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  1. Rhea Gall Force was done by Artmic AIC, same as Eternal Story and Destruction and Stardust war. Earth chapter was done by Studio 88.
  2. Yeah, I have a feeling that GORN, with some of the infrastructure still in place, might start amassing war material to attack the successors to the six girls that left the earth.(I bet you they might develop cloning tech or use the ships med tech to give them both girls and boys.)
  3. and then it led to Rhea Gall Force where humans, after attaining some of the tech from the Blossom, fought a desperate battle against the MME. Its a nod to Terminator of course but without the time travelling person/robot.
  4. I know there was a topic a while ago but honestly I found the series interesting. We had two alien races, one the Solnoids and the other the Polymorphic Paranoids who can inhabit armor fighting a century long battle. Mid way through the first movie it borrowed a bit of aliens where a implant seed alien was sent to the ship to start a plan for a third race between the paranoids and the solnoids that would, possibly, stand between the two. But removing the seed caused a change and a male was born. They after other deaths, land on Chaos, set up defenses and try to make out what's going on. After Rabby, he solnoid in charge . finds out the truth by the blossom's computer,t he rest of the movie was to keep the kid away from both forces so they used the terraforming system to destroy the the surface....
  5. So Fasces has control of a factory Satellite.....Galaxy's mainland is wandering around somewhere.....Windmere nearly pulled a Grace. How much you wanna bet Earth tries for a reunification again.
  6. This is what I have....sorta. (I'm using some non macross people here for my fanfic which is a mutli-series work Within one of Neo Tokyo Airbase labs, Sylia Stingray and her assistant were gazing the large corpse of the fallen Zentradi through an an armored observation window. The other was in a stasis tank, being held there for observation in the larger holding area. Above the corpse was were several medical tools and instuments and few sensor cameras on several waldo arms. She a point on her face shield glasses and tapped a wrist band activing the waldo arms above them. With a hand gesture she brought two arms to cut Sylia frowned when she noticed something as they removed the deceased zentradi's clothes. The jumper he wore bore the emblem of the Taiga Corps; which was the semi independant anti kaiju unit. "Sylia he's with Taiga corps...." Nene Romanova noted then pointed to the one in the stasis tank. He too had the markings of the Taiga Corps on his CVR-3Z armor. "This guy too!" "Huh. Check the database, see if we can identify them..." Sylia hummed thoughtfully. "Right," Nene nodded and went to work. Sylia tapped a metallic wrist band and started to control the waldo arms which were over the corpses body. Two arms descended and began to pull the corpses clothes off. "Cybernetic left arm and cybernetic right leg. " Sylia took notes as the fully disrobed. "Spinal enhancements and back support added," she continued. If one didn't have those added bits, you'd rip the arm out of the socket once you tried lifting anything. She frowned when she saw the additional pop up thrusters on his back. "Curious. Why would this be an option?" "Maybe he wanted to take it to the kaiju personally?" Nene shrugged as she followed Sylia along. "Also Who HASN'T wanted a flight mode?" "I don't." Sylia sighed. "Sylia your old battlroid had valk wings which had thrusters on them." Nene pointed out "Moving on..." Sylia sighed. Nene winced. The last time Sylia was in her battlroid, several of her team mates died fighting The Inspectors. Sylia retired from active combat after Priss left. Nene stayed despite Sylia giving her many opportunities to leave. She just couldn't abandon Sylia. Not on her darkest days. "Sorry." Nene muttered apologetically. "I'm cutting into the chest cavity now...." Sylia stated as the cutting instuments cut into the Zentradi's greyish flesh. "Im always impressed by how delicate you are with these," Nene noted at one point "Practice." Sylia smiled faintly. Sylia removed a few of his organs....which looked perfectly fine except for the heart which was pieced through by a pike of some sort. "Emma?" Sylia looked at Nene. "Fraid so..." Nene sighed. "Well....she did provide us a corpse. But Taiga corps wanted them both alive." Sylia noted. Sylia continued until she got to the spine and noticed something wasn't quite right. Nene did too. That looks more like computer cabling than nerves..." Nene muttered "Someone did a lot of modifications... I think we'll need to crack the skull open, too." Sylia hummed thoughtfully.
  7. So I've been working on a bit for a fan-work where a semi Borged out Macronized Zentradi goes really rogue, he's impact staked by a nontransforming battroid and now they're doing an autopsy on him Giant table and all. Doctor is using telepresent bands and goggles to display what she's doing via sensors on the waldos. So my friend goes.....what if he's booby trapped better have the doc elsewhere...and I had the doc walking around.
  8. Hello. My name is Darkranger12. I've written a multi-series fan-fiction called Macross Asgardia. Its a slightly shoujo-ai'sh AU crossover involving characters and concepts from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, BGC and Gall force. Enjoy! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13415238/1/Macross-Asgardia
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