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  1. Rhea Gall Force was done by Artmic AIC, same as Eternal Story and Destruction and Stardust war. Earth chapter was done by Studio 88.
  2. Yeah, I have a feeling that GORN, with some of the infrastructure still in place, might start amassing war material to attack the successors to the six girls that left the earth.(I bet you they might develop cloning tech or use the ships med tech to give them both girls and boys.)
  3. and then it led to Rhea Gall Force where humans, after attaining some of the tech from the Blossom, fought a desperate battle against the MME. Its a nod to Terminator of course but without the time travelling person/robot.
  4. I know there was a topic a while ago but honestly I found the series interesting. We had two alien races, one the Solnoids and the other the Polymorphic Paranoids who can inhabit armor fighting a century long battle. Mid way through the first movie it borrowed a bit of aliens where a implant seed alien was sent to the ship to start a plan for a third race between the paranoids and the solnoids that would, possibly, stand between the two. But removing the seed caused a change and a male was born. They after other deaths, land on Chaos, set up defenses and try to make out what's going on. A
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