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  1. Question, what section is Hikaru launching from here? I can't seem to match up the geometry here: I know in the beginning of DYRL, they are launch from sides (not the blue stripe side). What about the end of the movie?
  2. Good point, I think I'll try it, nothing to lose
  3. Dug out the last 1/100 scale Macross kit I built, probably 30 yrs ago. Sculpt is quite different, thought it was Bandai but maybe it was Arii? Next to the last Strike Battroid I built probably 35 years ago. Dug out a few other 1/100 scale kits I built as a kid.
  4. I just realized, I still have to paint the hands....was just test fitting them last night. When deciding on hands, the GFrame hands were a bit small. These ones were actually about the same size as the balloon hands that came with then kit.
  5. Thanks I've been sitting on a mountain of models for decades and I hadn't actually completed a Macross kit for maybe 30 years. I started one 17 years ago and was so put off my it, I stopped building models altogether. Kind of nice to get back into it. Go easy on me, my eyes aren't very good so at this scale, I'm pretty sloppy and miss a lot of things. I forgot to mod the arm armor to more resemble DYRL. Well, I have two more of these kits so I can try next time. Kamjin's POV just before he hulk-smashes Roy. Roy showing up inside an Zentran ship, uninvited and unwelcome.
  6. I mentioned in another thread that I'd been on a model building hiatus for 17 yrs. I was never any good at building models to begin with, but what really put me off building models was the Hasegawa VF-1S Strike Valkyrie. In another thread, I posted that I eventually got back around to it a week or so ago and finally finished it. I also built a few more Hasegawa 1/72s right after. Then I took a step back and built an old Bandai 1/72 Super Fighter, but soon found that was also a pain to build, just a different kind of pain than the Hasegawa kits. Those older Bandai kits are a nightmare compared to their modern offerings. This 1/100 kit was no exception. Glue, sand, putty, mask and repeat. The leg halves are molded in two different colors so you can't even cheat by just sanding and clear coating Bandai's off-white/gray body color. Anyway, onto the build. I bought this thing in HK for dirt cheap ($28HKD) more than 20 years ago and it basically sat in my pile( along with two others) ever since. I liked the sculpt, the proportions, but I didn't like the TV balloon hands on what was supposed to be a DYRL Strike. So I figured I'll build it with swapped hands. Then I thought maybe I could gut it and wrap the skin around a modern Bandai Gundam skeleton. Those Gundam kits practically build themselves, and are super poseable. When I started to look closer, I realized I was in over my head and there was no way I could accomplish what I wanted, based on my lack of skill in fabrication. So I decided screw it, I'll just swap out the hands. I know, I have no idea what I'm doing. The legs on this thing we're a pain....I was in masking hell. I use rattle cans, so a lot less control so I had to do a lot of masking. In that respect, a modern Hasegawa for the win because they provide a decal for almost everything.Speaking of decals, this kit did not come with the arm stripe as a decal. I ended up cutting up a leg stripe decal from another kit: I was just too lazy to measure, mask and paint. I ended up using my Hasegawa Strike/Super kit as a paint and decal guide. The decals that came with the Bandai's are pretty dated, and possibly the wrong scale. Just look at the Hasegawa fin decal compared to the ones that came with the kit. More masking. Anyway, almost done, more to follow.
  7. Looks like the Roy has an off-white/gray tinge to it. The 1D is in that flesh color and the 1A is sort of brown.
  8. Found 'em. Fantastic box art. Look like I have two Roy's, one with a box, one without. Are these worth flipping or should I just keep them for the box art? I don't see myself building them, I think I only bought them for nostalgia. One of my first Macross kits was a Revel Orbot. What's left of it on the right:
  9. Holy crap, I didn't know these things were worth anything. I have a few buried in my stash, I should dig them out.
  10. I'd love to be able to build the side of the ARMD carrier to launch these guys properly. Sadly, I possess neither the skill, ability or patience, hahahaha! Besides, these guys aren't built very well, the slightest breath they fall apart, hahahaha!
  11. The VF decal seems to have gone out of fashion
  12. Like my Hasegawa kits, I didn't go with the anime correct bright white. I had some leftover Tamiya Light Gray (IJN) so I sprayed it on this kit. As a color and decal reference, I used Hasegawa and Yamato as a guide. The decals that came with this kit: A lot of the warning decals appeared too big or cartoony for this scale so I didn't use many. Instead, I borrow e heavily on leftover decals from my Hasegawa builds. 
  13. Haha, it feels like it's on the verge of falling apart actually. This thing isn't very poseable, so it may as well be just a static statue. Don't see many examples of this kit built, not very popular I guess.
  14. Thanks guys :). Just have to figure out a better display solution.
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