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  1. Oh my! So much moe on this episode! I can't~~~ The planet looked absolutely stunning! Reminds me of the setting on Macross Zero. Tropical paradise!
  2. AAAAAANNNNND WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS! Just finished watching Macross Delta and I must say that I can't let myself be seen (They might judge me and they wouldn't understand)watching those fighting/singing sequences with the magical transformation. I kinda agree with the others that its like Fronter and M-7 mashed up together. I find the animation/art in this series is a tad better than Frontier, I just hope it holds up. Back then at Frontier the longer it get, the suckier the animation gets (budget cuts?). Imma re-watch the ep again a couple of times to see how it holds up. But it seems good. Also while watching the fighting/singing/dancing sequence I almost shouted 'DeCulture!'. Hahaha! I am listening to a few Frontier music right now, Sheryl's singing voice May'n still kicks ass! Oh nostalgia!
  3. This is a good series. Too good that it makes zombie themed series look boring!
  4. Ohhh SC2, so do you guys think this is a good catch for the moment?
  5. Hmmm... I wonder if it'll be shown to other countries, I wanna watch movies in the cinema rather than a stupid tv.
  6. Sweet looking plane! I miss watching macross frontier.. Whew, those macross planes still are the best lookin' fighter plane in an anime show that I seen.
  7. Watching HOTD, read the manga (through mangafox) and I must say it is fun to see it animated. Will be following this series for a while.
  8. ^ I am also following AFK but as you said it they're not that fast. I'll probably see mazui while waiting for AFK to upload theirs.
  9. Guys, what subbing group are you following with this anime?
  10. O how I wish I could buy a PS3 just right about now and start playing NBA 2k9.
  11. What a commotion, good thing it is resolved now.
  12. I'm currently following the 2nd season of 'Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' with AFK fansub. I am also watching the 1st season of 'Gundam 00' and I must say that those Gundams are IMBA! And many of the people with the 'celestial beings' are emo. By the way guys, do you have any suggestion on what fansub to follow with 2nd season of 'Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'? I find the subs of AFK a bit slow.
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