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  1. MOSPEADA Inbit Revival Part II: Gosu?

    I believe he also don't have a clue what GUNDAM is.........
  2. Destroids

    Amazing topic!!! Freaking amazing!! Would love to get one in 1/72
  3. Destroid Tomahawk WIP

    Great works. You are adding much more details to it than any linearts can provide.
  4. M+ ghost X-9

    Do you think there is a need for real rubber tyres?
  5. M+ ghost X-9

    I am interested
  6. M+ ghost X-9

    In for 1 unpainted/unassembled with gears please.
  7. 1/144 Queadluun Rau (Bandai)

    Wow! wow! wow!
  8. 1/100 railings for factory kit

    Try "PLASTRUCT" they have all sorts of railings in different scales. Model train shops usually to sell them.
  9. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Why not try vacuum forming the part?
  10. RC-4E Rabbit Interest Thread

    payment made
  11. Hasegawa announces a TV SDF-1 and a Super Messiah!

    They're only limited to be sold during the Wonderfestival event held twice a year. http://www.atsd.jp Hobbylink Japan is now selling other products manufactured by them. The next WonderFestival will be held end of January next year. Paid my friend 45 dollars to get me one set.
  12. Hasegawa announces a TV SDF-1 and a Super Messiah!

    Received my photo etch for the Hasegawa DYRL SDF. It was sold during the Wonder Festival 2015 Summer in JAPan.
  13. RC-4E Rabbit Interest Thread

    I will take one kit without painting in 1/72.
  14. Hasegawa announces a TV SDF-1 and a Super Messiah!

    Yes, please make one
  15. Hi, Mike. I also need a set of Nous-Ger decal