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  1. I actually did notice there was a Chinese kid - Sho in the film. I had no idea this character replaced the Japanese character Shoto until I'd read the synopsis of the book afterwards. A daito and shoto make up a daisho, but I guess they figured this little fact would not be noticed by most folks who don't study Japanese swords and sword arts. I guess one reason it went over my head was because Sho wasn't gobbing off with a Beijing accent for the entire film like PR2 and ID2. His presence in the film just didn't take me out of the movie.
  2. Lol, I was watching India Jones and the Last Crusade last night thinking it was a shame Phoenix passed away at such a young age because he nailed it.
  3. Just watched it, pretty good movie, would probably watch it again. Would have been cooler if it was a VF-1S Strike Valkyrie instead of Gundam, but can't win them all I suppose.
  4. Pacific Rim Uprising

    I saw that. Thought it was an odd thing to see when I was over there. I also saw a flying gold turd.
  5. Weapons Banter Thread

    I see that the US also have laws that make no sense, lol!
  6. Mospeada Moscato Pinky Crab 1/48 Model

    Looks good, better than I could have done.
  7. FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    Maybe it was supposed to be Thunder Hummer after all?
  8. Weapons Banter Thread

    Nothing wrong with bare bones, looks great just the way it is, of course it never hurts to tinker either, lol!
  9. Weapons Banter Thread

    I'll get a 19 one day. Have the PPQ right now and heard the two are pretty close. Shame we can't take advantage of that threaded barrel up here.
  10. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    It's not likely you will see this in a work or professional business environment, but I assure you this happens. My wife's Japanese, and when we were dating, I would frequently see her and her friends grabbing each other's titties. Pretty sure I even have a few pics of this somewhere. Anyway, I asked her about this, with hopes that it would lead to a three or foursome with her friends, but alas, they were not lesbians or even remotely bisexual. Grabbing a boob or fondling/tickling a nipple is not out of the norm between Japanese females. At the same time, it does not indicate that they prefer to munch the carpet.
  11. Weapons Banter Thread

    Lol, speaking of dumb, I bet some idiot will find a way to mount a fleshlight to his third arm.