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  1. Just got my BBTS notification of shipping as well.
  2. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    And now my HMR purchases are done for a bit.
  3. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    I got my Monster for like $210 but I'd still pay that price. My shelf is getting a bit busy now- it's hard to take a photo that highlights anything. This next is especially hard to photograph with Lego Voltron dominating behind them. Also just got a Meptoys Breetai, so I'm likely gonna have him clubbing Hikaru's 1J in my next set of poses.
  4. No MSRP that I've seen yet, as MEPToys was working on getting the Breetai figures out. It is planned to go into production after the Chinese New Year- i'd seen some cost ideas thrown out at around $15 with a three pack being less, but that was when the toy was planned to be slightly smaller scale. I'll post when I see anything.
  5. Given it is the same scale as the CM's and Toynami/Aoshima, I'm guessing the 160mm is probably just measuring to top of head (I know my own measurement of my CM's drone was slightly shorter than 16cm and @jenius's page puts the toys at 17cm which probably measures to top of the sensor antennae. Even if that is to top of sensor, it's not a signifacant;y smaller toy than the previous ones.
  6. I believe the legs can pivot some (it wasn't part of the prototype). The toes don't seem to pivot independently though.
  7. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    Except for the Missile Regults, I'm done for a little bit. Honest.
  8. Yeah, every time I get a notification from BBTS I get excited, only to see it is a preorder opening for something else.
  9. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    Millia is here and now she's wait for Max to show up. Then I just have Roy and two CFs and then I don't have any others coming. Honest.
  10. I am so glad I'm only getting gashapon Gundams, because my wallet could not survive getting a bunch of greenies (and I'd need a bunch).
  11. Looks more like it got squashed some rather than someone rummaged through it, since the Bumblebee is still in there.
  12. Probably was the conversion rate when they put up the preorder.
  13. I've got a space all prepped behind my Beagle VR-052T just waiting for mine to head this way.
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