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  1. After watching the most recent trailer, I felt the exact same sentiments. I still like animated Anakin better than live action Anakin. Animated Anakin seemed more dark side capable and less whiny.
  2. I suddenly realized I only come into this thread for the same reasons I visit the Robotech and Remix Titan Comics thread......sad, lol!
  3. It will probably have to be Mandarin, not Canto, lol!
  4. Is STD on Netflix? I didn't even bother checking, lol!
  5. Seller in China? Probably went straight to the factory, bribed the manager to sell him a bunch. So much corruption there, I would be a bit surprised. With so much demand for these things, I wonder how long before we start seeing 3rd party clones of these things.
  6. Lol! So true. Galaxy Quest really was the last good Star Trek Film
  7. Star Trek TV for the most part works for me as well, except STD, I haven't found any motivation to give it a try beyond the snippets of seeing the Enterprise on short youtube clips. As for Voyager, I could sit through an entire re-watch of Voyager over a single episode of M7, lol! Patrick Stewart is awesome, and Picard as a character is one of my favorite captains, however I am steadily losing interest watching this series.
  8. I got the green light from the wife to get in on this, but I'm going to sit this one out. I personally prefer the DYRL style exhaust ports, and I don't like the fact that the feet don't open up. Besides, I'm still bringing back Nobunaga's castle back from Japan.....about 50 volumes so far and who knows how many are left at the in-law's place.
  9. Wow. It looks to me like they're just dragging back some of the cast of TNG to lend credibility to this dying franchise.
  10. As long as it sticks to the prime timeline, I might give it a go. If it's in the JJ-verse, and even has hints of STD, I'm walking away from the dumpster fire known as Star Trek.
  11. There's nothing wrong with that, I'm not wealthy by any means, I just have poor money management and make a lot of bad decisions, lol! Also, tech for gas guns has come a long way and in my opinion, a decent AR10 will satisfy your semi long range (sub 1,000m), accuracy and precision (repeatable sub moa) needs. If you're the kind of guy who wants to push out to 2,000 plus meters or has to have 1/2 in groups all the time, then you can pour your money into a bolt gun and reloading. Since I have one gas gun that can hit targets from 1km and produce sub moa groups regularly, I didn't see a point in having multiple $5-7k bolt guns. I kept one of my 308s just because I like to work the bolt and imagine I'm a sniper, and I kept the 50 because I like to have at least one anti-material rifle in the collection. I should thin the ARs though. When I found myself complaining about the price of the Bandai DX 1/48, I thought to myself I could buy a fleet of them with Strike packs and missiles if I sold a few ARs, lol!
  12. The big one is a PGW LRT-3 in 50BMG, sitting in a Cadex Defence chassis system. The tan one next to it is just a Savage 110 in 338lm, also a Cadex Defence chassis. Cadex helped Remington design their XM2010 chassis.
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