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  1. Try a Qtip and dishwashing detergent for the canopy as a start before trying the stronger stuff. There are some threads about rainbow canopy removal.
  2. It's probably his custom. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/35140-13000-sdf-1-tv/?tab=comments#comment-913041
  3. Event exclusive limited edition
  4. It's from the Men's Ohshare Exhibition I believe Another pic via novin_non on Twitter:
  5. I think it depends if you're gonna use it with or without the supers. This one is made for no supers as it uses the 2 holes for the back plate instead of the front ones and doesn't have the holes for the missile pods. This one includes the shoulder plates and the holes for the missile pods and uses the front holes.
  6. Speakers fit. Will check later on when I get home about the booster. Edit: Feels like Deja vu. Didn't you have a set on a cannon fodder VF-25 with supers? Jaustin89 made an adapter for the renewals I believe. Found it! Jaustin89's adqapter thread
  7. Tell your friend at Bandai thanks for the heads up. Also ask her to tell them to up the production numbers. Anyways, back to the Lo-Plastic R thread.
  8. I believe It's the one Yeti made so the gunpod nozzle wasn't blocked right next to the adapter and you can use it with the SS parts.
  9. Nice! Step by step transformation! Bandai really outdid themselves this time!
  10. Yes. 1/50 Hasecadiawavtonamidai Concept VF-1A Kakizaki confirmed. Totally different pic from the Bandai DX VF-1A Kakizaki previewed above I promise. PO already closed and waiting for shipment via fold delivery.
  11. Nah, Totally DX Kakizaki. Reverse everything and all. Just put in the PO...
  12. @bbilly29. Your friend could be correct that Kakizaki is next. It's also true that those pics are of Kakizaki. It's just that you showed a Hasegawa model instead of an actual DX pic. If no3Ljm's pics wasn't enough to show the difference here is a pic of the nose section I made with some of the differences between the 2. The hasegawa pic is courtesy of chaffg via his build WIP and the other is from Bandai.
  13. Love these types of shots. Reminds me of a pre sortie screen where you can pick your valk in a Macross game. Awesome work there Lolicon
  14. Are you okay with the modex not matching with the S head on the A body? Hikaru's A is 011 while the S is 001.
  15. They'll label it Premium Finish and put a white sticker on the black box to let you know you got the weathered version.
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