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  1. Yep- if this connection boom at least tabs in, that's much better than previous. The Toynami one does hold together snug and let you zoom things around while holding the Tread, but I wouldn't roll the whole thing 90 degrees either direction because the legioss is gonna fall out. But it definitely requires a parts-forming boom; I'm not sure a telescoping boom will have good strength; as @Mog notes- there isn't a lot of space in the middle "body" for the boom to fit in:
  2. Sounds like they have a ton of tickets they aren't going to get to soon so they are trying to focus on the EMS to UPS switchoffs only. So if you have a non-mailing ticket, good luck!
  3. I moved around some of my 1/48s for when this *eventually* shows up, along with the Dx Roy. It's now a race.
  4. The standard, aka the one you helped direct me to because it was an awesome deal and was one of my grails.
  5. All of them have stands, but only the original "limited" Hikaru 1J and this Roy 1S have "special" stands. EDIT: From @jenius's site, here is the 1J with the special stand: Here is the Hikaru 1S with the standard stand:
  6. That's a page from the Palladium Robotech RPG book REF Field Guide, so take that with a HUGE grain of salt. Maybe a whole box.
  7. I was wondering if that might be a place the Tread cockpit stashes.
  8. Looks great! Can't wait until The Jungle ships my low-vis 1A.
  9. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    I've never had an issue with them and have four items sitting there, but I know I'll get it eventually.
  10. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    These are sitting at The Jungle right now, but they aren't shipping anything out with Japan Post down, so you can buy them but will have to wait to get them:
  11. I've got mine rigged up with the Atari 2600 through a demodulator to the big screen. I was also trying to hook up all four Playstations but my original PS won't read anything; I think it got screwed up being moved place to place.
  12. Except English is messed up like that in that you can't rely on any pattern; it's why it is such a difficult language to learn. After all, you pronounce the front of decal and fecal the same but the end changes pronunciation (al versus əl). The funny thing is that when I dropped that upsidedown e in there, it made it look like the a in this font. Renal is also the same with the long E sound but follows the fecal pattern versus the decal pattern.
  13. I have not heard that and I hope I never do.,
  14. Given we can't get Americans to agree on the pronunciation of Oregon, Nevada, tomato, creek, and a lot of other words...
  15. Well, both, kinda. They have a set of TV missiles, a set of DYRL missiles, and yellow-tipped DYRL reaction missiles. The new TV super parts will add in red-tipped TV reaction missiles.
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