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  1. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    Also, even though I wasn't going to buy anymore since I have Miriya shipping and on its way, I saw a good deal on Roy's strike and so I had to get it. THIS is why I didn't want to start into a new scale.
  2. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    Here's another one I'm blaming on you all (mostly this thread and all the cool picts) that just showed up at my office.
  3. I laughed at that a few times. This is not what I would expect from an "adult toy".
  4. If you switch over to the Anime or Science Fiction section, you'll see an "All Things Voltron" thread. Here is a direct link:
  5. The bad T word is putting this out and I'm surprised HG is pushing the Mospeada name on this rather than Robotech.
  6. Who doesn't want to see Harlock the zentraedi?
  7. My guess is they'll play that off of the two cameo appearances in SDF Macross.
  8. Who shot Rick Hunter? question drags on for ten issues.
  9. I love the Lego one- it's articulation matches the crappy articulation from my 80s Golion toy, but that's actually quite impressive. I almost want to pick up another just to display the lions separately.
  10. Awesome. In for the PO.
  11. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    Is this where I blame Obama and/or the Deep State? That damn Deep State forcing my HMR valk purchases!
  12. Here's the main shelves. I have a separate shelf over my closet with my 1/60s and 1/55s, plus various Matchbox toys (glaug, regults, bioroids, hovertank). I need to get a new picture of to post. And then I moved my SDs and minis to their own shelf over the mindow with all my Gundam gashapons/minis:
  13. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    This just hit my office. I;'m blaming you all for me getting HMR valks now. I was perfectly content with my destroids and enemies but noooo you had to keep posting pictures. Now this is my second and I have a couple more on the way.
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