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  1. Slightly taller than half.
  2. He said he made the pilot figures but it wasn't clear if they are included or if he is going to make them available separately. He also had a color variation (he notes he is color blind) so the first color was more pinkish. You can see it here: MEPTOYS is going to do preorder on the scout, trooper, and an cougar inorganic from the Sentinels at the same time in the near future.
  3. I haven't watched the Twitch stream, but apparently Tommy Yune whips out a DX Hikaru 1J at one point and talks about the workmanship.
  4. While we don't know what the details are on the licenses, they seem specific enough to allow both Toynami and KC to release transforming VF-1s- so the licenses are either not exclusive or they are very exclusive to specific scales (Toynami with 1/100 and KC with 1/72). So this may prove a difficulty for the HMR stuff (not that we have any of that coming out lately) but could open up the Arcadia 1/60 and Bandai 1/48 (or even a newer release of the chunkys again). Of course, the fact I'm not seeing some of the non-Macross HMR stuff like Dougram already floating around in the states does tem
  5. I thought the same. I almost felt we'd been past April already. It's been that sort of year.
  6. The SC cover is a couple posts above, but here is a repost: No visibility on a limited variant or variants like they did for Macross yet, but I suspect they'll do one or both series in "leatherette".
  7. Yep, and looks like this will be one of the variant covers: Also looks like they will be Kickstarting so it looks like it isn't a set-in-stone release yet (though Kickstarting is how a lot of game companies are ensuring a market ahead of time now, even if a number of folks got burned in the RRT fiasco with Palladium).
  8. Yeah, I know MEP was asking if people wanted 1/48 to scale with the common legioss scale or if they should upscale for more detail.
  9. That was the initial prototype. They've refined the design a bit to make it look better. Here's a few shots from the FB page of the factory sample (unpainted). It isn't Cap awesomeness, but as I've said before, I can't make a model look good to save my life. I posted a picture of the packaging some time back as well- I'll see if I can find it.
  10. Last thing I have is some of the early release stuff that mainly showed what content and which order it will be in. I haven't chatted with the authors in a bit, but the image further up the thread is supposed to be from one of the front covers (I know they released the original Macross book in three different covers).
  11. My eyes have been looking a bit bulgy lately, but then I thought that was just the blood pressure.
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