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  1. And I'm holding out for 1D, Virgin Road 1D, VT-1 & VE-1...
  2. Gotta agree with nb4m on this one. I def like it better than the HMR; gave my Sylvie away as a gift to a friend. And got all 4 that I own way below msrp. Haven't had any problems getting mine to hold any poses in any of the three modes, but maybe I was just lucky with this release.
  3. Thanks for your diligence in keeping fellow collectors informed Shizuka, but I for one am no longer interested at these current prices. Way to ruin a good thing Bandai. I'll wait for 2-seaters now (if they ever decide to do them).
  4. Based on what you achieved from scratch with that larger one, this will really rock in your hands! Cannot wait to follow this thread...
  5. I 1000% agree with this!!
  6. Hey UN Spacy, 

    Was your VF-2SS ever transformed and/or displayed?

    Thanks in advance,


  7. Hey Xigfrid, is there a way to make a version that the Silvie variant can accommodate? I noticed in all the pics that I have seen of that area that the Silvie doesn't appear to have those 4 screws found on Faerie & Nexx.
  8. And I just bought Shizuka's cause I knew it was a good price.
  9. let me know if they cancel...ready to pull the trigger.


  10. Man, they look nice on the VF-2SS! Gotta remember that switch in case I ever get one...thanks!
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