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  1. There's this option as well; that is if you know anything about them. [JP Ver.] Bandai DX Chogokin Action Figure : VF-1D Valkyrie & Fan Racer "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross" | HobbyDigi.com Online Shop
  2. Thanks for the info F360...I'll keep my eyes posted for any additional charges. Actually, just checked my acct., and can see that I was charged $312.74 for this order. So you're saying that some additional fees will be assessed later?
  3. Don't know how long this will be up, but the 1D is available for pre-order via proxy @ cdjapan. Limit 3 per household...my total for 1 was $313.13 all in with 0 reward pts. used and DHL service.
  4. I see, thanks for the info.
  5. Do you have to pay for the product up front with Luna Park?
  6. Just to be clear...no pilots, gun pods, or boxes are included?
  7. Thanks so much for your help!
  8. Anywhere to still secure a TV super parts set?
  9. You should also check out the 25" tall tv ver. SDF-1 someone commissioned him to build...phenomenal!
  10. Was very curious, and your reviews really helped seal the deal for me. Outstanding job sir! BTW I also pm'd you about something concerning these busts.
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