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  1. Yup, it was just showing three spinning things, but when I just refreshed the screen, it's no longer there
  2. Damn, lol! Me too.
  3. Wow, nice....works out to about $310 CAD....about 24,500 yen Will see if they deliver to Canada
  4. Dang, I really want a set of the DYRL strike parts.....especially since Nippon Yasan totally fukked me over.
  5. Just watched this, pretty funny, lol! I really enjoyed The Padawan Menace, and used to think how cool it would be if it was considered canon, lol! I think Yoda looked better in that one though....he looked a bit off in. This Holiday Special.
  6. Yup, from Canada, but I was thinking about just having the thing sent to my In laws in Japan and grabbing it next time I'm over there....I've been waiting more than a year for the strike packs (NY), I can probably wait for a Roy, haha.
  7. Curious about buying the Focker now on eBay or Amazon vs buying on release date from say HLJ. Is there no chance of getting it at MSRP on the day of release?
  8. Lol, the prices on strike packs is climbing on amazon.co.jp Fuk
  9. If Captain Rex makes an appearance in this show, will Temuera Morrison know how to play him? Capt Rex and Jango Fett share the same DNA, but they had drastically different personalities. I just hope that he's able to capture some of that personality we all grew to like from the Clone Wars and Rebels.
  10. Originally was thinking about having it shipped to the in-laws in Japan, but with the pandemic, who knows when we will visit again so I might just have it shipped here. We'll see. If the shipping fees are super stupid, I can wait to pick it up whenever we go again
  11. Been away for a while, did these things go down in price a bit?
  12. I still haven't mastered the kneeling position yet on these DXs.....its not easy but the goal would be to get it to look this good: http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/wf/wf_j_knee2.jpg
  13. Collapse the gunpod so you can tuck it in for a more realistic pose, almost as if the head is looking down the sights. Can almost get a proper a cheek weld.
  14. Woah, cool! I wish I had the intelligence to use PS....or even Windows Paint, lol!
  15. I almost found some time to work on my K'tingas but I fell asleep in the middle of the night.....you know, when normal people are supposed to sleep. I posted some of these in another thread, my lame attempt at photo editing. Posed the model in front of a TV and used Windows paint to delete the stand.....it looks pretty bad, so don't zoom in......just like the model, lol! Also, I couldn't decide which way to face the model in relation to the background image, so I just did them all.
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