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  1. And there it is folks, the fukkening. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse.....
  2. Jar Jar's going to make an appearance. The actor's presence at Star Wars Celebration wasn't prominent, and he hasn't been relevant for a while but I was wondering why they bothered to dig him up after all this time. Palpatine's laugh was inserted to throw everyone off, divert attention away from the true threat.
  3. Started watching the trailer, got to the bit where the mil guys appeared and already started having doubts. Whenever they have anything military in children/comedy films, it's never flattering. Then Jim Carrey showed up and I didn't bother watching the rest......I can't be bothered with that communist swine and anything he's involved in.
  4. I like Valkyrie better with an accent The hammer throw was cool.
  5. At 1,080 yen, that's cheap. Guess it's part of their mini collection?
  6. ¥35,000 plus tax is fukked.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to make this list! Will have to watch out for these sites and possible re-stock on some of the cheaper ones.
  8. Fuk.....I sort of regret not starting to collect this thing......
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