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  1. Wow, I haven't seen any coins in ages. CC or Debit....more so the last few months. Not a toy, but posed in front of the TV:
  2. Lol, don't zoom in, it's really sloppy work, hahahaha! Thanks everyone for the kind words, really keeps me motivated to keep building. I want to get on those K'Tingas I'm refurbishing, but I have to get back to work for the next few days. I've really neglected work recently because I've been trying to carve out some office space in my mess of a home so I can properly work from home, as well as clean up the house so I can have some actual space to display what I build. I'll poke my nose in here from time to time and will post some K'Tinga pics as soon as I can
  3. Grade 8 Enterprise refurb done....I think. Before: After: I think it could always use more work, but I'm calling it done for now. It's not screen accurate, and I think it might still be a bit too clean, but I'm going to take a break from this thing for a while. I'm actually not that dissatisfied with it....as long as I don't stare at the studio auto destruct model too long, lol!
  4. Pretty sure if you guys had access to the materials and machinery, you guys could build a life size, working Valkyrie.
  5. A little more progress: Cut these out from the numbering on sprues and runners a while ago, but didn't want to glue them on till I got the decals. These aren't screen accurate at all as my refit had way more destruction than the studio model, hence a few extra cracks and repair plates. The starboard side really took a $hitkicking. Just flat black behind the plates and I still have to paint the plates gray. After that, weathering. More to follow. Again, don't zoom in, lol!
  6. Pencil Aztec on the bottom of the saucer done (don't zoom in, lol!) Not very smart pencil Aztecing an assembled model that was jig-sawed back together. Cracked the starboard pylon while handling it. I mean, there's enough damage on the thing that most probably won't notice anyway, but I don't think I should muck about with it anymore and just finish the thing off with decals and weathering. Spray can jig to hold the pylon in place while the glue dries. The pylon is screwed in to the jig-sawed strongback so it should hold, but it might spin on its axis, lol! It's funny, even a brand new 537 kit, fresh out of the box doesn't want to stay together, stay straight and aligned, and not sag or break. I'm actually quite amazed this POS doesn't actually auto-destruct with the slightest breath, lol!
  7. A bit more progress last night. It looks really messy, but it's the best I could do with Ikea pencils, shaky hands and crummy eyes. It probably would have been easier before I assembled the thing as well, but if I ever do this again, I'll definitely remember, lol! Started the bottom side, will work on it more later today or tonight.
  8. Thanks guys When I first started, I wanted to invest as little money into it as possible and decided to skip the Aztec decals. I was hoping that the battle damage and weathering would distract from the lack of Aztecs, but figured it couldn't hurt to try. I'm not as in a hurry now as when I first started this build so I'll just take my time and slowly get there.
  9. Strongbacks showed up today, so now I have no excuse not to finish the Auto Destruct build. With the amount of time I spent waiting, I should have just taken my time to attempt the Aztecs by pencil. Needless to say, I spent a month looking at my stark white build sitting next to the one I did with Aztecs. Anyway, I started pencil work today, lol! Just tested the waters with spots here and there. Just penciled in random places to see if I wanted to keep going. I should have done this before assembly. What I have so far. It looks pretty horrible up close, but from a distance, I think it will be ok? Falling asleep doing this though so going to take a break before going on.
  10. The franchise definitely appears to be moving in that direction. Macross is evolving into Sailor Moon.
  11. I don't think I'd pay more than $100 USD for a KO either. Especially since the Canadian peso isn't even worth $100 USD.
  12. Ok, those are good points I didn't consider...the tampo stuff. One thing I really hated about the Yammies was applying stickers. And these things are pretty durable?
  13. Exactly. As I posted earlier, I found a "used" Yammie for basically the same price as a KO. The prices seem a bit high to me. I got a super-size KO Optimus Prime for about $50. Now to me, that's what KO prices should be like (like a 5th of the price of the real deal). To each their own though, and I guess the market is there for these KOs at the prices they are fetching. Sort of like those bastard DX 1/48s and how scalpers are able to rake in double the MSRP.
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