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  1. I'm happy that the little Houquet doesn't look as pink in person as it does on photos.
  2. My Zeta legioss just arrived with my DX TV supers and missile set.
  3. Another gorgeous shot.
  4. I just read the blower manual. There is fine print at the end: Do not use to remove dust from expensive Macross collectibles. If you are stupid enough to do so, then you should not be allowed expensive collectibles, you knob.
  5. I just tried this and now I have missing wing flaps. I'm suing!
  6. I did grab it form a big set of brushes she has, so it won't really be missed. And they do work fantastic (including on all my little gashapon Yamato ships). It would take some explaining on why I have it now. It's bad enough that she jokingly calls them my "dolls". And that when I have had armor parts arrive I then joked that I bought "clothes for my dolls". I don't think she'd let me live it down that I'm now using a makeup brush on them.
  7. I stole one of my wife's makeup brushes awhile ago.
  8. AE just told me mine was available, so I'm having them pack it up with my DX missiles and TV Super Parts. So AE is receiving their allotments.
  9. Bandai reads your post and is all:
  10. 5. Release each armor piece separately with a Gundam toy so that you have to buy six Gundam toys you wouldn't ordinarily purchase to get each leg, arm, chest and back pieces, then sell the grey goggle piece as a TWE for 5000 yen.
  11. Personally I don't see much of a need to get into one more scale (when I have 1/48, 1/60, 1/55, and the HMR 1/90ish). I know they are considering destroids/enemies like the HMR but at this point they have two releases. I don't see the need to get into them on the promise they *might* eventually have the above. People who have Hasagawa or other 1/72 kits already may be more inclined to jump in at this scale. I just don't see the personal value there. It has nothing to do with Bandai love or Robotech hate and everything to do with "just one more scale".
  12. Awesome that it is still on track. Guess once mine hits AE I'll be shipping it with my DX VF-1 missiles and TV super parts.
  13. I love and hate the PO madness. I was upset to see Roy disappear but it followed with that adrenaline rush when I still hit it with Luna Park about 3:00am-ish. Nailing a 1D with AE so easy this time felt weird when I couldn't touch a Roy at AE (page went from not available yet to sold out in one refresh for me), but then the TWE has been always easier that I've seen (I could find a Kaki if I wanted for awhile after PO night). That thrill when you score is tough to give up.
  14. My stuff is covered under my regular house insurance, but part of why I take regular pictures and post them to FB is specifically to have a record of everything I have in case, gods forbid, there is a loss. It does make sense to make sure your house insurance covers it *and* is high enough to match the collection.
  15. I'm only focusing on the DX TV stuff, but I think I'd stick with the TV Roy anyway just to avoid the reversed modex number.
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