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  1. https://theaviationist.com/2019/06/14/we-got-some-walkaround-photos-of-the-f-14-tomcat-used-for-the-filming-of-top-gun-maverick/
  2. I don't know $hit about the Air-force or Navy, but it appears that the mil stuff is more accurate than the first film? Just hope they don't use F5s as stand ins for a fictional Mig..... That being said, I hope someday they go back to the first film and just drop in CG modded Mig 29's or something.
  3. It's not 100% risk free for Hasbro. If they don't deliver, or if they've miscalculated the cost of production versus sale price, they can still end up in the red. What they have done however, is fund this project using little of their own $$. The best way to make money is by using someone elses's.....except in this case, they're not borrowing from a financial institution who charges interest, they're getting the financing from the end user in advance. Either way, I hope this thing goes through because it looks like an absolutely incredible toy....too bad I have to go be poor somewhere else.
  4. Pffft....come back and show us when you get it to do this: Haha, kidding, Your build is effing impressive, holy cow. I'd be lucky if I built a 1/72 Valk without it end up looking like a Gobot.
  5. Lol! I did the same thing back then, re-watched it over and over after reading the comic, thinking to myself wtf, how'd I miss that???
  6. Christ, I can't believe the prices on these things. I saw a BNIB one for around 2k yen less when I was in Nagaoka back in February and decided that as much as I loved Macross, I didn't need it that badly. I pre-ordered a strike pack just to force myself to buy at least one of these things (have a few of 1/48 Yammies), but if I end up paying more than MSRP for a DX 1/48 Roy one day, it may be the last in a series of unpleasant events (7,F, D, and prices of fukking toys) that compels me to walk away from Macross altogether. I'll either have to go be poor somewhere else, or find a better job that puts me in a position to say "Pfffft, 350 bones for a chunk of plastic that cost $25 to manufacture, why the hell not?"
  7. Maybe they can base their movie off that sweet Robotech comic....designs are different enough that they might be able to get away with it.
  8. It was a great day to be at the range! I've had the G19x since last August abd only took it out for the first time this weekend. Not bad, took some getting used to, but this might be the first Glock I've ever bought, shot and actually keep. I've had Glocks before, but always ended up selling them before even shooting them. Jerry Miculek-style mag dumps.....kidding, I can't shooy as fast as Mr. Miculek. Buddy's Mk18 mod1 clone with LMT 40mm launcher. Cool piece of kit, expensive as hell, and will be hard to find pills to feed it. My Colt Canada C8 CANSOFCOM clone.
  9. Haha, bipods on my precision rifles only. No bipods on my ARs....well, except on my Mk12 clone.  Patches actually, velcro patches. Will have to throw one of them on next time I go out to the range. In the fancy looking bag is just a gendaito, from the mid 70s Not old, but made by a decent smith.
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