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  1. I would actually prefer to buy a 3rd party KO than a KC product.....at least the KO's aren't actively supporting HG, lol!
  2. LMFAO, almost blew coffee all over my screen, hahahahahahahaha!!!! I hated "Robotech Masters"......didn't care for the original Southern Cross either. How the hell anyone thought that would be a good anime to tie to Macross is beyond me.
  3. I really enjoyed the first season, but I haven't found the motivation to watch the second season either.
  4. Sort of like what they did with Batman vs Superman. They punch each other out for a bit then team out against a common enemy. Oh well, I'll probably still go watch it. I still kind of want to see Pacific Rim get thrown into the universe.
  5. In a fight between King Kong and Godzilla, I'd think Godzilla would win.....easily. It's not a matter of favourites, I'm just looking at the defensive capabilities of each animal. King Kong is covered in fur, which is potentially flammable. Underneath that fur is just skin like any other mammal, albeit thicker at that size, but probably more prone to puncture than Godzilla's reptilian based skin. Even if Godzilla decides to play fair and not torch King Kong from a kilometer away, it seems likely that Godzilla should be able to fairly easily chomp through Kong Kong's fleshy skin. Just imagine a large salt water croc versus a silverback. Of course, this being a movie, they'll probably end the movie on a draw or have the two team up against another foe to ensure they don't piss off either fan base.
  6. Someone has to 3d print this full size.
  7. Almost perfect....just need the three-way video chat with Max, Hikaru and Kakizaki's face exploding
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