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  1. This interests me. I'm hoping to find it in-store before I leave Japan, but I'm not hopeful. Will be flying out of Haneda on the 19th.
  2. Also saw these: Wonder what's wrong with the 1/60 Roy. Never seen it so cheap, apart from it being open box. Guess I probably should have asked to look inside, maybe it was yellowed to crap or worse.
  3. Saw a 1J selling for below ¥30,000. ¥27,500 actually. Also saw a Max for ¥21,000.
  4. Lol, rocking the duellies before I knew any better:
  5. Interesting subject. I have conversations like this with other firearm owners about what age is appropriate to let our kids start going to the range with us. As far as chunky monkeys are concerned, my kid is about to turn 5 but I think he probably could have handled it a few months ago. Going to give him one of my old 1/55s when we get back from Japan (he was eye-balling my newly acquired 1/48 DX but I think I'll keep that to myself for a while longer.
  6. As a gun guy, I just wanted to pose the toy into positions I'm used to seeing. I understand that the tech involved in a Valk more than likely does not require it to have a cheek weld, to have a forward c-clamp grip, or to pull the rifle in to its shoulder. For me, it's just something different than what we're used to seeing (shooting from the hip a la *name your 80's action movie*). I shot a few more poses with my other camera, just some fun stuff, will upload when I get back from Japan
  7. I tried to get Max into prone, but it looked like ass. I find that Gundams are fairly easy to pose into realistic gunfighting positions, but this guy was a bit tricky. Had to cheat a bit and collapse the buttstock. For te record, that's me in the photo with the AR, but I'm far from special, lol!
  8. I went with the 12 year. Should have bought two because a place in Tokyo listed the same bottle for ¥31,000.
  9. Can't get a cheek weld with the stock, but can almost get a c-clamp grip with the left hand.
  10. Closest I could get this thing to properly shoulder his rifle and actually look down the sights. Not bad actually.
  11. The articulation on these things are pretry impressive. The hands are a huge improvement over the old Yammie chicken fingers. Even though these come with larger fixed pose hands, I find the standard articulated hands are fairly passable. The other thing I noticed right off the bat was how heavy they are compared to rhe Yammies. Will post better pics whe I get back to Canada.
  12. Some other stuff I found at Mandrake
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