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  1. I sent you another pm. Please let me know if you get it thanks.
  2. Did you sell the chrome display stands already?
  3. That's strange? I've still got the message in my private thread.
  4. Hey Arthurius,

    I would like those 2 chrome Yamato display stands.  Will you do $55.00?

    Ready to pull the trigger as soon as you can confirm.


    Thanks in advance,


    1. claude grant

      claude grant

      This was my original post to you.

  5. Better luck coming up with another concept. That lightning in a bottle was the brainchild of John K., and not even he himself was able to revive that original classic. Very first episode I saw was "The Littleist Giant".
  6. Best bet is to wait for Yetistand to re-open, God willing, and check with him. He already has or can make just about any adapter you can think of. And his stuff is great quality. He's got a new job and it's keeping him quite busy at the moment though. You could also post in the 'WANTED' section.
  7. Up at Amiami https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-610909 sorry this was posted already
  8. I like pics #2 & #3, but with the missiles atop little pylons. Liking this idea a lot.
  9. I liked watching this series a helluva lot! Big s forgot to mention that the aliens are bestowing these armors to mankind in exchange for 1 ton of limestone per armor unit (IIRC). What they're doing with it is a big mystery. They make a worldwide declaration over any broadcast means available on earth that they have absolutely no affiliation to any political, religious, ethnicity, creed, color you get the picture. 1 ton of limestone, and 24 hrs later (again IIRC) 1 armor unit. That's all they want...yeah right. Also, I think something is happening on the moon too. A
  10. "A new life awaits you in the Off World colonies! The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!" Looking forward to this.
  11. I am so sorry for this turn of events for you...that truly sucks.
  12. Can you imagine if Bandai pulled a Saint Seiya move and did a cloth figure line for the armors of Southern Cross? This has been on my mind for years.
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