it looks like I brush painted the parts black while still on the runners. Have a feeling this might
  3. They're getting there. Decals are cracked and fractured to hell, a lots of silvering. I should have gotten the surface smoother and more glossy for the decals to adhere to. Will have to remember for next time. Got a little brave with the Gundam marker to draw in the intakes for the nacelles. That was a mistake. Shaky hands and bad eyes equals crooked lines, lol! Plus the uneven surface from my bad decal application. I still have another Refit of the same size with the Enterprise set so I'll try to remember trying to pen them in before deca
  4. I do like a good Rib Roast. Cooked this one for Christmas. Well, that's just great. It's 0216, I'm hungry and craving a steak now.
  5. I noticed that these decals have a different finish than the set that comes with the 7 Enterprise set. The ones that come with the Cadet Series have a flat look to them. When I opened the 7 ship Enterprise set, they have a glossy look to them. I think they may be printed on different decal paper. When Model Chili was building his kit, he was pulling saucer sized decals off the backing without them ripping or cracking. Anyway, for the rest of this kit, I've sort of learned how to handle the decals. Cut them into tiny manageable pieces. Let the
  6. Wow. I have one of these in my pile......really scared to build it.
  7. That looks like a lot more work than my little decal problem, hahahahaha!
  8. Actually, I sort of figured out these decals after posting my rant. Cut them into smaller pieces, especially the large saucer sections, and even the nacelle sections. Let them soak in the water longer, almost to the point when they want to float away from the paper backing. Lots of water on the surface of where they are going. Don't fiddle when them too much because if you much as fart, they will break. A lot of decal softener. It's like they printed these decals on Nori (that brittle seaweed they use for sushi), lol!
  9. Going back to read everything you did. Looks like way back around page 220 or so (Jan2020) is when you started. I was watching Model Chili and he sort of inspired me to buy the Enterprise set. Lol, he made it seem less crappy an experience, hahahaha!!
  10. I dabbled with an airbrush 25 or so years ago, but it wasn't mine. I honestly don't know any airbrush terminology, lol! My buddy sent me a link for a decent one and I ordered it along with a compressor. It seems like good quality and I'm getting the hang of it. I like to keep my tools clean so I've actually done a bit more research on that than how to use it, lol! So far though, it's a lot of fun and I love watching how smooth the paint goes on
  11. Lol, if you like stress, this is the kit for you
  12. I think AMT should be charged with crimes against humanity for giving us decals of this quality. And also for giving us the 1/537 Refit. This decal cracked just soaking in the water. Just a friggin cluster fuk. The saucer top of the Enterprise was in about 3-4 pieces. Reliant bottom wasn't much better. I sort of salvaged them, but the Reliant marking is pooched. It was just too far gone and there was no saving it. Good thing this is the bottom. More to follow.
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